Senate Judiciary Committee To Hold Hearing On AWB Of 2013

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\"blumThe Senate Judiciary Committee, of which Sen. Blumenthal is a member, will hold a hearing Wednesday on the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013. Both Blumenthal and Sen. Murphy are co-sponsors of the legislation, which would reinstate a strengthened version of the 1994 ban on assault weapons.

Two Newtown residents will testify at the hearing: Neil Heslin, father of Newtown victim Jesse Lewis, and Dr. William Begg, EMS Medical Director of the Western Connecticut Health Network.

The legislation would ban semiautomatic assault rifles with one or more military features, and magazines over 10 round capacity. It includes a list naming 157 weapons specifically banned. Unlike the last ban on assault weapons, the AWB of 2013 would include no 10-year sunset provision.

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10 thoughts on “Senate Judiciary Committee To Hold Hearing On AWB Of 2013

  1. sam

    These people / career politicians just dont get it. The gun or type of gun is not the problem here. It may have been the tool but it wasnt the actual problem. This gun banning wont even scratch the surface of this problem in our society. It runs a whole hell of a lot deeper than scary black rifles. Making more laws or banning more guns is not going to eliminate the gun violence in this country it just isnt that simple. If anything it is going to make it worse. Because in case you two politicians havent notice the criminals and mentally insane do not abide by your laws, no matter how “feel good” they may seem to you. Now if these two senators really think this is the cure all then they are very naive and maybe they should both be voted out of office. Banning certain guns and making more laws that only effect the already “law abiding gun owners” is not the answer to this problem. Hey I guess if this gets some of the politicians names in the news and their faces on the media then that is really the most important thing to a “CAREER” politician. Whether or not it is really the correct solution to the problem doesnt really matter I guess.

  2. The Conn-servative

    Not only do they don’t get it, their real intent is to create a system that wants to make the LAW abiding,rule playing citizen want to say,” screw it I’m fed up with these laws,regulations,taxes,and fees.I’m going to sell my hardware and get rid of it.It’s just not worth the hassle.” This is what they want without being able to get rid of the 2nd amendment. This is what marxists do best. Tax and fee the crap out of everything they don’t like to ONLY that group of people supporting or using it,while making EVERYONE(legal that is) pay for things that they the politicians believe is good for everyone. This in itself is discriminatory from the same group of people who gave us “discrimination” policies decades ago. Ironic isn’t it? Yoda says, “A vile and disgusting party they are.”

  3. Connecticut Guy

    I love how these guys keep standing up Neil Heslin and ignore Mark Matiolli. I was there for both their testimonies at the CT Gun Violence hearings. Mark, also the father of a slain child, had a very emotional but clear, well-prepared, well-presented testimony. Neil, on the other hand, just verbally drooled for about 15-20 minutes. The problem is that Mark doesn’t fit their agenda.

    So, the lesson here is to ignore the thoughtful & insightful testimony for the dribble instead only because he can be used as their trump card.

    It sickens me.

  4. sam

    @ Ct guy, The anti gun supporters have been trying for years to push this anti gun ban idea without being able to generate enough support. Since the newtown tragedy these people have been only looking at one side of the debate. I have yet to see any of the senators invite the father to the table that at the original hearings said we dont need more feel good laws. Nope they are only interested in hearing from the people who agree with their agenda. “I wonder if these politicians think that this is how a democracy is supposed to work”? I wonder how these people can sleep at night knowing they are using the people affected by this tragedy to further this agenda. They have to know this will do nothing to end or even curb gun violence in our society, the original ban didnt. If they do think it will then maybe they are way to naive to be holding the positions in our government that they hold.

  5. sam

    @ Ct is Dying too;
    He “mis spoke” on that one. But hey thats politics. Politics is based on lies. They lie to us to get into office. Just think of all the photo shoots and media attention these two are getting out of all this for the next election. And that is what politics is all about, getting re elected.

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