Senators Seek Gun Bans In Domestic Abuse Cases

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NEW HAVEN – Saying that federal law does not do enough to protect domestic violence victims from deadly attacks, both of Connecticut\’s U.S. senators said Friday that they want to make it a federal crime for someone to possess a gun if the person is subject to a temporary restraining order.

Flanked by officers and domestic violence prevention advocates at the police department here, Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy also said they want to bar gun dealers from selling weapons to people who are under such an order.

Federal law already bars purchases and possession of a weapon by someone who is subject to a permanent restraining order, but not a temporary one.

Laws about guns and restraining orders vary widely among the 50 states. Connecticut law requires people under a temporary restraining order in a criminal case to surrender or sell their guns within two days of the order being issued.

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13 thoughts on “Senators Seek Gun Bans In Domestic Abuse Cases

  1. walls

    Well … this seems like a good idea. But often times to gain the upper hand [particularly when seeking child custody] in a divorce case, one spouse will falsely accuse the other spouse of physical abuse. It’s hard to prove and is basically ‘he said – she said’. It’s wrong, but it’s done all the time. What’s the solution then?

    1. Kim

      you are correct walls, and it boils down – usually – to who calls first. If there were penalties for ‘frivolous’ reportings it might make a difference. Now our brilliant senators want to compound the problem by making someone guilty until proven innocent. And you can be sure that if they pass this, then it won’t stop at ‘domestic abuse’ cases but virtually everywhere where a restraining order could be used.

      There’s a valid concern about disarming the true threats in these types of cases, but the way the system works now it’s unworkable and totally unfair. If a person being accused has any history of violence, that’s one thing. But if he doesn’t, then it’s completely wrong to treat him/her as such. And it’s simply another step in the ‘incrementalism’ game being played by those who pretend they’re not trying to take everyone’s guns while wanting to do just that.

        1. Kim

          billy is the pot calling the kettle, black here. Accusing someone else of being blinded by ideology is the height of hypocrisy for him

        2. REVMAN

          No Billy I don’t hide behind Ideology-I just know I phony(you) when I see one. When you grow up and grow old you’ll have your eyes opened.

          1. Billy Boggs

            whatever you say, bro. But I don’t hide behind a thinking methodology as you seem to do. If I didn’t have to constantly defend myself, you would find me to have quite a few conservative ideas included in my core.

          2. Kim

            How refreshing to see some honesty out of billy: “But I don’t hide behind a thinking methodology as you seem to do”. Said with pride, no less! Nothing else needs to be said

  2. Henry Salo

    Anything what Murphy says, I’m against. This is the same Murphy who tried to tell Fox not to broadcast the NRA 500 and about mannequins.Chris Murphy is unfit to be a U.S. Senator. While there should be laws against domestic violence and making it a Federal crime when there is a gun involved during domestic violence is not enough. It should be any kind of weapon. Knives, clubs, sledge hammers, shovels, any kind of weapon. Even using a motor vehicle to run over a person. That should apply for temporary restraining orders. As for Murphy, I don’t care about him and that is the same for Blumenthal. If I need help on the Federal level, I will go to see my Congressman, not these two.

    1. REVMAN

      I was also a former Liberal , now I’m an Independent and I have to thank this(Obama) admin. for it as it opened up my eyes.

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