State Capitol Closed For Good Friday

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The state Capitol will be closed for Good Friday, which is a state holiday.

There are no committee meetings, public hearings, or press conferences on the official schedule.

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17 thoughts on “State Capitol Closed For Good Friday

  1. Circling the Drain in Connecticut

    Does this mean they can’t spend more money we don’t have for one day?

  2. The Conn-servative

    So let me get this straight.You can’t mention the Easter bunny or Santa Claus in a public school setting,but state employees get off Good Friday and Christmas.

  3. Kim

    For a moment I had an overwhelming sense of joy. I read the storyline as ‘State Capitol closed for good, on Friday’, meaning it was closing for good.

    One can only hope

  4. Business Owner

    Well I feel better that my business is open today so I can pay all the extra taxes to feed the unions of the state.

      1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

        You might be singing a different tune when the state goes belly up and decides it can’t pay state retirees.

        1. state employee

          Typical tripe from the right wing goon squad aka Tea Tard Party. I will be happily collecting my pension in 11 years from now and loving life.

          As for non tax states that laughable, where Texa a state with one the poorest educational systems, one of the highest percentages of the Mitt Romney 47 percenters not paying a penny of Fed income tax and the highest rate of uninsured. Florida that cesspool with high unemployment very low wages and sink holes galor,ok if you made your money in the Blue States. NH with a State Property tax, and an income tax nearly double that of CT on all unearned income. Pleae go.

          1. Business Owner

            Typical line of defense of state “worker” who could never survive in the public sector of actually producing a valuable service or good. Enjoy your welfare excuse me I mean pension and free medical. The piece of mind I will have is I won’t be paying for it soon. Malloy will take care of you since he loves the unions.

          2. The Realist

            Business Owner, you will pay the salaries and pensions of the state workers in whatever state you choose. That is, if you ever actually do leave. Federal taxes are about 4 times larger than the meager state taxes and you will still pay the feds no matter what state you chose. Your dreaming if you think you will save a lot of money. Plus, the state you choose could change their tax laws.

      2. Business Owner

        It won’t be for long. Moving family and business out of state soon. Saving $11K in income taxes and god knows what I pay in sales, gas, employee unemployment, entity and licensing fees. I will make more and work less in another state. Gravy train will end for the state worker from me.

  5. billam bam

    Looks like the fur trappers will have no place to go today. Hay, I have an idea. They could always clean their guns. A pleasant thing to do on Good Friday.

  6. Lee

    Good Friday is a religious holiday. Why is the state closed and why is it considered a state holiday? There are many other religions that don’t observe Good Friday and yet those employees are forced to take that day off. Not fair…

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