Study Shows Link Between Violent Video Games And Youth Violence

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A study out of Iowa state found that violent video games are a factor in youth violence. Researchers studied the level of video game exposures for juvenile offenders who had committed multiple acts of violence.

Their findings, published in next month\’s issue of Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, indicated that \”frequency of play and affinity for violent games were strongly associated with delinquent and violent behavior.\”

Many have raised questions about the effect of violent video games following Newtown, including President Obama and Gov. Malloy. Investigators have said that gunman Adam Lanza had thousands of dollars worth of violent video games and was said to have spent time alone, playing games like \’Call of Duty.\’

“Can we say from this study that Adam Lanza, or any of the others, went off and killed people because of media violence? You can’t take the stand of the NRA that it’s strictly video games and not guns,” said Craig Anderson, Distinguished Professor of psychology and director of the Center for the Study of Violence at Iowa Statesaid. “You also can’t take the stand of the entertainment industry that it has nothing to do with media violence that it’s all about guns and not about media violence. They’re both wrong and they’re both right, both are causal risk factors.”


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29 thoughts on “Study Shows Link Between Violent Video Games And Youth Violence

  1. Wes

    Interesting study. Though without a control group there is no way of knowing which causes which. Does playing a lot of violent video games cause more youth violence or does a tendency towards youth violence cause an increase in playing violent video games?

  2. Richard

    This will get ripped apart over the next couple years. Can it be recreated in another test sample overseas? Will they be able to sell video game exposure as a form of conditioning? Are there Manchurian Gamers ready to assassinate? Where was the counter proof–random charitable acts increasing after exposure to social reward games.

  3. susan

    These games are evil, wicked sinful things and create these Adam monsters. They teach kids how to shoot, kill, along with quick magazine change-outs. No feelings, nothing productive, just evil. Ban, ban them all, and our children will be safe again.

    1. wildbill

      No, the games don’t create the behavior. But the games can enhance an already demented youngster and make him more prone to transfer fantasy to reality. Studies have shown the Japanese kids who are big users of these games are the least effected and no doubt on account of the very wholesome Japanese family structure.

      1. bill

        I don’t think you can take the position that the study is flawed unless you read study in detail. To my previous point; since American families have a far greater dysfunctional ratio to other countries most notably Japan, then one could extrapolate that games pose an enhanced danger to American youth. Yes, and along with GUNS.

    2. BearDogg-X

      “Those that would sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither” – Benjamin Franklin

      You’re wrong. Games do not teach anybody to kill, especially considering that you have to use a multi-button controller to fire a gun in a game and a game doesn’t take into account things like recoil, wind, velocity, etc.

      Second, the US Supreme Court already ruled that video games are protected free speech under the First Amendment and that “violent” content is also protected and can never be considered as “obscene”.

      Grow up and get a life.

      1. Mr Jones

        Bear dog: aka Kim the toilet attendant, you sound like an academic. Did you gt your PHD in bull crap because it most certainly sounds it?


        1. BearDogg-X

          It’s not “trolling” when it’s the cold, hard truth.

          Yet, you’re doing exactly that.

        2. Truth

          billyboy back with his toilet/men’s room obsession. Exactly where his thoughts and ideas belong

    3. The Conn-servative

      Susan,the internet is full of sinful,wicked things, so we should also ban that to. Oh wait,but that is something YOU are utilizing by participating on this website. So,because you are using it,it can’t be bad.After all,our children will be safe again.You missy should,if you have not already,join the ranks of our hypocrite governor and his minions.OMG.

    4. paul

      Haha wow lady you are demented and need to be locked up O.o
      In there’s one violence prone person here that one is you !

  4. Bob the Gamer

    The study seems flawed… what was the control arm? If you took a group of computer programers at Google, you’d probably find a high level of exposure to these types of video games as well.

    Correlation does not equal causation. While there is a correlation between video game play and delinquency, you cannot make the jump to say that video game play is a “factor” in delinquency.

  5. BearDogg-X

    The study is flawed and rife with confirmation bias, as it’s from researchers who admitted to the US Supreme Court that their research was flawed.

    This study is also debunked by other research that do not show a “link” between “violent” media and violent crime.

    Just more junk science from agenda-pushers.

  6. sam

    I wonder if Malloy, Blumenthal, Murphy and Esty are going to call for a “scare” ban on these violent videos games so that it will cause a shortage of them so law abiding gamers will flock to the video stores to buy whatever is left on the shelves while driving the price of anything video related thru the roof like they did with firearms and ammunition industry. I bet the video industry and stores are hoping for the threat of a ban on violent video games so they can make huge profits like the gun industry is doing right now. If the video industry is smart they will be ramping up production now so they can keep up with the demand when the “Liberal threat” strikes lol This state is run by such fools.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Yeah all of our state and federal politicians are crying foul when a storm has clobbered us and are calling for investigations into price gouging or fixing on storm related supplies,but when it comes to guns and ammo,mums the word. It’s because the latter isn’t politically correct to possess so it’s okay to mark it up.After all,higher prices may contribute to people to not wanting or being able to afford it,so that’s okay because it’s “sinful” in the mind of the regressive.They are simply,vile and hypocritical.

      1. The e-Conn-omist

        You right-wing nutjobs got what you deserved on gun prices. Your own media has been whipping you into a gun-buying frenzy since President Obama won the election in 2008. “Obama is going to take all your guns. Oh, the government is buying ammo to come after us…” You guys are hysterically funny to watch. Better tighten up the straps on your tin-foil helmets.

        1. The Conn-servative

          You’ll be the first one crying to Danny boy and the Bloomin ‘Onion about generator and bottled water prices the next time we get a storm similar to October 2011. Oh I forgot,that’s actual supply and demand economics,the gun crap is just hype. So it’s justified. Vile POS.

          1. The e-Conn-omist

            Help me understand why people you call “Danny boy” and “the Bloomin ‘Onion” would want to help you investigate gun price gouging. If I were them I’d tell you to put it in your barrel and smoke it.

        2. Fed Up

          The flaw in your position, e-conn,is that the things you mention like the taking of guns are happening. YOUR aluminum foil cap is apparently a little too tight, and covering your eyes

          1. The e-Conn-omist

            I’m not doing anything. You nutjobs are buying guns like mad and then whining when you drive up the prices. This has nothing to do with me.

  7. Richard

    Here’s a bigger problem: racketeering in publi schools!

    Organized crime sunk its teeth into the school systems.

    AFT teachers union to defend educators in cheating scandals

    35 Atlanta Public Schools educators have been charged with racketeering and Superintendent Hall has also been charged with false statements and writing, theft by taking and false swearing.

    For 10 years, hundreds of Atlanta public school teachers and principals changed answers on state tests in one of the largest cheating scandals in U.S. history.”

    Cheating orders came from school administrators and included brazen acts such as teachers reading answers aloud during the test and erasing incorrect answers.

    Cheating was found in 44 of 56 Atlanta schools . Investigators determined that 178 educators cheated on the National Assessment of Educational Progress test. Of those, 82 confessed.

    Racketeering by definition: Racketeering is often associated with organized crime, and the term was coined by the Employers’ Association of Chicago in June 1927 in a statement about the influence of organized crime in the Teamsters union

    It’s there in black and white. Federal Charges for racketeering. Teachers union and Superintendent union employees. No bodies, same illegal scams.

    Where’s CT’s $300 million ‘Race to the Top’ money? Lost among the bag men?

    1. Richard

      The problem is people don’t know the new face of organized crime. Guido isn’t in the Teamster’s anymore. There’s more lucrative union rackets to be found :)

    2. Fed Up

      The government should not be in control of the education of our children. It leads to indoctrination instead of real education, especially in the area of US History and the meaning and importance of the Revolutionary War and our Constitution/Bill of Rights.

      Too many of our youth are being taught to sing praises to the president, rather than being instructed in critical thinking.

  8. Jenny Wilson

    Studies requested by the Pentagon equate violent video games with increased dexterity, extreme levels of good judgement and higher than normal levels of patriotism in a large number of frequent users of violent and other video games. These individuals also present higher IQ leverls well above the national average.

    These games provide an large pool from which future drone operators are selected, and the military is taking full advantage of the opportunities to increase the proficiency of their troops.

    The studies, to be published next month in “Ask not what your country can do for you” magazine, in the section called ‘dispelling liberals myths designed at increasing government control over personal choice’.

    I apologize for my liberal zeal by not including this data in my ‘report’.

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