State Rep. DebraLee Hovey to Gabby Giffords: Stay Out

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State Rep. DebraLee Hovey, who represents Newtown and Monroe, posted this on her public FB page. From Florida. (Note: Hovey removed the post from her public Facebook page on Sunday afternoon).

Giffords visited local officials and Sandy Hook families Friday in meetings that were closed to the press.


She had more to say in this comment thread:


I wonder how her colleagues in the General Assembly feel about this sentiment.



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285 thoughts on “State Rep. DebraLee Hovey to Gabby Giffords: Stay Out

    1. Tania

      Dorothy, can’t you see the political grandstanding being used by this tragedy? You should be embarrassed by Giffords, and Blumenthal exploiting these families for their own agenda.

      1. northcountry

        the Rep was not concerned with grandstanding, she was concerned with not being invited! What a Tool! Clearly a GOP with National potential!

      2. Steve

        Right on Tania! Just because Rep Gabby Giffords was critically injured by a gunshot wound to the head thirteen people were injured and six others were killed in the shooting including a little nine year old girl, how dare she come to Debralee Hovey”s town and show compassion in a private meeting with the families.

        1. Rich

          Right on Steve. Just because you can[t see the forest for the trees doesn’t mean everyone else is blind too. This was political grandstanding and Giffords was used in this ploy. So Giffords was critically wounded. leave emotions out of it. Emotions will always cloud reality. Compassion, yeah right. Politics, it’s all about politics.

          1. Michelle

            Definitely all about politics. Except the part where Gabby Giffords is a private citizen with not a single thing to be gained by standing in solidarity with families suffering from the same exact brutality that she and her own family went through. And why SHOULDN’T she do that for them? The alternative is the total blindless of fools and troglodytes like you. Go on and tell us all how irrelevant those big scary ~emotions~ are when your six-year-old is pumped full of bullets at school or when your wife is shot point-blank in the head at her job. What is wrong with you?

          2. Don Mueller

            How is this political grandstanding? She’s thousands of miles from her own district, which she no longer represents—which is the only place that would matter politically.

          3. Fred Fnord

            Right on, Rich! I mean, since you don’t have any sympathy for anyone but yourself, it’s clear that nobody else possibly could either, right?

      3. alec

        so it’s okay when republicans do it, you’re just opposed when democrats do it? thats what you and the retarded hovey are saying

      4. Mark


        I live in the community where the shooting happened. At first I thought the same thing, but everyone has tried so hard to reach out to these kids, and I really want to believe she is coming as a victim of a shooting to talk to other victims. I have to believe nobody will let her near these kids if her agenda is anything else.

      5. Nell Webbish

        Do you mean the “grandstanding” private meeting that was attended by the Republican First Selectman, Ms Llorda?

      6. Jane

        Tania, I think we’re all much more embarrassed by the fact that Hovey lacks basic English writing skills. Or, perhaps, she was posting while drunk. Six of one, half of dozen of the other, really.

      7. Jeff K.

        Tania, can you or the esteemed Rep Hovey explain how Gifford’s visit constitutes grandstanding when a) she is no longer in politics; b) she will never be running for any Conn office; and c) the meeting was CLOSED to the press? Pretty ineffective grandstanding if you are not standing on a grandstand. Or a stage. Or even a soapbox.

      8. Lils

        What grandstanding? What are you talking about? Giffords thought she might do some good by showing families that public figures care.

      9. H

        Tania – this wasn’t a political visit. Giffords, Blumenthal and a republican selectman attended and there was no press release. In fact, the press wasn’t even allowed. Just face it.

      10. BOOMER49

        hey Toxia maybe if this reTHUGlican Rep. had shone some backbone to the NRA/GOA those 26 people would still be around.
        How DARE people complain about the idiocy of the gun loonies!

      11. Frank N. Stein

        DebraLee’s web page greets you with an image of the Seal Of Newtown, black ribbon, and her statement on the tragedy. STOP exploiting the shooting DebraLee!
        Typical hypocritical Republican.

    2. Rich

      I am a CT native and I am embarrassed by your comment. That entire event with Giffords was nothing more than political grandstanding! Open your eyes.

      1. Connecticut Man1

        I am pretty sure political grand standing requires copious amounts of press coverage (or at least the general public able to view it) for a politician to get any useful benefit from it. IOW: Your comment makes absolutely ZERO sense.

          1. IcedGreenTea

            It’s getting more coverage NOW because of Ms. Hovey’s insensitive remarks. That’s pretty funny — she is actually causing it to get more press coverage. And where does any person get off telling an AMERICAN that she shouldn’t go anywhere in AMERICA that she damn well pleases? Sorry, Ms. Hovey, but you don’t own the towns and shouldn’t be acting like it’s your place to patrol the border.

        1. Karen

          You make sense Cconnecticut Man1. Gabby is no longer in politics, her career was ended with a bullet in the head.

    3. ray

      As a Ct Native I too am totally embarrassed by Ms Hovey’s post……So Sad that she holds office.

    4. Professor Poop

      When Miss Hovey is up for reelection, we will make sure her opponent is strong and well financed.

      You can resume your career full time after the election.

      1. WindsorNative

        I may live in CA. now, but count on me to help defeat this little tart. I will fly out to help. I am so angry to read this. What about a RECALL Newtown and Monroe???? I’ll help now.

      2. Arthur Cohen

        Yes, Prof, the solution is to organize and vote out these ignorant Republican cretins. And to all those posting here who agree with Hovey, perhaps you ought to get your facts straight before you knee-jerk support a jerk. It’s called “reading.”

    5. paul s. s.

      It was a PRIVATE meeting, that is, NO press were there – she is a PRIVATE citizen, that is, is NO LONGER a congresswomen, will never run for office again – so please explain, what was ‘political’ about it? Is is to hard to believe someone who survived a brutal handgun assault, which took the lives of a dozen people, might want to reach out to the families of other victims OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF HER HEART??!? Unbelievable ignorance…

    6. Maliheh

      Maybe Rep Hovey thought giffords was going to bring up sarah palin being that gabby was on her crosshair map in which influenced the shooter in arizona

    1. Professor Poop

      Calling Miss Debralee an a-hole is unnecessary berate to a-holes. Puss-filled snake is more appropriate.

  1. Mister Mike

    Hey DebbieLee, before sharing your idiotic thoughts, please double check your spelling and grammar. What a dingbat!

    1. Rich

      She hit the nail right on the head. It was nothing more than a political stunt. A blind man could see through their charade.

  2. Matt

    She can’t spell (Giffords and Blumenthal both spelled incorrectly). She cannot put a sentence together (“There was pure political motives.” Learn basic english, madam – was is singular, were is plural). If the families welcomed a former member of congress – or anyone else – who was the victim of gun violence, so be it… good for them.

    I understand the REPUBLICAN First Selectwoman was in attendance, as well.

    Rep. Hovey is a very simple disgrace. Have a good time in St. Pete, madam, and focus a bit more on your suntan rather than how your constituents are handling their grief back home.

  3. Gary

    The comment from Rep. Hovey seems even more out of touch if she really said it from Saint Pete Beach, Florida, as the geo-tag on her status states.

  4. Ben Rodriguez

    This vitriol is sad and partisan. If Rep. Giffords’ visit helps just one parent, then great. Not to mention we’re Americans, we go where we like. I think this FB post is more about sucking up to certain donors.

    1. Rich

      If it helps one parent, then it is great. But why did the LTGov and Blumenthal need to get involved? Political grandstanding!

      1. Michelle

        … elected officials represent their communities. they are there to serve the needs of their communities. are you seriously arguing they should have done nothing, laid low, throughout all this? maybe gone to West Palm Beach? Fool. Troglodyte.

          1. Keith

            Yeah, it was all Obama’s fault. When you know you’re losing, or just flat out wrong, change the subject. Typical conservative strategy. It worked real well for Mittens.

          2. IcedGreenTea

            Going to Hawaii when he was BORN THERE and it is a US state is a bit different than if he was jetting off to Tahiti all the time.

  5. Steve

    DebraLee Hovey, Order another Margaretta and put on your suntan lotion. You are really a petty and shallow person.

  6. RonB

    This ‘me first’ politico disgraces herself sunning on some Florida beach while a true hero provides comfort to the families.
    No surprise.

  7. Don Massey

    Your insensitivity is shocking, and my hope is that your regional constituents see your reaction as an outrage, which is exactly what it is. The woman you rail against was shot and nearly killed by a deranged gunman, yet you seem to be unable to comprehend that–regardless of politics–she would have both insight and compassion into what your Newtown residents and victim families experienced. Shame on you for your diatribe. Should I assume that you are a staunch defender of the NRA?

    1. Rich

      Don’t be so emotional. Your last question speaks volumes about you. Answer this; would you join an organization that supports the Constitution and your Constitutional rights? A simple yes or no will do. One thing I have learned about liberals is that they are so dramatic and so emotional.

        1. Rich

          The ACLU does not supports those who are opposed to allowing other to exercise their Constitutional rights, such as freedom of religion. Unless of course that religion is atheism. ACLU. Nice try.

          1. Andrew

            C’mon Rich, just a bit of googling and you would quickly learn that the ACLU has a proud history of protecting religious freedom. Try the phrase “ACLU religious freedom,” should get you there.

            If you don’t like the ACLU, that’s your business. But at least have the courage to admit that your dislike is partisan, not principled.

      1. Dennis

        No one group cries to emotion more than the far right. Fear and paranoia are their battle cry. Those “liberal commies are the enemy”. Really. They wrap themselves in the constitution while they preach their insurrectionist messages. They are tearing this country apart.

      2. Keith

        Yeah, no reason to get emotional about 20 children being slaughtered. But threaten to take away someone’s weapon of mass killing and then see the conservatives get emotional.

  8. Marie

    A thank you would have been better than your rude comment. It took great effort on her part to make this trip both physical and mentally. She should be commended not politicized. If this comment is an example of your leadership please resign.

    1. Rich

      It was political grandstanding! Swallow a band aid for your bleeding heart. I see you are having a hard time accepting reality. It was nothing but political grandstanding and Giffords was used to achieve this.

      1. Real American

        If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s a rabid conservative spouting their opinion on every post. Wake up, rich. Once again, you conservatives are the fringe minority. What Hovey said was disgusting. Obviously the Lt. Gov thought Gifford’s visit was a good idea. And also felt it was NONE of hovey’s business. Her career will last as long as Allen West.

      2. Jay Schiavone

        Rich: Stop typing and start barricading your home! The liberals are coming to take your guns, and Gabby Giffords is leading the mob!

      3. peg terwilliger

        Care to explain what Gifford was grandstanding for, what you think she had to gain.She is a victim of violence, she will never be the same. Just like the families she went to comfort; because she in reality does understand what they are living thru. You and I can only guess. Maybe she helped a bit. Do try to see that.

      4. Anne

        This whole blog was started because of GOP State Rep Hovey rude comment on Facebook and now we get to know someone who is even ruder and more stupid – Hya Rich!

  9. Will Wilkin

    Ms. Hovey has no authority to order anyone to stay out of any town, nor does she posses any towns, so wondering why she says “my towns?” Ms. Hovey therefore seems unfit for public office and might wish to review the Connecticut Constitution for a reality check against her megalomania.

    1. Rich

      Did she give an order or make a statement? You are right though. She is not fit to be a politician in CT. She is honest and speaks her mind and calls it like it is. No sugar-coating like the people of CT are accustomed to.

      1. Marie12

        She also thinks ALEC is a good thing…the right wing lobby group that writes legislation to destroy the middle class. She doesn’t seem to engage in critical reading and thinking. Stay in Florida.

      2. Anselm

        “My towns”, that sets the record straight – she doesn’t serve these towns as some might think, but rather owns them. That gives us all the insight needed into her mind.

        Oh, and Rich – you forgot to insert the word “grandstanding” into this comment. It only becomes true if you keep repeating it ya know!

  10. Scott

    Ironic that she is posting from Florida. I remember when you needed an .edu email account to access facebook and it was used to find out what your college friends were up to for the night. Then they opened it up to everyone, it became a political forum, and people feel they need to post their every irrelevant thought. Isn’t that what twitter is for?

    But I digress. State Rep. Hovey is correct about it being political, but then again everything is political. I have yet to see the Governor on TV without the Lt Governor hovering like a mosquito in the background.

    I am glad that the media was not allowed to attend to make an entire fiasco out of the event

  11. bernadette kasacek

    Okay so two things (other than it’s already been pointed out the little witch is in Florida right now)
    1) One would expect better use of grammar and spelling from someone with a Master’s in Special Ed.
    2) One would expect her public facebook page would refrain from making remarks that are insensitive and/or offensive
    Shoot I am adding a third thing
    3) It smacks of conflict of interest to have both your private business venture and your job as a public official mashed up together on one very public facebook page. However, given she makes herself look like a jackass (although she says those are horse ears in her pic…)thus drawing negative light to both her private and public careers I guess we can overlook that.

  12. bernadette kasacek

    Dang it I knew I forgot the fourth thing:
    She’s a carpetbagger. Not even a native. She’s from Maine. (Which in itself could explain many things)

    1. Rich

      Like her honesty for calling it like it is. She’s not the typical lying politician people of CT are used to.

      1. Elian Gonzalez

        “Hate one another, as I have hated you.”

        And make sure you call it The Truth(tm), so as to make your lying tongue seem like honey.

    2. Mainer

      I am a conservative from Maine and in general I find Mainers to value humility, hard work, common sense, and community among other things. Mainers as a whole are moderate and our politicians are often some of the most bi-partisian and respected in the congress.
      What Ms.Hovey said was inappropriate and embarrassing as was your comment about people from Maine.

  13. Steve

    Disgusting!! See if the people of Newtown and Monroe re-elect her. Seems mentally unstable to be in public office.

    1. Rich

      Seems like she was pretty honest. Anything Blumenthal is involved in is pure political grandstanding!

  14. Tania

    She is right. Giffords’ visit there is pure grandstanding. What purpose does her visit accomplish? She survived her shooting. Go home.

      1. Real American

        Leave it to a “freedom loving” conservative to think they can tell another American which towns they are allowed to visit. This is why your party is a national joke.

    1. Nell Webbish

      No press, no public and no huge announcements afterwards.

      I don’t think either you or Rich actually understands what the word grandstand means.

    2. Lils

      Wow, Tania, way to get those sympathy votes. But then again, you don’t have any sympathy for Giffords and you just want her to “go home.”

      This is the tragedy of modern-day conservatism, or maybe it’s just the rants and ravings of the Tea Party, but Tania’s post is evidence of Americans losing a sense of community and the long view of things. Tania’s completely insensitive remarks do all of us a dis-service, and sadly, one to herself.

      If you can’t find compassion for a public figure who was shot in the head for the sole reason being that she’s not aligned with your political party, then as a country, we’re truly lost.

    1. A Connecticut native

      But Gabby Giffords is not a politician any longer. She is the victim of a mass gun attack meeting the families of victims of another mass gun attack.

      1. Kim

        by her actions she is indeed STILL a politician, and her strings are being tugged by the administration

  15. bdbd

    DebbieLee you are a moron. Why do you care who’s in “your towns” when you’re not home (physically or intellectually). Following your own “logic”, I assume you notified the elected officials of St. Pete Beach of your presence.

      1. Jeff

        You have serious mental defect issues and I hope for the sake of the town and neighborhood you live in that you are not licensed to carry firearms.

  16. Jack

    Hovey’s occupation is listed as an “Educational Consultant” so we know she feeds at the trough. She must be mentally ill. She does have a point on Blumnethal, you just can’t say it. The guy has no shame.

  17. Jeff P

    It couldn’t have been easy to Giffords to travel across the country to visit the families and victim of this tragedy. She is a very caring individual and is loved by her constituents, which include some of my friends in Arizona. For a local state rep to get bent out of shape because on a larger, national stage, individuals are trying to help the victims (something that apparently she has been unable to do), I think a humble “Thank you!” would have been appropriate. Why not ask the families who met with her what they thought? Facebook comments are an inappropriate way to discuss this event. Would the governor or president do that? No. Just this state rep. Do you really represent the wishes of your constituents?

  18. leif

    foolishness compounds the rudeness; i believe it was announced ahead of time that Ms Giffords was visitng, i believe Ms Giffords is retired and perhaps not yet able to re-activate, and i believe Ms Giffords is not a CT resident, nor likely to become one. so Hovey appears stupid in addition to rude and insensitive.

  19. Politics

    good for this state rep in trying to repel the crap being spewed by the left. kudos to her. perhaps some discussion about keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill would be nice. not all this punish the law abidders non sense.

    1. Lils

      So Gaby Giffords is now “crap”? Your state rep didn’t say anything about guns. She’s just fearful of her own ineptitude and scared that she’s not doing enough for her own citizens, and Giffords reminds her of that.

  20. Walton

    There’s a big difference between posting: “Stay out of my towns”, and “With all due respect, let’s not politicize the Newtown shootings right now by having too many politicians come into the community. Let these poor people heal!”

    I find it almost impossible to believe one would right the former and mean the latter. I think the only politician here is you, Ms. Hovey.

  21. Rich

    Finally a politician who is calling it as it is. Having Giffords come to Newtown was nothing more than a political stunt. Either people are too stupid to see that or are just too embarrassed to admit that the liberal democrats have been manipulating them. In other words, the democrats have been the puppet masters pulling your strings. There was not one ounce of sincerity from with that visit. Pure political showmanship or grandstanding. Open your eyes people. The only thing democrats are concerned with is doing all your thinking for you because they and only they know what is best for you and controlling you. DebraLee Hovey said it like it is!

    1. Keith

      Were you part of the discussion? Your post makes it sound like you were or as with most republican apologists, you’re just throwing c__p up against the wall to see if anyone scraps it off and tosses it in the toilet where it and you belong. Now go in the corner and cry along with Hovey because she wasn’t invited. Boo hoo.

    2. Elian Gonzalez

      The hate, I love it! It’s truly grand, and great proof that barely under the surface of the alleged Judeo-Christian principles this country was to have been founded upon, is a seething hatred for one another that is wrapped in a glorious vestment you call “being true.” So please, make us a YouTube video wherein you rip up a picture of Gabby Giffords and decry her private visit as a private citizen, as a symbol of all that you hate in your country.

        1. Terri

          Sour grapes from the minority. WE WON the election, you have NO CHOICE but to deal with it. ENJOY the next 4 years. It makes me smile, as your loosing the election CLEARLY is upsetting you. Try to hide it more, you’ll look smarter!

    3. Jay Schiavone

      Rich: Giffords no longer holds office and, when she did, she was not a liberal. Democrat does not equal liberal. I get the impression that you’re fixated on us/them politics because pro wrestling became to complicated for you to follow.

    1. Jay Schiavone

      I get the impression that you don’t know anything unless Greg Gutfeld tells you. And he is not an especially good source for facts or ideas. Hold on– are you looking for a really exciting investment opportunity?

  22. Louis

    I am not one who usually defends politicians, but I feel that Gabby Giffords has earned the right to be here. I believe that, as a survivor of an horrific event, she feels a special kinship to the Sandy Hook victims. Shame on you, Rep. Hovey.

    1. Jim

      So Gabby Giffords has earned the right to make the parents of the slain children re-live that awful day? Why isn’t Gabby Giffords coming to town to discuss what we can do to help the mentally ill? After all, what sane person can commit mass murder? Sane people don’t kill, this is pure misdirection of the real problem for political gain. Giffords is grandstanding for someone else’s agenda. Rep. Hovey is speaking for HER constituency. She has a right to speak too.

      1. Nell Webbish

        If you are aware of anyone being forced to meet with Ms. Giffords against their will, please feel free to present the evidence.

        No one is refuting Ms. Hovey’s responsibility to speak for her constituency. What is being object to was her unprofessional and petulant outburst on Facebook.

      2. Real American

        Clearly Hovey does NOT speak for her constituency. Thousands of people have their opinion known. Very few support the classless hovey

      3. A Connecticut native

        First, I doubt Ms. Giffords forced herself on the Newtown families. After all, she, like they, is also part of a growing group of Americans whose lives have been destroyed by gun violence. Second, while I agree with you that mental health issues definitely need to be examined in the context of reducing mass shootings in America, I’m not sure why you think Rep. Hovey’s ill-judged, barely literate rant against a gun violence victim qualifies as “speaking for her constituents”.

  23. Wayne

    I’m sure there must be some Rethuglicans who are not hate filled and paranoid, but they certainly do a good job of hiding. this is utterly typical of the party I once had some respect for.

  24. Nathan

    So RICH seems to be the Rep.’s defender. Wonder what connection he’s has to Hovey. Fess up Rich.

    1. Janet

      Truly, Rich, you are WAY too defensive, and your angry responses are very revealing! It appears you have some skin in the game…perhaps a political operative or relative to the state representative? Your broadside against liberals is also very telling. Emotion displayed regarding the tragic death of children? Heaven forbid! You need to end your commenting: you’re not doing yourself or the representative (or the GOP as a whole for that matter!) any good. What a joke you both are! I’m guessing you are somehow related to Michele Bachmann and her ilk!

      1. Rich

        Nice try to divert. No anger in me about this. I am not involved in politics in any form. That is your paranoia. I admit, I despise liberals. After being in the Marine Corps for 22 years I despise what I see liberals doing to this country. Your attacks mean nothing. Just a typical liberal tactic to divert attention away from you. While the death of the children is truly tragic, how the liberal press has forgotten victim #1 is also tragic. And it was the democrats who came out almost immediately politicizing this event. You are the joke. I’m not angry, but you are. However, you have denial on your part. And of course I defended what the Rep said. Just as you attack her for saying it. Surprised someone doesn’t agree with you?

        1. Marie12

          So this isn’t really a defense of Hovey. It is just you spreading your hatred of anyone who you perceive to be a “liberal”.

          Got it!

          For someone who is not angry you are filled with hatred. Therapy? Meds?

        2. Elian Gonzalez

          @Rich, at last an admission of hate! I love it! Although your claim of being in the Marines is probably not true, as you’re merely trying to build up cred and sound authentically patriotic. But it doesn’t matter, unless you post a YouTube video and send the link to us where you clearly lay out your positions. It would be far more interesting.

          How’s your vet benefits by the way?

        3. A Connecticut native

          It’s not “politicizing” to demand action on gun violence when it is something that kills upwards of 30,000 Americans a year.

  25. Jim

    Some people have had enough of the in your face anti-gun agenda. Most responsible gun owners have been quiet and tried to respect the families of the poor innocent children slain by a madman. Anti gunners have seized on this as an opportunity to advance their agenda. I understand why Rep Hovey wants to stop stirring the pot. The anti gunners aren’t letting up and allowing the poor families of the slain children to start to heal. The anti gunners relentless pursuit of their objective is blind to the feelings and needs of everyone else but themselves. Why don’t we ratchet back the anti gun witch hunt and let the families heal? I understand the need for action, but at least have some compassion for the affected families in Newtown.

    1. Keith

      because its people like you whose response to their children getting slaughtered by guns is to call for more guns. i own and enjoy shooting guns but you and the NRA are out in looneyville as you portray “us” as anti-guns vs anti-gun violence. Probably makes you pro gun violence.

    2. Angel Lasher

      Jim, you don’t seem to understand what the conversation about guns is presently among the more “sane” folks of America. We DO NOT want to get rid of all guns. What we want is to get rid of guns that will allow anyone to mow down 20 kids in a school or 72 people in a movie house in 10 minute. Face it – if you need a 100 round clip to kill a deer, you are a terrible hunter and should have ALL your guns taken away period.

      And shame on Hovey. Really – what a disgrace to the state I love.

    3. Anselm

      Where does it say the meeting was about gun policy? It was a private meeting with families.

      But indeed, thanks for your fake concern about allowing the families to grieve, let’s have a conversation about mental health and arming teachers…apparently the only thing that is offensive and should be off the table is any talk about how to limit access to weapons of mass murder to every idiot in he general population.

    4. A Connecticut native

      Why are people (some of whom own guns and some of whom do not) who want some sensible gun control legislation labeled as “anti-gun”? You seem to have this rather paranoid idea that there is some shadowy anti-gun group just itching to take all guns away from everyone. I think most people in favor of gun legislation are looking for limits to clip size and to automatic weapons (the latter of which existed without too much drama until 2004) and closure of the gun show loop holes. What is being talked about will leave most gun owners largely untouched. Surely this common sense approach is not anti-gun.

  26. DeeDee

    Representative Hovey’s posting smacks of unprofessionalism and is unbecoming of a legislator. A little research uncovered that Ms. Hovey has earned an A+ rating from the NRA. Funny, she supports a group that cloaks unlimited gun rights in the veil of freedom but presumes to have the authority to dictate who and who is not
    free visit “my towns.”

  27. DeeDee

    She appears to now have scrubbed her Facebook page, including all reference to her margarita filled trip to Florida. Too late Ms.Hovey. You’ve embarrassed yourself and your constituents Will remember.

  28. Mitch

    Has anyone taken the time to figure out who flew Giffords and her husband to the east coast and provided the transport to Connecticut?

  29. Huskyblue

    Not even a month since the unbearably painful events happened in Sandy Hook and people are already sinking to degrading pettiness and ignorance. Ms. Giffords attended a private gathering, none of Representative Hovey’s business. If Blumenthal wants to grandstand that’s on him, not Gabby Giffords. Wow, doesn’t Rep. Hovey have more vital issues consuming her thoughts?


    1. Hypocrite detector

      If Gifford’s attendance was for a private gathering, and is nobody’s business, then why has The Courant been writing about it for days prior to her arrival?

      Who’s press team alerted the media?

      1. Husky blue

        It’s none of the Representatuve’s business if a private citizen visits HER town.

        She could have protested that the press teams and the media, as you put it, politicalized a well intentioned visit. But Hovey didn’t. She specifically addressed Gabby Giffords; it was infantile and Hovey knows it and removed the entry from her Facebook.

        1. Hypocrite detector

          I could not care less about Hovey. I had never heard of her prior to this story, and she is irrelevant to my comment.

          My comment was directed to the blind ignorance that leads people to believe Gifford’s visit was a private, apolitical act of altruism.

          Gifford’s either instructed her press team to get the word out, failed to tell her press team to keep her visit quiet, or is allowing herself to be used as a pawn.

          1. peg terwilliger

            And you know this how? Has it occurred to you that Giffords has been in the news since she was shot, that t.v. and print media follow her progress, her husband’s career and their lives, without a “press team” inviting them?

          2. hypocrite detector

            You are right. I don’t know this for a fact. I am just using common sense, which has been driven out of this discussion due to the raw emotion of the tragedy involved.

            For example, if you do not think the press was intentionally alerted, using logic, you must think the press has access to her credit cards that show she purchased a flight to the Connecticut area. Otherwise, logically, you must believe the press followed her to the airport from her home, saw what flight she got on, reported it to others on the ground at her destination, then those people followed her from baggage claim to her car, then to Newtown, where the press magically determined she was meeting privately with victims families.

            Or, you can assume the far more logical explanation that the press was alerted.

            Maybe I should not assume.

      1. Marie12

        Give it up…you aren’t helping your friend. Why did Hovey take down her posts if she and you stand by them? Why Rich, why?

      2. Sue

        That is right Rich and once it became Political it is politically correct to invite the local rep!

      3. Margaret

        Blumenthal and Wyman have been there frequently since the very first day. Not slurping Marharita’s in Florida.

  30. Deborah Pomerantz

    Rep Hovey:

    Newtown was blessed to have Gabrielle Giffords there. You are not helping your political career Ms. Hovey.

  31. Sharon

    A sad commentary on the polarization of politics in our country when a person who lived through what Ms.Giffords has and can have some empathy for what the families are going through, has the door figuratively slammed in her face. Very poorly done on Rep.hovey’s part.

  32. Sue

    This was rude (and political) not to invite her. Blumenthal and a few other dems knocked the hell out of a local businessman in Middletown when he had a Union fundraiser and did not invite the local dems. Using….The Hartford Courant.

    1. Anselm

      I hate to be obvious, but “fundraiser”…”private meeting”…see any difference there? Even if a private meeting is getting covered from outside, the public was not invited, the press was not invited. Seeing it yet?

  33. Chris

    Can someone please primary DebraLee? She is really an embarrassment. Doesn’t anyone else see the outrage? She wasn’t invited to something…wah. DebraLee, get off your high horse, you are helping any of those families by positing that, you are just sad because they didn’t invite you.

  34. Maryanne

    I can’t believe how nasty and cynical “Rich” sounds in this situation.

    Someone who has been shot at and no doubt also feels “responsible” for the other deaths that occurred around her on that day, visits the scene of a similar situation, not as a former politician but as a human being. And a local muckety muck, suntanning in a different state, tells her to “keep out”????

    Rich rails about “liberal democrats “manipulating the situation, and implies everyone else is stupid or naive. Is he for real?

  35. Newtown Resident

    If Representative Hovey is so concerned about what is happening in “her towns,” she should be here. Rep. Hovey has been a good representative in the past, but this is not the message that I want the world to see coming from our town, regardless of my stance on guns. Newtown is much better than that.

  36. Andrew

    This whole feed is really sad. Do what you want and people will judge you, come up with ulterior motives, talk crap. Get a life people. Love from CT.

  37. Chris

    I would be happy to help anyone raise money for any republican to primary DebraLee and to knock doors and to make voter ID calls. This Republican is disgusted with her selfishness and self importance (as always).

  38. Sue

    Ok let’s not show the whole world just how uncivilized CT is…I really don’t think this was even newsworthy and am ashamed that it got coverage…it’s a public fb and she had a mobile device….so that tells us that someone could have picked up her phone and typed it in themselves. Just cuz it’s there does not mean she did it regardless it is so unattractive to show the entire country how much CT people like blood in the water…such an ungracious State.

    1. Andrew

      “it is so unattractive to show the entire country how much CT people like blood in the water…such an ungracious State.”

      i think that’s the most ignorant and disgusting thing i’ve read in this whole feed.

    2. Nell Webbish

      There’s no such thing as a “public FB”. It’s account with a password, just like everyone else’s. And I’m pretty sure if Rep. Hovey’s account had been hacked, there would have been a statement made about it.

  39. Margaret

    Gabby Gifford is a Private citizen. Senator Blumenthal ans Lt. Gov. Wyman have been there from day 1, offering comfort and support. But where has Rep. Hovey been? During the most horrific time “her towns” will ever have to face, she’s in Florida.

  40. bdbd

    It’s my guess that when DebbieLee gets home from the beach, she’ll find a voicemail message inviting her to the shindig that she’s so upset about.

  41. Colleen

    “Her town?” Sounds like she’s still attending high school. Walk a mile in Gifford’s shoes you sorry excuse for a leader. What’s your solution Debbie?

  42. John Jackson

    Let’s Dump Debra. Potential primary challengers: Steve Varveck, JP Sredinzki, Mitch Beck, Chris Catropa or ANYONE! Send a message that this type of behavior is not acceptable.

  43. Nell Webbish

    Regardless of whether or not you think it was a politically motivated visit, Rep. Hovey’s comments were unprofessional, petty and made her sound like a petulant pre-teen.

  44. JP

    Inexcusable behavior on the part of a legislator who is supposed to represent the people of Monroe and Newtown.

  45. Fung Bar

    What an inexcusable comment. What was she thinking, anyway? Where is the gain here?

    Incredible. I hope the Tea Party takes her.

  46. Monica

    Gifford showing up in Newtown was political. She survived a shooting, she was a victim. These parents want a break and to be left alone to grieve. Why does Gifford get a special meeting with families? That invitation wouldn’t be extended to any other shooting survivor from VA Tech or Aurora or any other shooting survivor. If it were it wouldn’t get national news, so yes it’s political and the State Rep. Wants these families to grieve and heal in peace!

    1. Chris

      Monica, come on now…DebraLee is only about DebraLee. It was not that it was political, it was that she wasn’t invited.

      JP- we can fund a primary….

      1. Monica

        If it wasn’t political then why are the Giffords conducting an interview with Diane Sawyer on Tuesday night 1/8/13. They going to talk about the Newton shooting with a surprise. So guess it wasn’t so private, always seems to be a motivation for these politicians.
        DebraLee comment was silly, I agree with you on her second comment b

    2. Margaret

      Seriously Monica,read what you wrote. Were thebparents/families forced there? Was a court order issued? If they attended it was because they chose to attend. What the Rep wants is irrelevant. All that matters is what these families want.

    3. Nell Webbish

      Are you speaking for the families? You have first hand information that the families were forced to meet with Ms. Giffords against their will? You know what invitations have been extend to who and by whom? You have information from the families that they do not want to meet with people anymore?

    4. Keith

      Yeah, i’m sure she just showed up and barged in to the families homes. do you have a clue how the process worked or are you just making it up as you go along… all other conservatives…..including Boo Hoo Hovey?

    5. A Connecticut native

      Just a reminder that it’s “Giffords”, not “Gifford”.

      I imagine she spoke with the families because like them she too is a person whose life has been destroyed by a mass shooting. Stop speculating!

  47. Mike c

    These are “her towns”? Does she own them? Do the people in Newtown and Monroe owe her?

    I’ve known Giffords was going to be in the area for at least the past week. It’s been in the papers and on national TV. If Debby can’t drag her sunbaked self back to host this guest, then she needs to keep her trap shut.

    Where do we send donations for the person who will take her seat?

  48. Chris

    IF it were political wouldn’t it be open to the press and wouldn’t there have been a big deal made? There wasn’t… DebraLee as always only thinks about DebraLee, she was mad she was not invited. She was having margaritas and sunning herself while this was happening in Newtown. Let’s be real people. Rep. Hovey needs to be primaried. Who is going to step up? Someone that will put their town and people first, not their ego. I would be happy to help raise money for anyone willing to step up.

  49. America Is Dying

    The bottom line is that America is heading towards a Civil War.
    United We Stand, Divided We Fall! We are falling!

  50. Monroe Resident

    Am I the only one that is seeing what the actual issue with Rep. Hovey was? It was that she was not invited! She was mad because she thinks she had to be invited. If Congresswoman Giffords offered to come and try to console some families why shouldn’t she? That is kind. That is a NICE gesture. Ms. Hovey took a vacation…

  51. Gail lehmann

    Shame in you Ms Hovey. Wait until election time and see who GOES HOME. If the parents didn’t want to meet with Gabby Giffords, they were not forced too. Maybe she gave comfort to those who attended, unlike you.

  52. B wilde

    Wow I thought Az state legislators had cornered the market on crazy, sorry to hear yet another state has the same disease…vote em out, we made a dent this election…

    To those of you who vote for this sort of ignorant arrogance, the tide is turning and you know it…

    1. Professor Poop

      you betcha. They (the republicans) are digging their own holes and they seem to love being in a hole.
      Long live the hole.

  53. Newtown Nighthawk

    Debra lee…why were you at the beach? We are still here? One tip, before you bash others, take a look in the mirror. Were you writing uplifting positive messages on your Facebook? Were you doing all you could for us? Or did you choose to be petty and write nasty facebook messages? #Unkind

    1. Nell Webbish

      Riiiight. All that political grandstanding from a private meeting without press or the public in attendance and visiting families so privately that who or where those visits were is not being reported.

  54. State Rep(rehensible)

    Presuming that any family members who attended did so of their own volition it would seem Ms. Hovey should apologize for her bitter, self-serving, comment and consider volunteering for the local Welcome Wagon.

  55. Pete

    Get over yourself !!! You’re fortunate that she cared enough to share her own experienc while you were out of state. Maybe if you were here, you would have been included.

  56. bahmi

    The increasing shrillness of bickering in American makes the communist Obama/Soetoro very, very happy. Keep up the good work, useful idiots. Help make this the best and most repressive socialist nation in the world. Remember. WE want to be Number 1 in communism, winning is everything.

  57. Jane

    Rep. Hovey should be totally mortified by her ignorant comments….Newtown and Monroe are not her towns by the way…we need Chris lyddy back to set the record straight…he was a class act….

    1. Lynn

      Honey needs to get a grip…who does she think she is…she says she represents Newtown and Monroe….what an insult to have someone in her position make such statements…we need someone to step up to the plate and run against her….I agree with the previous writer..where is Chris lyddy when we need him most…a fellow with character..a true professional….

  58. Richard

    One of the little ironies missed it seems by the folks who are trashing Ms Giffords and her visit – Giffords was (and presumably still is) an NRA member and very much a supporter of gun rights and was NOT all that liberal in her positions across the board. Apparently, being a Democrat is all that it takes nowadays to be a “liberal”

  59. Wawogi

    Since Rep. Hovey has apparently “scrubbed” her Facebook of that “stay out of my towns” post, we could probably assume that she came to realize (far, far, too late) what a dumb idea it was to post it in the first place.

  60. Prefer to Remain Anonymous

    I previously served on a state commission that was hiring someone for an important state position. Ms. Hovey submitted a letter on behalf of a constituent (who was a candidate) that was incredibly inappropriate in tone and content. I can’t remember all the details now but the letter was highly aggressive, insinuating that the commission had a hidden agenda for even conducting a national search when the perfect candidate (her constituent) was so obviously within our own midst. We wound up hiring the constituent (who turned out to be great) but literally despite Ms. Hovey’s recommendation, as we wondered aloud whether to be concerned about a candidate who had friends/supporters like this one. The people of Newtown and Monroe, and the state of Connecticut, could be better served.

  61. DOGMA

    Partisan politics has no bounds within a small, narrow and selfish mind. One would hope this episode is enough to expose her questionable character and cause the voters to forever relieve her of her heavy burden. This is a disgraceful act that rises beyond all level of contempt and condemnation. If she had any sense of understanding or correctness, she would immediately apologize and resign from the office she does not deserve and should not occupy.

  62. Christine

    If the families were contacted and asked to meet with Ms. Giffords so she could personally offered her support to them – perhaps discuss the emotions she has gone through as a survivor, what business is it of Ms. Hovey’s? I am sure that the families had the opportunity to say “no – I am not interested in attending” and could have refused to do so. The fact that the Lt. Gov and Mr. Blumenthal have rarely left Newtown merely means that Newtown is very much in the forefront of our local representatives minds. The Lt. Gov, I am sure, is reporting directly back to the Gov. Mr. Blumenthal, I am sure, is reporting directly to the President and other higher ups within the national governmental structure on the investigation, how the families are coping – what services they need, and what services the town itself might need.

    While I agree that these families need to be left alone to grieve, if they agree to meet with someone who is also a survivor, who has publicly discussed her feelings of survivor’s guilt, they have every right to do so.

    It was Ms. Hovey that politicized this – and is embarrassing. She really should have thanked everyone – all of the people who have opened their hearts to Newtown during this horrible and senseless tragedy.

  63. Nick099

    Of course this is political and anyone who thinks otherwise????….I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale…really cheap.

    Banning anything as currently proposed will never solve the problem….and these politicians know this. The only solution is to place armed security officers ( plainclothes or uniformed) in schools. Under the Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act ( HR 218) there is a whole army of retired, qualified, and armed officers in reserve that can fulfill this role…right now and inexpensively. Placing unarmed guards, which some schools are doing right now, is nothing more than a cheap attempt at placating parents and teachers…it offers nothing for security. Like these mouthpiece politicians..who are expert at nothing except BS..principals have no security experience. However what they do tend to have is a whole lot of self importance, regarding security as an after-thought and security experts as journeyman workers. They have no clue what a dynamic intrusion is and what measures have to be taken to defend against them. Signing a book at the main entrance or locking doors does not make the grade. “Pointing out strangers” is great for prevention against pedophiles and custody interference but does nothing against a dynamic armed intrusion….which is what so many of these school tragedies have been.

    We have had assault weapons banned in the past…CT has a ban in place for 20 years and strict gun control laws. So does the Tri-State area…that has never stopped any mass killings…ever….and history and facts bear that out. I would challenge any of these imbecile politicians to prove otherwise.

    Democrats proposing these idiotic laws and feeble counter-measures are nothing more than cheap hacks with no concept of what it really takes to protect are children. Oh sure, the uniformed may sleep a little better at night knowing that there is a new unarmed “security aide” in the parking lot…at least until the next unspeakable tragedy….when the same tired question will be asked ” how did this happen?”

    1. Keith

      Sounds like you’re looking for a job. Interesting how you assume all these qualified people are immediately available and would be inexpensive. sure its inexpensive if you don’t have to pay for it. i propose putting a 25% or higher tax on ammunition and a 50% tax on any firearm that can hold and/or has the capacity to be modified to hold more than 9 or 10 bullets. Use this money to pay for security guards. What do you think. with all that, if someone comes in blasting with a semi-automatic high capacity firearm, the results will be the same…..many dead people.

    2. john

      You are a true gun groupie. I think anyone who wants a gun should buy whatever they can afford. Including tanks, machine guns and hand grenades. But, it should be stored in your towns’ Armory as it was when the constitution was signed.

    3. Angel Lasher

      So let me understand this. We need smaller government and less people on the governmental payroll – except for these 5000 or so armed guards we’ll put in our schools. And when a steroid crazed 6’2″ high school kid grabs one of these guys guns… then what will be the solution to that?

  64. Monica

    If it wasn’t political then why are the Giffords conducting an interview with Diane Sawyer on Tuesday night 1/8/13. They going to talk about the Newton shooting with a surprise announcement.

  65. Newtowner

    If its grandstanding, why did Giffords and the other polls not do everything in front of the press? It wasn’t grandstanding, its that simple.

    Also, is it possible that maybe the families of these kids want some of type of political action to help prevent future tragedies? Just maybe….

    Debra Lee Hovey is a twit, who has decided to now focus on video game regulation instead of gun control from what I can tell (much safer for her NRA rating).

  66. Wendy

    Ms. Hovey’s attitude is exactly what is wrong with the politicians in this country. Mean spirited, nasty, unable to get along with one another. Always very quick to disparage one another. Ms. Hovey you should be ashamed of yourself.

  67. Judy

    Rep. Hovey’s actions speaks to her character which seems to lack compassion and caring. Instead of whining because she wasn’t invited she should be applauding Gabby Giffords for reaching out to comfort people who are going through unimaginable pain. I don’t know if Ms. Hovey went to Newtown after the shooting but if she did then by her reasoning we assume that it was political on her part.

    1. Joanie

      I think based on her insensitive comments and overall personal issues, we know why she wasn’t invited.

  68. Brian Jud

    All partisan politics and political ideologies aside, Gabby and Mark are two of the only people to have visited Newtown who actually know what these families are going through. That should be justification enough.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Or similarly, pictures of Obama in the situation room during the OBL attack. I wonder why pictures from the Bengazi feau-paux weren’t released?

      1. Real American

        cons whined about the faux benghazi scandal before the elections. HOw’d that work out for ya?

      2. Angel Lasher

        Hey – the Yemen 2008 attack wasn’t a faux-pas (Look I even spelled it correctly!) I seem to recall we lost quite a few embassy personnel there too. I wonder where your conservative outrage was back then… as a matter of fact we lost 20 embassy personnel under GWB without much of the bruhaha I’m seeing now. Keep up the outrage for now though, just realize that it, along with your party is going out of style quite quickly.

  69. Jay

    Rep Hovey’s statement are rather surprising not only for an elected official, but for anyone and shows a total lack of understanding and compassion.

  70. Monroe CT

    CT Republican State Rep. DebraLee Hovey has a long history of acting in a low class, hurtful threatening way. Just a while ago she was contacted by Monroe CT Officials regarding improvements she had made to her home years earlier without reporting to the tax assessor. For many months Hovey would not allow the town tax assessor to inspect her home. Hovey hid behind the fourth amendment and placed a toilet bowel on her front lawn to express how she felt. Photo here Only after she won her bid for reelection did she finally allow her property to be inspected. The improvements that she had made were found to be substantial and that she had not been paying her fair share of property taxes. Hovey is selfish, threatening and low class.

  71. EdA

    It is, of course, absurd for a Republican politician vacationing in Florida to think that a woman no longer in politics because of having been the victim of a massacre attempt could have anything of value to share in a private meeting with the family members of children who were murdered or kids who, like Cong. Giffords, may also be facing many many months of rehabilitation.

  72. Kerry

    How is it political grandstanding when Gabby Giffords is no longer in Congress but a private citizen whose career was derailed by gun violence? DebraLee Hovey is egotistical, petty, and mean spirited. I hope she gets all the press she deserves.

  73. JohnDavis

    SO let me get this right, the local Republican state politician thinks so much of victims of assault gun violence, 20 children and 7 adults dead in the last few weeks, that she takes off for a Florida vacation while the town she represents in the state legislature is going through the early parts of the healing process? Then she COMPLAINS when other people from around the state and around the nation offer their own in-person on-site messages of condolence and sympathy? Yeah, I got that right!

  74. cindiloohoo

    Seems to me that the conservatives who keep telling others not to get “emotional” about the slaughter of innocent children sure don’t seem to have a problem with getting “emotional” about their precious guns. Kind of makes you wonder what their priorities are, doesn’t it?

  75. Bob Scofield

    You people defending her are sickening. She deleted the post. She apologized. She knows it was wrong.

    A few more things:

    First of all, I don’t know how someone can attend college, grad school, work as an educator, enter politics, become a member of a wealthy state’s legislature, and not know how to spell Gabrielle Giffords’ name. First of all, if you’re not her friend, don’t call her Gabby. She was a United States Congresswoman and still would be if some maniac hadn’t put a bullet into her brain. Second of all, spell her goddamned last name correctly. I see this all time among conservatives, it’s either stupidity, or an intentional attempt at disrespecting the person in question. It’s Giffords, not Gifford.

    Secondly, Hovey is clearly just another Republican in the pocket of the gun lobby. If you look at her current Facebook status it says this:

    “WARNING: Video games can be addicting and can promote anti social behavior.
    What do you think you guys? I am thinking we need to start with Public Service announcements that say this and then give the indicators that young people are losing touch with reality and encourage parents to seek help…..Thoughts?”

    Yeah, I have some thoughts. Nice going, way to regurgitate an NRA talking point. It’s not guns that are the problem, it’s video games. Way to deflect the blame. I got Call of Duty Black Ops II for Christmas, played it for the first time last night. Played it for 90 minutes. Do you know how many 1st graders died? NONE! BECAUSE IT’S NOT REAL AND I DON’T OWN AN ASSAULT WEAPON!

    Here is my simple articulation of gun control policy, based somewhat on Joseph Heller’s “catch-22″: If you think you need to own a machine gun, you are too insane to be allowed to have one.

    The 2nd Amendment is not designed to allow people to defend themselves from their own government. First of all, do you think owning an AR-15 is going to help you against the U.S. government? Are you familiar at all with their work? Does anyone know what a predator drone is and Barack Obama’s affinity for them? What’s your AR-15 going to do for you if he up and decides to vaporize your house from 40,000 feet?

    Second of all, it is not the 2nd Amendment alone, but every article and provision of the Constitution taken together that prevents a return to despotism in this country. Checks and balances. Barack Obama and Republicans in Congress cannot agree on anything. Republicans in the Senate block his judicial appointments, just because their racist constituents don’t want them to agree with him on even the most routine matters. Today the President nominated Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense. Already John McCain, Lindsay Graham & other conservative Senators have balked at the idea. Hagel is perfectly fine. He was an enlisted man who fought bravely in Vietnam; as a Senator he correctly broke ranks with the GOP and voiced his displeasure at our prolonged involvement in Iraq. There is no legitimate reason for them to contest his confirmation. Do you really think these guys are going to let President Obama kill us all? That is insane.

    Seriously, what is more likely in your mind? Obama, McCain, Boehner, getting together and conspiring to kill us all, and every member of the military breaking their oaths and obeying those immoral orders, thus necessitating you all owning AR-15’s which, by the way, will do absolutely nothing against our army, navy, air force, nukes, mortars, tanks, satellites, etc.
    You being forced to live in a country where you can’t send your kids off to school without worrying about ever seeing them again, or go to the movies without fear of being gunned down in your seat?

    In case you’re really dense, the 2nd one is infinitely more likely. In fact, that’s where you live now.

    1. Hypocrite detector

      You have an awful lot of “first of alls” and “second of alls” for someone who is so clearly smarter than everyone else. Perhaps some of them could have been 3rd and 4th for alls.

      Has it ever crossed your brilliant mind that if we reached a point where Obama was to fire missiles from drones upon American citizens (besides Anwar al-aulaqi), there might be significant military detections to the side of the citizenry? Maybe even those who are firing the missiles from drones.

      Just so you know, more people in the US are killed by hammers and clubs than rifles each year. Way the hell more kids are killed by drunk drivers than AR-15’s and other scary looking guns. Why not ban alcohol?

      While you spout your ignorance about those who have political opinions you dislike, why don’t you step away from spewing your hate filled, moronic, emotion based viewpoints and try to add a pinch of logic.

      1. Anselm

        I like your limitation of gun deaths to just “rifles”. And your insertion of various red herrings. It’s going to be a red herring kind of year for the NRA, funding shills like Hovey to muddy the waters by highlighting their “concerns” about video games, mental health, and who knows what else?

        So why guns? Maybe start with a certain aversion society has to mass murder. Although perhaps our aversion is not as great as in other countries, since we have by far the most of it per capita, and yet do nothing about it.

        1. hypocrite detector


          Sorry if this posts twice, but I find the introduction of logic into this emotion based argument to be important.

          You commented on the limitation of my statement to “rifles”. Well, that is because rifles are the target of the left’s ire and the subject of their potential bans. Obama, Feinstein, ect. are talking about renewing the “assault rifle ban.” Assault rifles are rifles. Just today Obama publicly chided those who would accuse him of trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment or take peoples’ handguns away. Since “rifles” are relevant, to this discussion, and handguns, landmines, sugar, cigarettes and other implements of death are not, I chose a relevant statistic and ignored irrelevant statistics.

          Now you could argue that semi-automatic handguns might be included in upcoming legislation, but they too are involved in a tiny fraction of murders. “Assault Rifles” are the center of the current debate.

          My comments are based on data from the FBI. What is the source of your comment that the US has “by far” the highest rates of mass murder per capita?
          It seems to me that the US would have to be entrenched in decades of much higher than current rates of mass murder to ever catch up to the work done by Chairman Mao, Che Guevera, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, ect.

          Or, if we are just using current time, I find it hard to believe our mass murder rate exceeds the mass murder/genocide rates in Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Syria, ect.

          Your mass murder rate statistic sounds like a factless talking point to me.

  76. everett cox

    Hey Hovey what the hell are you doing in Florida when your constituents are in pain??? Are any of those parents in
    St. Pete with you? No? Didn’t think so.

    Ms. Giffords was in Newtown in a private capacity. She had no political motive whatsoever, but to pathetic tools like you, everything is politics.

    Your “towns” should make sure this term is your last.

  77. Rachel Poland

    What is going on in this country? I am SICKENED by the discourse in this thread (yeah, you’re right; I should have stopped reading, but it really has been like watching a train wreck)…

    I get it that the true believers on the right want to make former Congresswoman Giffords’ visit to the victims’ families into some Democratic Party conspiracy to STEAL OUR GUNS — given what has been going on really since the day George Bush 2 was elected — but for God’s sake…

    Of almost any person in the world, who is better able to empathize with the families of these children? Why is a compassionate outreach to these people so suspect? Has our society devolved so profoundly that we can’t believe or accept that Ms Giffords did this out of the kindness of her heart, and a desire to help ease their burdens? As other posters have said, Mr Blumenthal has been present from Day 1. Disagree with his politics, suspect his motives, but why denigrate him in this forum. It’s disgraceful.

    As to Ms Hovey, I’ll give her points (but not many) for pulling down her post, which was petulant, if not downright snotty, but that’s the best I can do for her. I fervently hope that she never makes it to the big chairs in DC…and will actively work to prevent that from happening. Say what you want about Blumenthal, he always acts like a grownup.

    As for the posters on this forum who are looking for the boogie-man or some twisted plot to take away the imaginary arsenals you’ll need when they “come to get your guns,” and freaking out today…really? REALLY?? Step away from the FoxNews for a little while, listen to some soothing music and try to rediscover your “kinder, gentler” self (to paraphrase another George Bush…)

  78. Joel

    To “an atheist”: “All Republicans truly are classless idiots.” This puts you FAR passed
    the aforementioned “classless idiot(s).”

    To “bahmi”: Thank you, seriously!, for saying where the US is being “led” by the C.I.C. who
    “crotch salutes” our US Flag…this from a Viet
    Nam era vet.

    To “Richard”: Didn’t vote for Gabby but, as a Dem (me, Rep.), she wasn’t that bad as my US
    congresswoman. She even likes Corvairs!

    Ms Hovey aside (and the fact I was in town at the time when Gabby was gravely wounded and ultimately having to step down as my
    congresswoman), the fact that the NYC mayor was present smacks of pure politics/anti-gun. I hope that Gabby and Mark, in their upcoming
    interview, don’t politicize what good they might have done for the grieving families or
    espouse anti-gun rhetoric as oposed to puting
    the laws already on the books to better use.

  79. Lisa

    Underpinning Hovey’s admonition to “Stay out of my towns!” seems to be a fear that Giffords will either run for her seat or convert CT Republicans to Democrats. The defensive posturing makes little sense as Giffords resigned her seat in January of last year. She is a regular citizen again, so her arrival seems a gesture of goodwill rather than a political stunt. To my mind, short-sighted, ungenerous,and crass to say “Stay out of my towns!”

  80. GOP Man from CT

    This is why we real republicans are getting a bad reputation – Hovey is a complete IDIOT. At least she showed her true colors and we can throw out the trash…

  81. Bill Moore

    You people are pitiful.

    This was not politics. This was a person who’d been wounded, almost killed, reaching out to help others.

    I live a thousand miles away but I know one thing: Connecticut is full of evil f**ks who shoot children and then insult people who try to help.

    You and Texas should both secede, create your own ‘asshat’ nation.

  82. Sternococktail

    About freedom to own weapons – as a Swede I want to recommend the recoilless rifle system Carl Gustaf if you really want to kick ass. Why have prolonged firefights lasting for hours when you could end it all in 10 seconds? The ammo types include a shell loaded with flechettes, effective against soft targets in the open. It might cost a bundle, but it will make you the king of the block. And about religion, and thinking of Mitt Romney – can anybody explain to me how the seer stones work, that Joseph Smith invented as early as before 1830? Was it X-ray, ground penetrating radar, or some electro-magnetic metal detection? I could use one, looking for hidden Viking treasures.

  83. CountryGal

    Ms. Hovey shows her true colors by attacking an ordinary citizen for visiting “her towns”. Last time I checked, a State Representative is elected to, um, represent the communities and people in her district, not own them. If the Sandy Hook families wish to visit with Gabby Giffords or Dalai Lama, then that is their personal decision and Ms. Hovey has no say in the matter. If Ms. Hovey was upset because she wants to comfort the Sandy Hook families, then perhaps she should skip the St. Pete Beach, Florida and vacation closer to her district

  84. Michael

    You can’t fix stupid, but you don’t have to vote for it. A clear candidate for the 2013 Donald Trump award. Whoever you are, Ms. Hovey, it’s time to go away. And by the way, anyone who WASN’T offended should go away with you. I think you’re on your own, though.

    1. George C.

      Michael, she isn’t on her own. Obviously, Rich is totally in her corner. I’ll bet if the truth was known, Rich is a cover for DebraLee’s husband, Paul Balsano. How can anyone else support what she said? Hate to admit that Hovey is my state representative. My wife and I are registered Independent in Monroe and have voted against her for the 10 years she has been in office. Newtown and Monroe are heavily Republican, so the only way Hovey will be elected out of office is if the Republican Party is embarrassed enough to put someone else on the ticket. In spite of all the anguish against her now, people will forget and keep her in office once again in two years.

      I just read what Wayne LaPierre apparently said yesterday. Absolutely, disgusting, if true. Read it

      1. Monroe Native

        Does ANYONE know if there has been an online petition asking Debralee Hovey to step down??…Please please someone start a movement!
        She has already done 10 years…if she finishes this current 2 year term, she’ll have a total of 12 years which will enable her to have a pension from the state of Connecticut!!!!

  85. Husky blue

    You would think that Hovey would have felt some affinity with another young, female in public service with a similar challenge. Gabby Giffords is a victim of gun violence. Rep. Hovey has constituents who are suffering great pain as a result of vicious violence, how about working together to do something helpful? In Hovey’s position, on behalf of my community, I would take consolation from anyone who could offer it for whatever small comfort is possible in such a grievous experience. Politics? Beyond irrelevant.

  86. Da Troof

    Thanks for all the insults and snark from near and afar. Its obvious to a rhesus monkey that the tweet was insensitive and indefensible.

    I hope all are feeling better after their comments. Rick the liberal Green also accomplished his goal of stirring the pot and ripping into another Connecticut Republican. Bravo Rick.

  87. Mainer

    I am an independent/conservative from Maine as Ms.Hovey clearly is from looking at her facebook page. Anyone I’ve spoken to in Maine feels her comment was embarrassing and her apology, based on how it was worded, was most likely insincere and done solely for the sake of damage control.
    I just want to say on behalf of many Mainers that she does not represent the values of conservative, independent,or liberal Mainers and regret that the fact that she is from Maine is so publicly visible in this matter.

  88. Joel

    Now Mark, and I’m thinking Gabby’s included for her name/victim influence, is in the more gun control camp. NYC mayor must be smiling at the inclusion of more “allies.” Whereas yesterday I thought possibly there was a chance politics wasn’t in Mark/Gabby’s agenda however, I’m starting to change my mind there. No mind change for the gun hating NYC mayor and the rest of that visiting group of politicizing democrats!

  89. sathan sathy

    aren’t you embarassed to have “politicians” who can’t even speak english, let alone articulate what they are thinking?

  90. Sathan Sathy

    Also remember that the the teacher who was shot by her son, prior to his spree killing was a gun collector. This may sound callous, but she should have seen his mental state and taken necessary precautions (but even then people with psychological problems do carry out heinous acts). I reside in England, we are legally only allowed hunting rifles after rigorous checks. I can remember 2 major cases of killing sprees involving the use of firearms (UK): the first in 1996 in Dunblane (where Andy Murray went to nursery) using four handguns a man killed 16 children a teacher and himself, then one 2 years ago when a man shot several people on country roads in Cumbria. These incidents always serve to tighten gun laws here. The US 2nd amendment was to allow US patriots to fend off the redcoats (remember the use of the word militia in the amendment to the constitution because of King George’s attempts to reclaim the “lost colonies”). Its hard not to sound judgemental but your laws provide for mentally unstable people to take a few people with them. And with the reality/fame culture prevalent around the world what better way for an unstable person to get the “15 minutes of fame” then go for a more notorious massacre then the last. Surely by now you must see this trend.

  91. Sathan Sathy

    P.S. “another political in their district” seriously, even immigrants whose second language is English know it’s politician! I don’t care if she’s a member of the grand ol’ party or not, but please don’t precipitate the death of the English language.

    Does bipartisanship really stop you Republicans from not voting for idiots like her, what happened to sensible GOP politicians like McCain, G.H.W. Bush, and Mitt Romney (who had to seem crazy for you zealots to consider him vote-worthy, you do realise that if he had campaigned on being a moderate Republican, which he is, he would have won swathes of independents and maybe the White House, but because he had to guarantee the Tea party ‘tards he went all Newt on us!)

    Next time you Republicans bemoan Obama, remember it is your fault he’s there in the first place!

  92. Aimee

    The response to Mrs Gifford’s visit by a leader of a community (Ms. Hovey) is disappointing. Did she shout this same aggression to the news networks who were interviewing 6 year olds in a manner that is clearly exploitation and certainly a violation of journalistic standards? Further, who cares if there were additional reasons (e.g., policy issues) to travel to the communities if Gifford could potentially offer some healing to those suffering? Most of all, let the community accept or reject Gifford’s offer.

  93. Boo Radley

    If Ms. Hovey’s remarks were so right, then why did she apologize and remove them from Facebook? A person with conviction who knows they are right would stand by their statement in the face of public criticism. Ms. Hovey either lacks the guts and maturity to defend her own words, or she realized they were incredibly stupid. I absolutely hate it when a female politician behaves like a stereotypical bitch. It makes it harder for the rest of us to be taken seriously.

  94. Eleanaor

    Gabby Gifford is one of the most courageous women in America. Yes, She is for gun control (OBVIOUSLY) She is no longer in government & as a private citizen & a very caring person she should be welcome anywhere. She doesn’t need permission to care about people who have suffered as bad or worse than herself. Politics is not her concern only people who have suffered the unimaginable as the people in Newtown.
    Eleanor A. Tafolla
    Cathedral City, CA

  95. Lady J

    As both a life-long Tucson, AZ resident, and a card carrying Libertarian, I am deeply offended at Hovey’s remarks towards Gabby. Yes, Gabby used to be our Rep. We all loved her – she transcended the political pettiness between parties among her constituents. She had a way of pulling us all together as Arizonans when most politicians would use that good ol’ divide and conquer technique. She really did serve her community – she spread light and love everywhere she went within it. She was stolen from political service through a violent act by a mentally unstable individual, but survived the ordeal, and is discovering that she can still serve the public in another way. I was so pleased to hear that she reached out to the Sandy Hook community – she had much to offer in their healing process. Shame on Hovey for attempting to bully a private citizen!

  96. Marie O'Brien

    We should call upon Debralee Hovey to resign. This is NOT the leadership we need at this grueling time. Hovey is the who made it all “political.” Gabby Giffords was a Congresswoman who was shot in the head in the line of duty to her country, and 6 other Americans killed in that mass shooting. Giffords is not even working anymore–because of her lifelong wounds. What you are seeing from Hovey now is actually how shallow, self-involved, and hard hearted she is. This is NOT what Newtown/Sandy Hook needs now.

    1. Monroe Native

      Does ANYONE know if there has been an online petition asking Debralee Hovey to step down??…Please please someone start a movement!
      She has already done 10 years…if she finishes this current 2 year term, she’ll have a total of 12 years which will enable her to have a pension from the state of Connecticut!!!!

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  98. Anita

    Below was posted on DebraLee Hovey’s Facebook prior to her setting it to private (or deleting it all together):
    DebraLee Hovey
    December 31, 2012 near Monroe, CT
    Happy New Year to all….It is my resolution to be kinder, more thoughtful, and loving to those who try my patience. This along with my Halloween resolution ( something that could not wait to be resolved until the new year so did it for Halloween :) ) will keep me on my toes for 2013. God Bless us all….

    Apparently shooting victims try Ms.Hovey’s patience.

  99. Bobby

    Used to live in Monroe and proud to say I never voted for her. How come we continue to elect someone so insensitive and such a complete idiot

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  101. Arayablue

    Oh…”Grandstanding” you mean like the NRA does when they threat and cheat and intimate people because they don’t want anybody else to have the same kind of power they do?…that kind of “POLITICAL” grandstanding?….please, even if Mrs. Gifford was grandstanding…so what?….if it gets guns off the street, I’m all for her Grandstanding!!! Go Gabby!!!….NRA won’t be the only ones from now on that will have power in the white house…go Gabby!!!!….She’s doing what she needs to do to bring attention to new political powers that need to stand up to those bullies of the NRA…I say….so what!!!

  102. Hugh Magbie

    Hasn’t the town of Newtown had enought of gun nuts and their supporters? The town tried to do something about guns before the horrible tragedy, but the gun nuts wouldn’t hear of it. It didn’t matter that citizens were furious about guns being dischard at all hours. Could it be that the second largest gun lobby after the NRA is headquartered in Newtown? I can’t believe that the good citizens of Newtown haven’t shut them down yet and still have Ms Hovey as their St Sen. Shame!

  103. not surprised

    Isn’t it interesting to see the member of the NRA(National republican a*h*es) start pointing finger and then shift the blame for everything wrong with this country on our twice duly elected president. Wasn’t it grandstanding when W twit stood in NY and told the world they would hear from us and then went and got us into two wars and created one of the largest deficits in this country’s history? NO, I guess that wasn’t grand standing.
    20 kids got over 10 bullets a piece and twits like this idiot Rich all they can do is worry about political grandstanding, yeah what a great patriot! And now he’s worried the president is coming personally to come into his house and confiscate all the guns he acquired during his 22 years in the marines, wow he should be so honored!
    Again, it’s only the liberals that are at fault all of the time as the members of the NRA(National republican a*h*es) are the only citizens of this country who have the right to govern, lower taxes for them and their rich friends as nobody else can! Well, I got news for twits like this Rich idiot, despite all of the opposition by Mitch McCunt, John Bonner, and the hate gospels of rush lambon, and chocha hanaty, we liberals are managing to right the lousy economy inherited from the greatest president that ever lived have managed to create the fastest deficit reduction in the last 4 years since world war two. Check it out you just might learn something…. But maybe reading is not one of you wonderful talents like finger pointing is….

    1. Hypocrite detector

      What would a liberal ever do if they could not argue with straw men or unadulterated lies?

      A remedial review of historical budget deficits would reveal that Bush’s largest deficit, which was in 2008 and included TARP funds that the treasury ended up making a profit on, was $458 Billion. This is in contrast to Obama’s smallest deficit which was $1.29 Trillion.

      Perform whatever mental gymnastics you want. You can even continue to ignorantly blame Bush going on 7 years since he had control of the Budget. However, to complain about Bush’s deficits when Obama has had 4 consecutive $1.2 Trillion+ deficits, and will undoubtably have 4 more at least that large, is infantile.

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