Senate Agrees on Immigration, Delegation Calls for House Vote

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The U.S. Senate has just given its approval to a major immigration overhaul bill that would beef up border security and give immigrants a way to get legal status in 10 years.

The bill passed 68 to 32, with some Republicans joining Democrats to send the bill forward. Reuters has the full story here.

The bill now goes to the House, where Speaker John Boehner is firm that he won\’t let the bill come up. But the Connecticut delegation is already praising the bill and saying it should at least get a chance:


Jorge Ramos is a Mexican journalist and anchor on Univision. Fourth District Congressman Jim Himes relayed his message: \”This is one of those wonderful days when America does the right thing and I am so proud. Great day for immigrants. history.\”


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44 thoughts on “Senate Agrees on Immigration, Delegation Calls for House Vote

  1. The Conn-servative

    All who voted for this should be arrested for aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.Betty Esty and her co-conspirators again wish to bypass what’s currently law to further themselves,and keep America going with the lowest common denominator.Not saying these people are the lcd,but am saying that the act itself lowers the integrity of what our system is,and is quickly unbecoming.

  2. I beg to differ

    Some of us don’t share your values Congresswoman. We don’t like another 11 million Democrat voters with no prospect of keeping another 11 million out of the country the next time we go through this drill.

    Your values suck. Your values gave us gay marriage, endless free stuff for the entitlement class, unions, exploding national debt, and endless pandering to assure your party of a majority forever.

    Your values have sold this country down the river.

    1. Zappa

      It’s not enough that your remarks are bigoted, racist and intolerant, but by stating, “your values suck”, you have absolutely no credibility. My teenage daughter could have written a more insightful post.

      1. I beg to differ

        I really dont give a rats ass what you think. You liberals are ruining this country and all its institutions. Parsing my words to seek the moral high ground will not change the trajectory of this once great country. Your teenage daughter may have access to the morning after pill and abortions but she will live in a morally and financially bankrupt country devoid of personal responsibility and initiative. You liberals will reap what you sow and you have sown one hell of a mess.

        1. The Conn-servative

          Good for you! Zappa clown gave the typical bigoted,racist,and intolerant response to your original post. You know,the funny thing about intolerance is that they themselves are not practicing it because they abhor your comment. This is what America has come to and is only going to get worse as long the disease known as the modern day dumbecratic party is in control.

      2. raybbr

        Easy to look over the rest of his post. I agree with “I beg…” Okay, the policies don’t “suck” but they are mostly degenerate, anti-Constitution, amoral and will bring this nation to its demise. Feel better now?

        1. bill

          raybbr: No, our country will not be going down the tubes as you suggest. The idea of this country’s eminent fall has been circulating since its founding. Doomsday has been declared since the great debts incurred as a result of the Revolutionary War and this feeling of collapse is ill founded.

          We will survive and thrive. Change is good. I can sense and I also experience the change in now ways of doing business since the Great Recession. I was listening in to a conversation between a retired friend and his retired friends. And all they could talk about is how things are not the way they used to be and that the good days are over.

          Given that they are all on state pensions, perhaps there is a grain of truth to what was said. But we are going to survive in new and different and perhaps, better ways.

          The nativist mentality has been alive since the beginning – actually since before the beginning when the Indians first saw what was happening. but each succeeding wave of migration has been view as cataclysmic.

          but this nation was founded on diversity from the beginning. We have led the world in this experiment. Raybrr, you want to return to some mythical place of security where familiarity is the only objective.

          you can’t do it. It would be wrong to try to do it. I suggest that you broaden your literary discoveries beyond the Rush Limperg and other very ignorant writers of trash crap and discover America – the real America.

  3. Donna Lucia del Vedorez

    Thank you, congress. thank you thank you thank you. I pray so long for this to happen. Now I have been calling all my relatives, friend, even strangers. that right, strangers. I write a story in the Mexican Times, we call it El Mexicano Hora to come to connecticut and united states of america my country now.

    we are take over soon. so you white people be aware. we might allow you to fart every once in awhile maybe work our farms for low pay.

    we have same saying in Spanish but it is what goes around comes around.

    My 8 children can’t wait to vote for democartic party.

    Yah democrats party.

    Does anyone want a one way ticket someplace – like the Long Island Sound without no boat or life bobbing device?

    1. Donna Lucia del Vedorez

      Mida, I forget to say thank you for restrictions on birth control. we want many babies so we can take over. we very fertile people.

      and we remember the Mexican war – but we call it the American War when our lands were stolen by you gringos. well, now we are coming to take it back and also take everything this time.

  4. lee

    Secure the board first. It is that simple and we have the laws in place to do it now, but fail to enforce them. What make these law makers think we believe them on this so called new legislation.

    1. scott

      The only way that border is getting secured is if the Democrats think there is a chance the illegals are going to vote Republican.

  5. Sam

    This is a slap in the face to all those immigrants who have gone thru the citizenship process and who have come to this great country legally. These illegals should be rounded up and deported and then they can follow the legal process of coming this country.
    Oh and by the way Mr. Jorge Ramos, this is not a great day for immigrants who want to enter our country legally. It is a great day for illegal aliens who broke the law when they crossed our borders “illegally”.
    This is just going to put a bigger strain on the free liberal entitlement programs.

  6. johngaltwhereru

    The House should offer a vote on the Senate’s amnesty bill in exchange for the Senate voting on the House’s most recent repeal of Obamacare.

    There are several Democrat Senators who do not have a recorded vote on legislation a large and growing majority of Americans oppose.

    The House vote should be contingent upon every Senator voting yea or nay. Not present. Not abstain.

    1. Jeb Potchagalloop

      John Galt: forget Obamacare. it is done with. it is finished. No more talk. Over. Finito. Basta. No mass.

      On to something else, Dr Dolittle.

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        You are way off. Obamacare’s has not really even started. Sure, all the things that supporters liked were rolled out before the election, now comes the bad things that anti-obamacare people warned about.

        I assume, based on your business and previous conversations, you buy insurance on the individual market and are not yet eligible for Medicare. Guess what! Starting with October’s open enrollment, you can expect your premium to rise between 75-100%. Unless of course you qualify for a subsidy, which will lessen your increase to around 25-50%, assuming you are not making Medicaid eligible income.

        Can’t wait too see how the shrinking number of supporters feel about that. And now that a growing number of Americans can no longer deny that Obama is a corrupt liar, he will have a very difficult time trying to pretend the rate increases have nothing to do with Obamacare.

        1. ObamaCare

          Only about 20% will buy their insurance on an exchange and some of these will get subsidies or Medicaid. Subsidy-eligible people more likely to use the exchange. People with company health plans unlikely to see much of a change since same pool of people with known health status. Companies already provide insurance to all employees including the sick. Connecticut already has state laws that require many covered services so ObamaCare will add few new services and costs to company plans. People without health insurance tend to be near the edge of society without much of a voice. The majority of the employed, the middle class, the rich, will still be fat, dumb, happy, and quiet.

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            Everything you wrote was true and relevant except for the words.

            First of all the 20% of people who buy their insurance on the exchanges exceeds the overestimation of 15% of people who were uninsured prior to this legislation. However, both of these statistics are irrelevant because Obamacare regulates all health insurance, not just policies bought on the exchange. If you think the prices of policies provided through your employer are protected from the sky-rocketing prices directly caused by Obamacare’s mandates, you will fall off that kool-aid wagon during October’s open enrollment. Maybe then you could ask your H.R. Director why they failed to inform you that your premium was going to increase so very much. Oh, and try to place blame in the proper place, and not H&R Block, when the 40% tax on your plan kicks in 2018.

            As far as CT already mandating services, try buying a plan that covers the Labor and Maternity portion of Maternity Care on the Individual Market. To save you the time, they don’t exist, but they are mandatory next year. Is it your opinion that mandating a service that often costs close to $100K is not going to effect the cost of policies?

            I’m sure pro-Obamacare pollyannaism will lead you to think I am a no nothing fear monger. However, it is but 4 months until my claims will be shown to be undeniably true.

          2. ObamaCare

            What new mandates will cause CT company plans to increase? You were not clear on that. I’ve known many people at work who had children and I’m pretty sure that has been covered.

          3. johngaltwhereru

            As I just said, Labor and Delivery is a prime example of a new mandate that is not currently covered under individual plans. That is the most expensive example.

            On the large group market, it depends on your carrier. If you have a top shelf Anthem BCBS Plan, you won’t see much change as they already cover many of the mandates. An Oxford or ConnectiCare plan that is stripped down will have huge premium increases. And you do not have to believe me or wait very long to find this out.

            Aetna’s CEO is on the record having openly stated that group premiums are going to increase 20-50% for 2014, with small group and individual plans increasing up to 100%. But what does the CEO of a major health insurance company know about premiums?

            “I’ve known people at work…” That is the typical example of a pro-Obamacare zealot ignoring reality and the claims of the opposition. I was talking about plans on the individual market, not your friends at work. Your friends at work, if they had fully covered Labor and Maternity will get to enjoy the 40% tax on their policies starting in 2018. Now why do you suppose the implementation of that part of Obamacare was delayed for 9 years post signature?

          4. ObamaCare

            Galt, You did not answer my question about what new mandates will cause CT company plans to increase. I resent your tone, accusations, name-calling, assumptions, and wild changes of subject to suit your point. You are just an angry hater. The rates should be announced soon and we will see. You are way too certain with all these unknowns. Any fool can see that. I’m done talking to you.

          5. bill


            single payer is exactly what we need instead of Balkinizing it. Sometimes the best instruction is observing other countries resolve.

            I will admit, I am not the one to engage with the pros and cons of this health care. but what we had before was untenable. It was horrible. Allowing the industry to hold our balls on the chopping block every time we got sick not knowing whether treatment was covered.

            I say bullshit to your bullshit. So let me say it again. We need a government-run health system. Freak ya.

            I only mentioned ending the yapping over Obamacare because of your previous and similar statement.

            I would not think twice about responding to your yap. any time. Any place. Any subject. Including health care. so I lied.

          6. johngaltwhereru


            You not liking the examples I provided, and me not providing examples are not the same thing. I gave the example of Labor and Delivery. Those services are not covered under all employer provided plans. To give you more specifics, you would need to give me a plan to explain it to you.

            There are currently Oxford, Cigna, Aetna and ConnectiCare plans, among others offered on the group market to large companies in CT that do not cover preventative care, certain screenings and yearly physicals at no cost to the patient. All of those things must be covered at no cost under ObamaCare. Well baby visits must be covered as well. These things are not free in real life. The insurance company has to pay for these services, and the only way they can afford to do so is to charge higher premiums. This is not rocket science. Doctors are not going to perform these services for free, and insurance companies are not going to operate at a loss.

            As far as you being done talking to me, no surprise there. Blind belief and faith in the lies this plan was sold under usually results in presenters of facts like myself being dismissed. Sure, I am “too certain about unknowns”. I mean, why would I believe the CEO of Connecticut’s largest health insurance company when he specifically states rates are going to skyrocket specifically because of ObamaCare mandates. I’m sure you will find an unrelated reason for your upcoming rate increase, or if you already have a Cadillac Plan, your tax increase.

            As far as you resenting my tone, accusations, and blah blah blah, I don’t care even a little bit. I resent that Obama and his corrupt little cronies in Congress caused dramatic increases in premiums and taxes for those who take responsibility for themselves in order to mildly expand coverage for those who take no responsibility for themselves. I also resent that money was stolen from the people who funded Medicare their whole working lives in order to pay for this pile of lies and Goverment power grabbing.

          7. bill


            John Galt does have an old habit of showing arrogance and not responding to the question. He is frustrated because the world doesn’t revolve around his points of view.

            He a a Libertarian what more do you need to know.

            John Galt: I will agree that the democrats closed ranks during the process of reform but so did republicans. personally, i thought the Dems should have offered the republican/industry Tort reform. They should have taken it off the table. But they didn’t want to distrube their sugar daddies – the american Trial Lawyers Association – now know under a different name for some reason and you could guess the reason.

            but that’s politics. Take no prisoners. On both sides.

          8. Johngaltwhereru

            No need to explain me to ObamaCare. Apparently he is just barely smart enough to recognize when he is about to get crushed in a debate by someone who knows far more than him on a given topic.

            He probably googled a couple of my statements, sat there in shocked disbelief that the Savior and his favored “news” outlets had lied to him, realized I was correct, and decided to attack the messenger and the messenger’s tone.

          9. ObamaCare

            galt, Coverage for maternity care is required under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. But the law doesn’t apply to companies with fewer than 15 employees or to individual policies. In Connecticut there are 262 companies with 19 or fewer employes out of 1,437 companies total per this 2013 report:


            Most employers do have what you call “labor and delivery” and it is not that expensive. My original question above was:

            What new mandates will cause CT company plans to increase?

            Notice the word “company.” As is typical for you, you tried to shift talk to individual plans. But we had already established that the exchanges would cover a small set of people about 20%.

          10. johngaltwhereru

            First, let’s get rid of this issue where you state I have “shifted” the issue to individual plans. I started this conversation with Jeb/Billy specifically talking about individual plans. I even specified using the term individual. You then changed the topic to Companies.

            I replied to your Company specification by mentioning well baby care and preventative screenings that are mandated at no cost to the patient; a provision that is not currently mandatory in group (company) plans. Then I provided a direct statement from the CEO of Aenta which said rates are going to increase on all health plans because of ObamaCare.

            In typical Liberal fashion, you ignored my answer to your question, most likely out of dismay and surprise that I was able to swat away your nonsense with ease, then repeatedly claimed I did not answer your question.

            You then provided the 1978 act that mandates Pregnancy costs be covered by companies with more than 15 employees. This act still leaves out about 20% of the workforce.

            More importantly, the 1978 act does not equal the ObamaCare mandates. Under ObamaCare, Pre-natal exams are mandated to be covered with no co-pay and no deductible. The 1978 provision specifies that Pregnancy related services must be covered in the same manner as all other services. This means that prior to ObamaCare, if you had a $3000 deductible and 30% co-pay, you were going to pay for every dime of pre-natal services and post ObamaCare you will pay nothing.

            You can argue that this mandate might be a good idea, however arguing that this mandate will not cause premium increases is completely without merit. I can promise you that regardless of the link you provide, if the goal is to demonstrate ObamaCare will not increase costs, I will demolish that link with facts and logic.

            But I guess I will not be demonstrating this demolition, as 2 posts ago you stated you were done talking to me.

          11. ObamaCare

            Here is what I said:

            “ObamaCare will add few new services and costs to company plans.”

            Obviously some things were added. I don’t think the cost impact will be major. Eliminating the maternity deductibles may not be a big deal. They have been covering the service and now will provide a bit more, not some huge new expensive thing . In fact, you have not yet been able to provide a huge thing, and there are not many small things new to CT.

            You are just an angry troll. Here are just some of the insulting things you have said to me in the last few messages. You average at least one insult per message. I guess these are all “facts and logic.”

            “you will fall off that kool-aid wagon”
            “I’m sure pro-Obamacare pollyannaism will lead you to think”
            “typical example of a pro-Obamacare zealot ignoring reality”
            “Apparently he is just barely smart enough to recognize”
            “As far as you resenting my tone, accusations, and blah blah blah”
            “sat there in shocked disbelief that the Savior and his favored “news” outlets had lied to him”
            “In typical Liberal fashion”

            Would you even talk to you after this barrage of insults? Discussion fine, insults – go talk to yourself. Then you wonder why people stop talking to you. You tell yourself it is because of your powerful arguments. This is not the case. You shift and slide, pivot, change the subject, spin, shave the truth. Why, you have never lost an argument. You are that smart.

        2. bill

          johnnyboy, you remarked before that you were done with gun control. Well I am done with Obamacare. got it?

          There may be several improvements that can be made to this legislation. but it ain’t going away. Your freaken conservatives hardly offered any alternatives or improvements when the debate was going on. You all had but one objective; to bring down Obama. forget about the health needs of the country. you all only wanted to bring down Obama.

          How pathetic. You need not worry about my coverage. I will survive as I always have. If the system will ever reform itself by major campaign finance reform, and reduce the influence of industry on Congress… Ah, but I am dreaming.

          Light one up for me in Costa Rica – whatever you wish to light up.

          1. johngaltwhereru

            Billy Boy,

            You do not have to engage in ObamaCare conversations with me. Just ignore my posts.

            I am not going to stop pointing out the continuos stream of lies that were used in the passage of this piece of garbage. Further, I am not going to stop pointing out the failures and shortcomings of this legislation as each negative aspect takes effect.

            As far as your claim that Conservatives offered no alternative, BS. Conservative Amendments, other than typographical error corrections were ignored. Conservatives had no input and no opportunity for input. Tort reform-nothing. Buying insurance across State lines-nothing. Expanding deductability of self purchased plans-no way. There was zero cost containment in this bill. Everyone with a miniscule understanding of this industry knows the sole purpose of this bill was to be a stepping stone for Government run healthcare across the board.

          2. billy boy


            I for one don’t think you are a troll. but you are angry. Your wires got twisted somewhere back in your diaper days. And i course, I think you are highly intelligent. but a twisto still.

            for these reasons, i enjoy getting you angry and as you stated, I am the only one who has achieved this goal on these blogs. I also got little Kimmie mad as hell and that was a moment to be savored.

            Till the next issue, you take care and enjoy your 4th.

          3. johngaltwhereru


            Where is Kim? Does he not post here anymore?

            What about Jim and NBConservative? Common Sense?

            I was gone for about a month. Did they all go the way of Trollright , Hello JPG and Dave the Insane?

          4. billy boy

            johngalt; we don’t go away – just morph into other names. kim is most probably ct is circling the drain. i don’t know about the others.I thought maybe your new nemises Obamacare was the professor. but I don’t think so. anyway, this is all my fault, you know. I began experimenting with different names and it caught on. you seem to be one of the few that keeps the same name.

            btw: I feel that Obamacare is freaked up. but hopefully, better minds will prevail and the law is improved. bottom line, I hated what we had before. the old laws were influenced by the industry. the new laws are too. but at least we all have access now.

            let me repeat; the old ways were untenable. and I don’t have a private underwrite. that coverage was all but worthless. good while one remained healthy. but worthless once one came down with a chronic condition. what the hell good is insurance if it only covers you the first time?

            give me a break.

  7. John R. McCommas

    The Speaker should bring it to a floor vote and defeat it overwhelmingly. Its what the people want.

    Enforce the laws that are already on the books. Its what the folks have been demanding for a long time.

    Its time for new people.

  8. johngaltwhereru

    Nobody, including you, has stopped talking to me.
    No insults are ever issued by me until disrespect has been sent in my direction.

    You decided to start your discourse with me by describing employed rich people as “fat, dumb, happy and quiet”.

    At that point, you were no longer deserving of respectful discourse.

    I know as a Liberal you are accustomed to throwing bombs and expecting your opposition to sit quietly out of fear of being called a racist or hating the poor. These are things I do not care about, and your lies and ignorance will be exposed every time you post them.

  9. johngaltwhereru

    Where is our friend ObamaCare when we need him to explain away why the Government just delayed the Obamacare employer mandate for a year?

    Is it the obvious reason, that the delay brings us past the 2014 election?

    Or is it the study after study and report after report that shows employers are going to fire people or drop them to part-time in order to avoid the mandate?

    Or is it that the exchanges are not going to be ready in time due to the fact that Congress and the Administration lied about how much it would cost, and now someone else controls the purse strings?

    Or is it some combination of all of these things?

    ObamaCare, don’t be mad at my hostile tone. It is only a result of Socialists who know nothing about the health care system taking a corrupt path to take full control of said system because they think they are smarter than everyone else.

    ObamaCare, we need you to toe the pro-Obamacare line, and inform us of the current lie being told to justify delaying the negative impacts of ObamaCare.

    1. ObamaCare2

      I will be the surrogate for ObamaCare until his/her return. This is Jimmyboggs. As I clearly stated before, my response to ObamaCare is not so much a perfect replacement for what we had but an alternative to the mess we had before. Health care services should be similar to a right. It should not be based solely on the ability of a person to pay. so indeed, it is kind of socialized in the sense of access for everyone.

      I don’t have any problem for medical practionors to be well compensated after years of study to essentially save lives. I once saved a man’s life (a friend) while in my 20s and I am glad I had the good sense to snap into action at that moment in time. People in the medical profession do this every day. For this, I am eternally grateful.

      so, the only squabble we have, Johngalt, is whether this profession and its access to the community at large. Before you respond, I will repeat; it should be distributed to all and that doctors should be well compensated.

      Now, do we have any arguments? Obamacare almost went down to defeat because of the great Party of No. Our side panicked and closed the vote gape anyway they could to get this passed.Now, calmer heads should prevail and improvements should be made on the intent of the legislation. Not burn it.

      but we can be assured that reform of the law will not happen because the industry-backed republicans want to tear it up. Government-run single payer is probably the way to go. but even then, I have my doubts that the government should run everything. An example of a government subsidized organization that has become the biggest embarrassment and disaster in modern times is the Post Office. They stayed in the 20th century and didn’t innovate because they didn’t need to on account of federal largesse. That is what I fear most with single payer. The compromise of course is a heavily regulated medical industry.

      What we lived with before was totally untenable. your turn, Johngalt.

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        I don’t believe anything that comes at the expense of someone else should be considered a right, or even similar to a right.

        What we will have when this monstrosity is fully implemented will be far worse than what we had before. You have to remember that this law was designed to collapse the system to get to single payer. Even if you think that is a good idea, you must understand the period of time between now and single payer will be painful, and many of the huge majority of people who were insured prior to ObamaCare are going to experience significant financial harm and potential physical harm they could have otherwise avoided.

        1. Jimmyboggs


          As usual, you are relaying on your limited set of doctrinaire beliefs to dictate your ideals. first, we are not moving toward single payer as we should. It will never happen. the industry pays Congress too much for this to happen. so don’t worry you little knickers over it.

          I believe that learning and evolving comes partially from observation of other successful systems and we should study other European heal care system and select the most functional to employ here. Of course, you envision health care as a pay or die option. This is where your wires were jumbbled up somewhere back in your youth. Because we have allowed the RX industry to market new meds at extraordinary prices, we essentially subsidize the world when they buy at reduced rates because their governments will not allow such exploitation in their respective countries. Perhaps we should use similar standards.

          Further, before these changes, Americans were nothing less than terrorized by the health insurance industry because the industry bought from Congress whatever they wanted. So I disagree with you. The big difference here is that you feel that medicine should be pay up or die program. I feel that this shaman-like is or should be SIMILAR TO A RIGHT. Your concept is founded on the lawless rampant industrialism of late 19th century America.

          But I realize the only right you want to agree with is the one that gives people the right to kill each other because it appears to be written as a right in the constitution. But alias, you are wrong on that point too since the 2nd amendment calls for a regulated militia not the free-for-all that modern monkey mentality believers want to believe.

          Imagine that; a medical doctor that believes that you must have money to pay for your right to shoot each other at will. It’s Neanderthal at best.

          1. Jimmyboggs

            well of course you would respond as such. You can’t accept that your system of belief would actually leave a dying person to not be treated. In order to sleep at night, you will concoct some devise that releases any moral guilt.

            So I expect an fully explained justification for your pay or die as you go medical program. You conveniently did not respond to my comment that all doctors should be amply rewarded for their chosen career.

            In anticipation of your response, i promise not to hold my breath since it might percipitate my own unexpected demise.

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