Sorry Kids: Regents Poised To Raise State U Tuition

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Connecticut universities are a bargain. But this still hurts, particularly as Gov. Malloy\’s budget reward UConn and punishes the state university system.

The Board of Regents for Higher Education are set to vote on a plan that would, for example, increase in-state undergraduate costs by $778.

The Regents are worried that high costs are keeping out-of-state students away. For some in-state students, a $778 jump in tuition and fees may keep them away too.


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9 thoughts on “Sorry Kids: Regents Poised To Raise State U Tuition

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Another year, another tuition increase at twice the inflation rate. Liberal indoctrination don’t come cheap folks. Enjoy.

  2. Joe

    So the Bd of Regents is going to increase costs for students living in-state, but lower it for students coming from out-of-state…. That makes alot of sense and consistent with Malloy’s stragegy of sticking it to CT residents while he makes the tough choices. Isn’t UCONN a Connecticut state university? Why in the world would we want to do this? Because all the rich families send their kids there? I don’t think so. Somehow under the Democrats, things are “always getting better and being improved” but yet they only get worse. Congrats to all of those who voted for Dannel and his party. Enjoy.

  3. low quality low expectations

    Cuts in services, but an increase in tuition? How does that work? UCon get a grand plan, but the rest of the colleges and universities get a grand tuition hike.

  4. Teh Conn-servative

    Don’t forget the Board of Regents was slated to hand out salary increases, upwards of $50k to a few of its members last year until it became public.Mike Meotti, former state Senator to Manchester and Glastonbury was to be one of the recipients. For the record, he was a strong proponent of the CT state income tax back in’91. Makes you wonder why tuition increases are going up.

  5. The Conn-servative

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit that good ‘ol Danny boy is telling the Bd of Regents that “I’m taking away X amount of dollars from you the next 2 fiscal years. Your going to have to find other funds to operate.”

  6. Wake-Up

    Whether it’s In-State or Out of State Tuition , No one is staying here In Ct after they graduate. The Young Adults learn quickly this is not a State to stay in. It is driving everyone away except for State employees and soon that will change when the state starts asking for concessions.

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