Stamford Mayor Conducting Investigation Into Landscaping At Governor\’s House in Stamford

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Stamford\’s mayor has launched an investigation after a city employee performed landscaping work at Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s home.

The probe was ordered by Republican Mayor Michael Pavia, who succeeded Malloy in the mayor\’s office, after the Stamford Advocate newspaper published a photograph of a city-owned truck outside Malloy\’s home in the upscale Shippan neighborhood.

The city\’s human resources director met with the city\’s deputy tree warden, Ron Markey, on Thursday as part of the ongoing investigation that could be completed as soon as next week.

Markey was seen trimming hedges and shrubs outside Malloy\’s home on Ocean Drive East, and an invoice from Muskus Landscaping & Tree Service, Ltd. shows that the work cost nearly $1,600. While he works for the city, Markey also works part time as a subcontractor for the privately owned landscaping company. Public records show that Markey earned more than $100,000 last year with the city.

The landscaping bill was for 20 hours of work at $75 per hour, totaling $1,500, plus sales tax.

Muskus completed the work less than a week ago and gave the invoice to Al Barbarotta, a friend and supporter who oversees Malloy\’s property.

\”The bill will be paid once the governor receives it,\’\’ Andrew Doba, Malloy\’s spokesman, said Friday.

While Markey had been working at Malloy\’s home with his own personal truck, a second worker for the city came to the home – in a city-owned truck – to pick up a ladder that Markey had been using. The city is investigating the role of the second worker, officials said.

Malloy is renting his home, which overlooks Long Island Sound and is across the street from homes directly on the waterfront, for $8,000 per month. He lives fulltime in the governor\’s mansion in Hartford\’s West End.

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18 thoughts on “Stamford Mayor Conducting Investigation Into Landscaping At Governor\’s House in Stamford

  1. The Conn-servative

    Surely this must be some oversight or misunderstanding. What did the monster bitch Hillary once say: something about a vast,right wing,conspiracy.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Classic libtard response to try an avert the story as is. Go back to some others parties leader with wrongdoings. F’n classic.

      1. fred

        I gotta love your classic nitwit bagger response above where you just have to hate on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when this story has absolutely nothing to do with her. Classic two-ball all the way.

        Meanwhile, this story of a corruption investigation involving our current Governor naturally recalls the last Connecticut Governor who resigned in shame and did prison time for corruption. Surely you remember this, it was not that long ago.

          1. The Conn-servative

            My illustration of the monster bitch doesn’t point out wrongdoing on her part. I’m only using her phrase to illustrate how your post comes across. Your post points wrongdoing on Rowland’s part as an attempted diversion off of Dan’O.
            That’s ok though. Most posters here,but unfortunately NOT most voters,know a rat in office when they see one. Next election may tell more…..

          2. fred

            I did not post before your post about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so I fail to see how your post could “illustrate how your post comes across.”

            My first post here (5:55 PM) was after your post (5:39 PM) about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So what is your excuse now bagman?

          3. The Conn-servative

            No. That’s me. Certainly the mainstream media and you libtards have already labeled conservatives in general as intolerant,whether we are or aren’t. So what the hell difference does it matter. What does matter, is that you thugs claim to be the party of tolerance ,when in fact of the two parties,you actually are further from it. Hillary,VP Joe,Bobby KKK Byrd, all just shining examples of tolerance. Race baiters for sure. Very little coverage on the poor white Australian man that was murdered by three black thugs,but Zimmerman/Martin, now that’s a different story right? And if you guys are SO tolerant, why don’t you accept someone elses intolerance?
            Perhaps you should read my other comment on the 50 year anniv. march.
            Hillary is what Hillary is. You mean to tell me,you never called someone a slur when they cut you off or some other thing. You act and convey through your words,like you are so perfect.But then again, modern day libs are never humble.

          4. Barry Goldwater

            Conn-victed and Served: What does N-I-x-O-N spell? It spells the only president forced out of the presidency in the 20th century and he just so happened to be a pig Republican. After his running mate, a 3rd rate Republican slob, was caught on the down slide.

            Now, you have some guy who may have used a ladder and may or may not have been during working hours and work was done by a sub contractor hired by the governor. The governor had nothing to do with what the subby did with a fellow worker.

            Give it a freaken break. Your republican send in a state contractor to install a rub a dub dub in the tub. Big difference, small braino.

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