Senate Votes To Raise Minimum Wage By 75 Cents Per Hour

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The state Senate voted Thursday night to raise the minimum wage – an issue that has been controversial through the years.

\"kevinThe latest version calls for raising the wage by 75 cents per hour over two years with no index for inflation. As such, the wage would increase to $9 per hour by Jan. 2015, up from the current $8.25 per hour. That translates to slightly more than $17,000 per year for a fulltime job at the current rate.

After a lengthy debate, the Senate voted at about 8:45 p.m. Thursday on a mostly party line vote of 21 to 15. Conservative Democrat Joan Hartley of Waterbury, who has also recently opposed redefining the state\’s spending cap, voted with 14 Republicans against the bill.

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28 thoughts on “Senate Votes To Raise Minimum Wage By 75 Cents Per Hour

  1. griswold plankman

    Thank you, Democrats. I’m simply flabbergasted by Republicans comparing their part-time teenage jobs with people who are trying to raise families on the pittance of a minimum wage job. (I’ve met and liked Mr. McKinney, but he’s so out of touch it’s disturbing.) What do Republicans have against hard-working Americans?

    1. Steve (CT)

      Do these people that you describe only earn minimum wage stuck at that level for their entire adult life?

      If someone gets a minimum wage job at Walmart tomorrow, do you believe that’s the only job & only pay they will ever have there? Walmart has regular pay increases for employees that work there & then there is the ability to move up to higher paying jobs.

      Are these people you are describing completely unskilled & lack the ability to maintain a regular job for any length of time?

      Do 16 year olds out for their first job have the same value to an employer as a 30 year old with a proven track record of employment & skills?

      Looking at BLS data, only 6% of hourly workers made minimum wage or below. If you subtract ages 16-24 its about 3%.

      1. bill

        They’ll send your jobs, to Asian shores.
        Then expect you to shop, in their stores.
        Price is low, so you rush the doors.
        Black Friday is, their darkest whore.

      2. Catsme0w

        Hey Cinderella! What fairy tale do you live in? Yes. Wal-Mart does give regular increases, but in some states people have been with the company 10+ years and still only earn $10.00 an hour. Also, Wal-Mart starts people out at part-time only and will continue to hold them part-time so these people aren’t even earning full-time wages. Try supporting a family on that!

        As for employers valuing workers; they only value anyone who can get the product out. By this I am talking about fast-food and retail. It doesn’t matter if you are 50 or 15 as long as you earn money for them.

        I agree that minimum wage does not need to be increased. No. What really needs to be done is that NAFTA needs to be reorganized, factory jobs need to be brought back to the U.S. (as well as other out-sourced jobs) and a cap put on individual debt. This would help our economy more than raising minimum wage.

        Also, get rid of letting people sue over frivolous matters and start drug testing for welfare. Get our own back porch cleaned off before we start going all over the world trying to straighten out foreign countries.

        Our economy is not only the fault of our “President” and congress but the fault of ours as well. We are a nation which has become accustomed to getting it now no matter the cost. Our individual decisions and debt have hurt our economy as well. Until each of us, as U.S. citizens, begin to take responsibility for our own actions our economy will not improve.

    2. Common_Tator

      I think the REAL question next election will be what hard-working Americans have against Republicans! Will they be punished for retroactive income tax increases, ObamaCare and the early release programs? Who knows what we will see..?

  2. Palin Smith

    At the union protest against Scott Walker in Stamford Monday evening I met a man who thought $22 minimum wage was a good idea. However, he also thought that all the poor economic conditions in CT was Governor Walker’s fault, not Dannel Malloy’s.

  3. Palin Smith

    That same man asked me if I was for the working poor. I replied no. I added that I believed that nobody who worked should be poor. I said that the more money people made the lower the tax rate, and workers could keep more. Provide incentive for people to benefit from their labor and the economy would repair itself. He could not conceive of no working poor. All he could do is berate the successful and bash the rich. I’ve never met a more demoralized and angry man. A union man. What causes his anger?

  4. Common_Tator

    If “…There are only so many times you can say Connecticut is open for business…” how about this one?
    “Connecticut: The Land of Little Competition!”

  5. deep44

    griswold plankman, I have nothing against hard working people however, many have made choices in their life which limited their options and working for minimum wage is a result of those choices. Too use a CEO’s paycheck as an excuse is wrong, that person made different choices as well as sacrifices and their pay package reflect those choices. The democrats just bought your vote for 75 cents over 2 yrs when their current policies are raising the cost of living by 6.5% each year. I believe you sold yourself short. I hope you would ensure your children understand a solid education gives you the option not to complain over 75 cents.

    1. Billy Yo

      deep44: It is not wrong using a CEOs pay to a to an hourly wager earner. The ratio of top management to hourly has been getting more extreme for the last 30 years and no along with other factors, has consolidated more wealth into fewer hands then at any time in our recent past. And this has been done at the expense of the middle class or middle income. The first thing corporate buy-outs do is to rape the pension plans of former independent companies. And you may ask why they can do this? Because their special interest lobbied Congress to bend the rules to favor their tactics. So please, don’t try to defend a Walmart for refusing to want to give employees full time at higher rat4es. Walmart stores are vulture vampires that suck the economic blood out of every community they open up in. The put smaller bricks and mortar stores out of business. And as my lyrics say, they send all their manufacturing to China then bring the finished product back and watch as the maddening herd wait for opening day on Black Friday because their prices are so low.

      Sickening to watch. And unless you are on the receiving end collecting those hundreds of millions taken in by Walmart after paying employee minimum wages, you should be protesting this concept of centralized capitalist accumulation which absurdly is not dissimilar to centralized communist economic centralization.

  6. Connventional thought...

    Summer jobs for college kids and teenagers just ended. This contractor can no longer do it.

  7. jschmidt

    Minimum wage used to be for entry level jobs. Few people depended on them once a person got some experience. As CT has attracted more people with little skills now Democrats talk of a living wage instead of putting in programs to help people with little training get training to move up n jobs. The Dems are a reason the state is ranked last as business friendly. Malloy and the Dems have closed CT for business.

  8. Richard

    $10 would be better. $11.50 meets the poverty standard of 2x poverty or approximately the family poverty level.

  9. Business Owner

    I have no issues with gradually raising the minimum wage but I do think there should be a seperate wage rate for teenagers starting out in the work force. The problem I see is that it is so wrong in that the state government is passing these laws with the indifference to the taxpayers on CT. Regardless of if the public wants things they have their own agenda. Realistically, if the govt took care of their own issues first, financial prospertity might follow. The higher income, sales and gas taxes are a direct result in the poor economy we have today. If state spending was under control we wouldn’t need these extra taxes and the bread, milk and gas would be cheaper. Every product and service in this state is higher due to people trying to scrape by after they pay taxes. Most companies will pass these extra costs on to the consumer so it will not cause them to have a pay cut. This then eats into the raises the people will be getting. The only one that wins is the bloated govt of the state of CT. Congrats legislature for having no idea that you are the cause of CT’s downfall.

    1. Billy Yo

      You mean you would like to implement age discrimination? Maybe we should extend this and include seniors in this lower wage group since old folks don’t need so much money any more. Oh, what the heck, let’s again discriminate against people of color. All they will do with extra money in their pockets is go off and buy dope.

      1. Business Owner

        Hey Billy Yo I would imagine you have never hired anyone to know what was meant by a lower minimum wage for teen workers. But if you would like to throw in more discrimination how about we pay people based on their ignorant posts. If that is the case it would appear you owe mankind money.

  10. Brian C. Duffy

    Another losing issue for Republicans. Ask the average, moderate, non partisan American voter if they favor raising the minimum wage and guess what their answer will be? Republicans will continue to whither away unless they learn to pick their battles more wisely.

    1. Brian C's Nothing

      That’s right Brian. Democrats win all gimmedat issues: welfare, food stamps, licenses for illegals, legal pot, minimum wage, sick leave, etc etc. When it comes to spending money we don’t have in exchange for prostituting a few more Democrat votes, your party has it all over the Republicans. Too bad the country and state is going down the crapper thank to you turds. Carry on.

    2. Steve (CT)

      That’s true Brian, mainly because public schools fail to teach their students to understand basic economics.

      1. Kim

        ……or the Constitution, or an objective view of American history, or self reliance, or……

      2. Kim

        ……or the Constitution, or an objective view of American history, or self reliance, or……

    3. The Conn-servative

      We will stick to our beliefs and virtues even if we are the minority. We will not hop onboard because it’s the right thing to do.The right thing to do,in anything is to stick to your beliefs. If over time your beliefs change,for whatever reason,then so be it. As long as that is what YOU believe.But I for one am not going to buckle on any social issue because of the mere threat of losing any form of a voice in it or perceived political pressure.
      But with your mindset and that of every leftist in this great land,what will wither away is our Republic itself.

      1. The Conn-servative

        I for one can’t wait to get out of this blue territory and move to a state that’s more representative of our Constitution.
        I’ll then sit back and watch the leftist infighting begin because there’ll be no more hard working private sector people to foot your socialistic bill. The likes of Billy,Duffy,Himmler,Susan et al will start fighting because someone in the group will think their being taxed to much or don’t want to surrender their shotgun per Dan-O’s decision.Maybe they’re a govmint employee and will have a hard time swallowing a $20 co-pay or 4K/year out of pocket deductible. Yup,the day is-a-coming.

  11. walls

    I wonder if the state dims support Elizabeth ‘Lieawatha’ Warren’s plan to raise the minimum wage to $22/hour?

  12. Kim

    Perfect! A minimum wage hike just in time for all the new illegal-immigrant drivers who may actually drive to work

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