State Senate Approves Historic Gun Control Bill By 26 -10; 8 Republicans and 2 Democrats Vs.

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\"McKinneyThe state Senate passed a historic gun control bill Wednesday evening on a bipartisan basis after a detailed debate in Hartford.

The 26 to 10 vote included two Democrats and eight Republicans against the measure. Those voting against the bill included Republicans John Kissel, Kevin Witkos, Joseph Markley, Dwight Chapin, Jason Welch, Rob Kane, Art Linares and Anthony Guglielmo. They were joined by Democrats Andrew Maynard and Cathy Osten.

On the highly emotional issue of gun control, nearly all 36 senators rose to speak Wednesday on the Senate floor in Hartford.

Sen. Andres Ayala, a freshman Democrat who previously served in the House of Representatives last year, said that gun violence has become all too common in urban neighborhoods where citizens are gunned down on the streets of Bridgeport.

The poor in Bridgeport, he said, did not have email campaigns on their behalf to get action at the state Capitol on gun violence.

\”People are coming into our city, bringing these guns and putting them into the hands of criminals,\’\’ Ayala told his colleagues. \”When I have thugs, and when I have folks coming into my community, and they want to put guns into the hands of teenagers … there is a problem.\’\’

Ayala, who favors Senate Bill 1160, said he regretted that \”several of my former students have lost their lives because of senseless gun violence.\’\’

Sen. Rob Kane, a Republican, asked why the new gun offender registry for gun criminals would not be public in the same way that the state\’s sex offender registry is currently open to the general public under Megan\’s Law.

\”The purpose of the registry is for law enforcement,\’\’ Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams responded on the Senate floor.

\”I think the public has the right to know,\’\’ Kane responded.

At the other end of the state in Stonington, Sen. Andrew Maynard, a Democrat, said the Newtown tragedy made legislators believe that \”we needed to act with a spirit of unity and bipartisanship.\’\’

\”I come from a part of the state that has a great many rural residents, that has a proud gun tradition,\’\’ Maynard said, adding that his constituents in southeastern Connecticut are known for \”enjoying hunting and competitions and shooting.\’\’

He added, \”I don\’t share their wariness for the government. … I understand their passion.\’\’

His constituents who defend the Second Amendment do it for their beliefs in freedom and \”not because they are gun nuts, not because they are some fringe element.\’\’

He added that the bill \”really deserves more scrutiny than I have had the ability to give it.\’\’

Maynard said that many of the worst mass shootings in the United States have been committed by white men under 25 years of age, including many that ended in suicide and thus provided no full explanation for their actions.

\”I find myself troubled by those aspects of the bill and will be voting no today,\’\’ said Maynard, who represents eight towns that include Voluntown, Plainfield, Preston, Sterling, Griswold, and others.

Republican Art Linares, a freshman who represents 12 towns in the shoreline area, said he was voting \”no\’\’ because the bill would create \”unnecessary harm\’\’ for law-abiding gun owners.

\”The people have not had the chance to voice their opinion on the final language of this bill,\’\’ Linares told his colleagues.

Sen. John Fonfara, a veteran Democrat who represents Hartford and nearby communities, said that he supports the bill.

Fonfara discussed the profile of most of the shooters to find \”the Adam Lanzas of our communities\’\’ in the future.

\”Young, angry and withdrawn, some mentally disturbed, maybe a violent video game watcher, access to firearms, maybe a copy-catter,\’\’ Fonfara said. \”Like suicide, many contemplate it. Few commit it.\’\’

Sen. Toni Boucher, a Wilton Republican, said some schoolchildren are \”practicing hiding in their closets to see if they can all fit in their closets.\’\’

She said that some people drive into Connecticut\’s cities with trunkloads of guns and sell them for cash with no background checks in the neighborhoods.

Sen. Michael McLachlan, a Danbury Republican, said that the lockdown and the heroic actions of teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School actually saved lives.

\”How do we address the nightmare of a madman?\’\’ McLachlan asked.

On December 14, McLachlan was in Danbury, and he drove immediately to St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church in Newtown.

\”Under different circumstances, I would look differently at this bill,\’\’ he said. \”Today, I\’m supporting this bill.\’\’

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20 thoughts on “State Senate Approves Historic Gun Control Bill By 26 -10; 8 Republicans and 2 Democrats Vs.

  1. Brian C. Duffy

    I watched my Senator, Kevin Witkos refer to the Heller decision and he got it wrong, of course. He fell for the “common use” argument that semi auto pistols with mag capability of more than 10 are considered “common use”.

    Scalia specifically referred to handguns in general as being considered common use, not specific models or styles. He went on to say that government could not ban handguns entirely, but could use great flexibility in regulating and restricting such weapons.

    The CT laws will not be the strictest in the nation. They are relatively mild compared to the post Heller D.C. restrictions.

    If the current D.C. laws (and now CT) violated Heller, you would hear the NRA screaming it. Wayne LaPierre hasn’t publicly mentioned Heller in 3 years. Witkos should have talked him first.

    These new CT laws will not be overturned or even heard by the SCOTUS. If by some chance it would even reach Scalia and co., we’re talking 5 years.

    1. Howard Lippin


      Didn’t the Heller decision refer to “weapons in common use at the time”, referring to military weapons? Wouldn’t this include “Military Style” weapons? Not that I’m advocating automatic weapons amongst the general populace, but doesn’t Heller uphold the Right?

  2. Himmler

    Citizens who wish to use firearms should join the military or the police. Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.To disarm the people is the best and most effective way to enslave them.

  3. Cycloneous

    As a citizen of the State of New York, and current long time resident of Connecticut, I must say with deep regret that I can not follow this law and will not yield to its authority. While I understand the intent, unfortunately, the legislature, and governor have usurped their respective authority by violating our rights to natural self-preservation and rights protected by our 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Firearms are not for duck or deer hunting, they are for allowing the populace to defend themselves against government tyranny.

    This is not a conspiracy theory, but rather a simple acknowledgement of truth from our Founding Fathers through the enumeration of our Constitution and based on the facts from human history, especially within the last 70 years. Remember, history attests to tyrants using the excuse of disarming the populace to keep the state and people safe but in the end resulted in the deaths of millions by democide. We have only made ourselves less safe by this “feel good” legislation but have failed to attack the real culprit, the criminals themselves.

  4. Norm Scott

    On election day I’ll be voting against everyone of my representatives who chose emotion over the Constitution.

      1. kuma138

        you won’t like CT after we leave either my friend. they’ll rob the tax differences from your check. then you’ll be flippin burgers for even less

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      Every libertard mother of child bearing age should be sterilized. That is the way I feel about liberals.

  5. kuma138

    this is being called gun violence “PREVENTION” legislation. so next time a gun is used in a “violent” crime what will these communist pieces of garbage use as an excuse. it’s simple you damned fools these laws will prevent nothing. i hope you’re never on the wrong end of a gun in the middle of the night.

  6. A Great Day

    Maybe its time for a more Progressive candidate to challenge Andy Maynard. He needs to go. The Progressive Liberals in Stonington and Groton can come up with a more cooperative to the party candidate.

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