State Creating Database of Individuals Ineligible To Own A Gun For Mental Health Reasons

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The federal government\’s response to the Newtown massacre was defeated in the U.S. Senate last month, but Connecticut officials Monday announced a new project funded by grant money made available in response to the Virginia Tech school shooting.

The state will create a database that lists the names of all individuals who are ineligible to own a gun for mental health reasons. The system captures Probate and Superior Court records to include people who have been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility and those who have been found incompetent to stand trial or not guilty due to insanity. It is expected to be completed by July 1 and will comprise records from at least the past 14 years – past 20, if funding permits.

Lack of mental health records has created gaps in the federal background check system – that, in the tragic case of Virginia Tech, allowed a gunman who was not qualified to own a firearm to purchase one – and in recent years, the federal government has offered grants through a program called NARIP (NICS Act Record Improvement Program).

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4 thoughts on “State Creating Database of Individuals Ineligible To Own A Gun For Mental Health Reasons

  1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Another Day: check.

    Another article on gun control: check.

    The shameless liberalism vomited by the Courant on a daily basis is stunning.

    1. America is Dying Gollum

      Kim Jung Jerk: it looks like you will need to soon give up your guns, angry man. Well, you are already on a list thank God.

  2. Jim

    Where is the article now on CNN & Yahoo advising that gun violence has sharply dropped over the last 20 years by 50% for fatalities and 70% for non-fatal gun violence? I guess the Courant doesn’t want to conflict with its pro-gun control stance.

  3. A Great Day

    They should also seriously screen veterans for PTSD and anger issues directed at progressives before allowing them to own guns. Has anyone seen the Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children of Facebook bunch of homophobic illiterate Nazi’s!!

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