Survey Says: College Kids Liberal On Social Issues, Worried About the Future

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Faced with rising college costs and a job market with stubbornly high unemployment, college students around the country are increasingly worried about their economic future, according to a survey released Tuesday by researchers at Trinity College.

More than two-thirds of young people in the survey said that they believe that they will have more difficulty establishing themselves economically than their parents\’ generation did. \"collegekid\"

\”There\’s a lot of uncertainty and concern,\” Trinity research professor Barry Kosmin told Capitol Watch. \”The big question is whether they will ultimately be as well-off as their folks.\”

The researchers also found that students today are much more liberal than their counterparts in 1990, when the Trinity survey first began. On issues ranging from gun control to affirmative action to assisted suicide, young adults of today are significantly more liberal than those who came of age two decades ago.

Read the full story on the survey here

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56 thoughts on “Survey Says: College Kids Liberal On Social Issues, Worried About the Future

  1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    More liberal? Worried about the future? Coincidence? I think not.

    1. billy boggs

      drain: is that the extent of your intellectual capacity? Well I’m not surprised.

  2. Lawrence

    Not doing as well as their parents? Worried about the future? Decades of Republicans in the White House making laws to favor Wall Street and corporations, involved in amoral wars, and screwing the middle class and America’s future? Coincidence? I think not.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      Insurance Companies exempt from anti-trust laws: democrats in charge.

      Grahm Leech Bililly, the real cause of Wall Street’ mortgage collapse: signed by Clinton with the large majority of Democrats in Congress supporting him.

      Vietnam: Started and expanded by Democrat Presidents, ended by Republican Presidents. Actually, the vast majority of our wars, “moral” or not, have been started by Democrats. US History did not begin with the election of George Bush.

      Decades of Republican Presidents? The incredibly prosperous 1980’s, which under the Reagan years saw all income levels rise, and low and middle income classes rise, on average, faster than any point in history? That is the only full decade of Republican Presidents in modern history.

      60’s= 8/10 years Democrat President
      70’s= 3/10- the highest 3 years on the Misery index, Democrat President
      90’= 8/10 years Democrat President
      2000-present 4+/12+ years Democrat President.

      That means in the last 52+ years, Democrats have been President for 23+ years, and in the last 20 years, Democrats have held the Presidency for more than 12 years, or more than half.

      However, as a good blind Liberal, you must not let facts get in the way of a rant.

  3. Elisha Penniman

    In general, liberals laugh more then conservatives. We tell more jokes. As a result, liberals tend to live longer than conservatives.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      Billy, Liberals also give false data and made up “facts”.

      The Liberal camp includes the overwhelming majority of blacks and Hispanics, who, on average, live significantly shorter lives than white people.

      Statistically, it would be impossible for Liberals to live longer.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          I stand partially corrected. I was wrong about hispanics living shorter lives.

          See how easy that was Liberals? Admit mistakes and move on.

          However, your data only serves to enhance my argument. The black vs white longevity and demographics citied in my post below still hold true. Add to that fact the largest populations of hispanics live in blue states, and once again racial demographics trump the Liberal mindset.

          Out of 50.5 million hispanics in the US, 14 million live in blue California, 2 million live in blue Illinois, 3.4 million in blue New York, 1.5 million in blue New Jersey, 1 Milion in blue New Mexico and 3.7 million in blue Puerto Rico. That is half of the hispanic population in 5 States and 1 territoy, all of which are blue.

          So while I stand corrected on my hispanic longevity mistake, my overall point is stronger.

          1. fred

            Galt, per your own recent statement:

            “And yes, when you post information that is blatantly false, it does destroy your credibility.”

          2. billy boggs


            Galt is our resident wacko jacko libertarian. we like him like a cow in order to feed off him but we do keep our cattle prod handy just in case.

          3. johngaltwhereru

            Clever, both of you.

            Anything on the substance of the overall argument?

            Also, I feel that posting incorrect facts that oppose your own premise, then admitting the mistake is far less destructive to credibility than posting incorrect facts that support your own premise, then failing to admit you are wrong.

      1. Elisha Penniman

        The Heat Is Rising

        The heat is rising, through the days
        Another wave, of scorching haze
        Even weathermen, have taken breaks
        “Gone fishing,” their  sign it say.

        The laws of men, are jerry-rigged
        Force of habit, so it seems
        The boys have dug up, Jim Crow again
        No need for guess work – it’s still the skin.

        A kid shot dead, for being black
        For buying candy, at the shack
        He looked suspicious,  just going home
        No law was broken,  when you stand your ground.

        The gun was made, for all to arm
        They say it keeps, you safe from harm
        Just shoot to kill, and you’ll be safe
         Any time, and any place.

        Special interests, for all these guns
        Are pushing laws, on everyone
        To buy a hand gun, freedom too
        Then profit from, me and you.

        The heat is rising, through the days
        Another wave, of scorching haze
        The court adjourns, the trial done
        No law was broken, ‘neath the Florida sun.

    2. The Conn-servative

      I’d be laughing to if I could get the government to sustain me,but I choose to be self-sustaining.

  4. johngaltwhereru

    Typical Liberal: “Prove” a point by citing a leftwing opinion humorist’s column which fails to link to a study which, in typical Liberal fashion, ignores both reality and racial demographics.

    New Englander’s live longer? Yeah, because New England is only 5.3% black compared to almost 13% in the United States as whole. This means the rest of the United States has a higher than 13% black population.

    Combine those stats with a average white life expectancy about 4 years longer than blacks, and you have a far more plausible explanation than the mental condition of Liberalism increasing life span.

    1. billy boggs


      give it a break. didn’t you discern the humor? like I said, liberals like to laugh more than conservatives. and when you laugh, you stress less and live longer. lo0ok it up in your medical books, wacko jacko.

  5. Todd Zaino

    Billy can you ever have a back and forth with someone you don’t agree with and not insult the other person? Hiding behind mulitple pen names does give you a cushion…but your insults prove your posts can’t hold much water.

    1. billy boggs

      todd – the perennial panties-in-a-bunch school teacher – who invited you to this party? please…return to colin’s blog. you’re with the big boys now.

      scat… scat

  6. Lawrence

    johngalt, you are very well-spoken and I really like your handle. it shows intelligence and depth.

    but the middle class is not dying because of any public policies that democrats have advocated for and passed in the past third of a century. that responsibility lies with republicans, who are beholden to the 1%, maybe the top 10% of wage earners in America.

    you and I know that is true. we don’t need to quote bills and think-tank reports.

    1. Johngaltwhereru


      I am my own think tank. I don’t need to be told what to think.

      Clinton signed Free Trade bills with China, Democrats signed the bills, then Democrats cried about cheap Chinese products while the middle class bitched about loosing manufacturing jobs. That is reality.

      Clinton signed the bill that caused the financial sector/housing collapse. Without repeal of Sarbanes Oxley, the root cause of the collapse would have been illegal. Instead, it was legal and common place.

      On top of that, you would have to believe none of Obama’s policies or threats against business and employers have nothing to do with the persistent unemployment. You would have to believe the persistent lethargic economic growth is unrelated to Obama’s policies. We’re working on 5 years now. Are persistent high unemployment and lethargic economic growth good for the middle class?

      I would like to know what specific policies Republican Presidents over the last 30 years has caused the middle class such harm.

      I am no Bush fan, but I’m not sure you could specify a policy he set that harmed the middle class. I think his spending harmed America, but not specifically the middle class.

      30 years includes Reagan. I don’t think the middle class was harmed to bad by him. The middle class certainly didn’t think so. I’m pretty sure you can’t win 49 States in your re-election bid while harming the middle class.

      1. billy boggs


        you do have a point. the day Clinton signed the free trade agreement called NAFTA, I know in my heart that it was the end of manufacturing in the US. I also know that admitting China to the WTO would bring a titanic shift in world economics. I was not fully satisfied with the Clinton era. And I dislike him forever rescinding his clemency for the American Indian Movement leader Pellitar, who sits dying in a Federal prison on questionable charges of killing FBI agents in the early 1970s. I believe the Indians were standing their own ground.

        As a self-proclaimed liberal, I agree with this point. so your assertion that liberals can’t face the truth is a fallacy. On the other hand, I have asserted that I am not dogmatized exclusively in that liberal collection. I believe that ultimately, policy can be forged in which everyone wins. maybe time to found the “Washington Party.” the outcome of constant fighting on both sides serves no one in the end. Your side, being on the fringe, serves only the 1%.

        1. billy boggs

          And I have cited George Washington because he had the ability to warn against political parties and to predict the stagnating and corrupting outcome of such parties.
          Instead of all this Tea Party crap whose believers think they are the descendants of the founders. They are only the descendents of one political branch – the anti-federalists.

          Galt: No comment on my most recent song? I understand. You don’t have poetry in your blood. You don’t get it. You feel as you have stated that creative thought equates to mental illness.

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            I don’t think creative thought equates to mental illness. It is just a reality that very high level creative thought often coincides with mental illness and/or addiction.

        2. Johngaltwhereru


          As a Libertarian, I agree with Liberals on many social and foreign policy issues and with Conservatives on many economic and Constitutional issues.

          That is not serving the 1%. That is partially serving the 100%. And that is the best you are going to do, as there are many issues where it is impossible for “everyone to win”. For example, there is no expansion of the entitlement State that Fiscal Conservatives will see as a win, and there is no foreign war that Liberal pacifists will find justified.

          1. billy boggs

            not true. Since Canada will be giving me a hard time entering the country next week to sell in Toronto, I would like the US to invade. We could send a fain over the Washington State border but really launch big time with special ops and drones and of course, the marines, from Vermont and quickly liberate Quebec who will instantly become our allies. We can give them more territory if they send us some good French women. I also want the US to invade England for burning down our capital. pay back is a bitch. At that point, we could return the Malvinas to Argentina.
            So you are wrong that liberals don’t want wars. We love them.

            On libertarianism; if you are so half liberal, why can’t we agree on anything, Galt? Perhaps because the liberal part of you meets my conservative side. Mismatched.
            I will duly notify you when the song is up on youtube.
            wadeya gonna do.

          2. Johngaltwhereru

            I think we agree on gay marriage, the excessive US Military footstep, Defense spending, drug policy, corporate cronyism, and partially agree on abortion.

            What are your Conservative positions again?

            On Canada, I wouldn’t be so quick to invade. They seem to be amassing the majority of their population close to the US border. I think they are on to you.

          3. johngaltwhereru


            While you are thinking, care to ponder, or ask your connections at the Courant why there have been zero opportunities to comment on the Zimmermann verdict?

            Actually, the verdict is not of much interest to me.

            What is of interest is that the racist Attorney General is touting his investigation into whether Martin’s Civil Rights were violated, yet is not going to pursue Federal Hate Crimes investigations against those who have threatened the lives of Zimmerman and his family.

            Or perhaps Holder could look into whether NBC and the NY Times violated Zimmermann’s Civil Rights by flat out lying and manipulating to make an non-racisit appear racist.

            Or perhaps he could investigate the Florida Prosecuter who witheld exculpatory evidence from both the judge and the defense team.

            Do White Hispanics not have Civil Rights in the eyes of the US Attorney General?

          4. billy boggs

            Here you go, galt, comment on this. ya, his freakin civil rights and his life was violated. all caused once again by your friendly freakin NRA for pushing these stand your ground laws. but that woman of color who defended herself against her husband by shooting in the air gets 20 years. racism is the law of the day and don’t you forget it.

            and anyone is a pathetic piece of shit that disagrees.

            The Heat is Rising

            The heat is rising, through the days
            Another wave, of scorching haze
            There’s need for anger, and need for pain
            The jury’s in on, the whole game.

            Laws of men, are jerry-rigged
            By force of habit, so it seems
            The boys have dug up, Jim Crow again
            No need for guess work – it’s still the skin.

            The heat is rising, through the days
            Another wave, of scorching haze
            There’s need for anger, and need for pain
            The jury knows, about the game.

            A kid shot dead, for being black
            For buying candy, at the shack
            He looked suspicious, just going home
            No law was broken, when you stand your ground.

            The heat is rising, through the days
            Another wave of scorching haze
            There’s need for anger, and need for pain
            The jury’s in on, the whole game.

            The gun is made, for all to arm
            They say it keeps, you safe from harm
            Just shoot to kill, and you’ll be safe
            Any time, and any place.

            The heat is rising, through the days
            Another wave of scorching haze
            There’s need for anger, and need for pain
            The jury’s in on, the whole game.

            The special interest, for all these guns
            Are pushing laws, on everyone
            To buy a handgun, and think you’re free
            They profit from, you and me.

            The heat is rising, through the days
            Another wave, of scorching haze
            The court adjourns, the trial done
            No law was broken, ‘neath the Florida sun.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      I’m confused. When you say “ya, his freakin civil rights were violated”, does the “his” apply to Zimmermann, as he is who I was asking about, or Martin?

      I think I know the answer. You are so twisted over guns you would probably find a gangrape victim guilty of manslaughter if her gun was mistakenly discharged by one of the rapist killing him during the rape.

      By the way, it is clear that you, Eric, Jesse, and Al believe that the proper system of justice is for angry mob opinion based on incomplete and often fabricated or distorted information should be the standard for conviction. Progress, baby. Progress back to the Middle Ages. Should we bring pitchforks?

      1. billy boggs

        didn’t think you could understand given your capacity for thinking within a narrow framework and a racist one at that. a boy goes out to buy some candy and drink in order to watch an nfl game. he is stalked and gets into a fight because he is probably tired of being profiled. so he beats the ever loving shit out of zimmerman as he should until zimmerman, the vigil ante, pulls out a gun and shoots him through the heart. because shit-faced aligator republicans wanted a staNd your ground law giving legal rights to kill another because the NRA wants to sell more guns. what a filthy stinking whatever.


        1. Johngaltwhereru

          Actually, if you had diversified your sources of information, you would know that “Stand Your Ground” was not used by Zimmermann’s attorneys. They argued simple self defense.

          And thankfully, self-defense laws that would have acquitted Zimmermann are present in most States. Even your beautifully blue Connecticut. So in the scenario you just mentioned, Zimmermann was correctly acquitted.

          But that is a hypothetical scenario that you, Jesse, Al and Eric are presenting as fact. There is no more evidence of the scenario you just mentioned than someone saying some kid was looking in windows of houses that had recently been robbed. A home owner calls the cops and while on the phone tries to see where the kid is going. The 911 operator tells the homeowner not to follow him. He obeys and heads back to his car, and on his way back to the car the thug kid who loves to fight sneaks up and sucker punched him in the nose and started beating his ass.

          That is just one assumption. Another assumption is that Martin was casing houses in a neighborhood he had previously robbed. Seeing that you are accusing Zimmermann and I of racism, with absolutely no evidence, maybe I should start speculating on things with no basis.

          1. billy boggs

            galt: I know the “stand your ground” wasn’t used. Do you think I am an idiot? but it was considered by the jury.

            galt, self defense is fine. I also as well as you, to defend ourselves. but that is not what this case has been about. it is about instigating then defending yourself. you can’t walk up to somebody, irritate the hell out of him, then claim that you had to shoot him in order to survive. That is what this case was about.

            don’t you get it? some states are now empowering people who are ill trained and for any other reasons, shouldn’t be taking the law into their own hands, and creating what we saw in Sanford.

            Still don’t get it, galt?

            john galt; meet jim crow, your old friend. look in the mirror – he is staring back at you.

            for once, why don’t you listen and agree with reason?

  7. johngaltwhereru

    Who cares what jurors considered. The evidence, facts, defense and verdict were based on simple self defense.

    And why do you keep stating your, Jesse’s, Al’s and Eric’s speculation that Zimmerman hunted and stalked Martin as fact? It is not fact. It is your opinion that is based on emotion and no evidence of any kind.

    It seems like you think Neighborhood Watch should be illegal. Should the owners of homes that have been robbed not be allowed to keep an eye out for people who don’t live there lurking around? Does a thief need to be climbing through a window to justify calling the police?

    Maybe locks should be illegal too? Are locks racist? I mean, what if a theif needs something they see in a house they don’t own? That lock might prevent them from getting that item. That isn’t fair.

    1. billy boggs

      galt; like i said, you don’t get it. typical whitey red neck cracker.

      what’s it like being a cracker??

      your questions are foolish which leads me to understand how little understand you are of social and legal ramifications.

      so I will respond: yes dr dr, you may place a lock on your door. yes dr dr, you may call the PO-LEESE whenever your little ass feels threatened.

      yes, dr dr, you may be apart of a neighbor watch. In fact, I have thought of it in my neighborhood. but haven’t because my house is more secured than any other house in my community.

      you want to ignore that the police told him not to go out from his car. they obviously anticipated something like this happening.

      Martin of course should not have lunged at zim. but I suppose this is what 400 years of oppression does to someone of color. but you will never understand that in a million years. you are so isolated and insulated from the legal, social and historical wrongs that continue to dog skin color. but, as I said, you are simply blinded by your own ignorance.

      see? I didn’t even call you a racist either. just a whitey, red neck cracker.

  8. johngaltwhereru


    First of all, I have never even held a whip. Not even recreationally.

    Second, I thought Martin was 17. How has he suffered 400 years of oppression. And what ever happened to that NBC/NY Times photo of Martin at 12 years old? Which one is it? Is he 12, 17 or 400.

    By the way, blacks have been oppressed for far longer than 400 years. Your people oppressed them thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. However, I don’t think the Pharoahs of ancient Egypt had a damn thing to do with Zimmermann’s or Martin’s behavior. Nor did slavery 150 years ago in the US. Nor did Jim Crow Laws that were banned decades before Martin was born.

    I understand fully what is going on. Left wing Liberals know that blacks don’t turn out for mid term elections, and they know they are going to get waxed without black turnout. So, prior to realizing that George Zimmermann was actually hispanic, they convinced a community of easily riled people that a white man was going to go free after hunting and killing an innocent black teen, mainly for sport, but partially because all white people hate black people. That is it.

    1. billy boggs

      I am all but done with you on this. I need to pack. Since you don’t understand, I will give you a clue but you will reject it because you are all knowing and anything contrary to whitey cracker just won’t pass.

      Almost every black person is home schooled especially male to watch themselves. black men with phd’s yes, medical doctors, know they must not step out of line or suddenly risk being RACIALLY profiled. this happens more then you will ever admit. this is what I call 400 years of oppression but you still don’t get it.

      anyways, this is like talking to a brick wall. I don’t mind talking to a brick at all if the brick wall pays me to talk. so, if you wish to pay me, I’ll continue talking.

      otherwise, I’m out of here.

      1. billy boggs

        galt; just had a thought. I think you use these blogs for stress reduction. let me be your shrink. I think you enjoy being insulted and giving it back. for a fee, I will continue. in another word, I’ll make you my bitch for $100.00 a session and my sessions are quarterly hour.

  9. Jogngaltwhereru


    You have started with a mis-diagnosis, so I will not be purchasing your services.

    I don’t have much stress anymore. I do this with the hopes that, every once in a while, reality will sneak into a Liberal’s head. Also, as stated before, I enjoy pointing out Liberal lies, distortions and misrepresentations.

    Also, I am perfectly aware that racial profiling exists, I just see overwhelming evidence that it did not exist in this case.

    Also, on racial profiling, wouldn’t it be fair to say that is just another name for common sense? If you are lost and find yourself in a rough neighborhood, couldn’t that self preserving feeling that you need leave be considered racial profiling? If you see kids on the corner in that neighborhood wearing gang colors, would it be smarter for a white man to go up to those kids with a wad of cash and ask if they want to shoot dice, or to profile them and hope they don’t see you?

    1. billy boggs

      Galt; you have the wrong approach. it is purely confrontational. I have always questioned the motives of a white person, aka, Euro-centrics, to defend white people’s rights. Ah, partner, we don’t need to have our rights defended. sorry to wake you up to this factoid.

      On Zimmerman/Martin; whether it was profiling or not, a black person knows what (mostly) he is up against in the white world. Example: you live in your little gated community and you drive your Mercedes sport cat down to the station on a Saturday morning to clean and wash. you are in a tee shirt and jeans. Now put the same person in black skin and right away he knows that someone is thinking that , maybe he stole the car. Police stop to question and so on.

      So what do you fail to understaNd about this inequity? And stop being foolish with your examples of racial profiling. I have thought and I am convinced that if you were living in the mid 19th century, you would be a supporter of the institution of slavery. you would weigh the advantages and disadvantages. And you would conclude that it was good all around; for the cotton trade and other industry and that it provided slaves a place to live and food on their table..

      This is the kind of person you are. you would have been dead set against Lincoln’s war. you would have sought appeasement. And you would have argued against more government regulations against states rights. Ah ha. Classic Libertarianism. States rights. Enslave the Negro. Keep the shekels coming.

      but you know, you are like that sand grain placed in the oyster. it irratates the oyster until a pearl is grown around the grain. Fear not, your place in the world has been found as a grain of sand.

      1. billy boggs

        Now onto the National Medical Convention where I hope they buy me out of my inventory. Like hell.

      2. Jogngaltwhereru


        You have me all wrong. I understand the inequities you speak of. I understand blacks are viewed suspiciously in the scenario you just spoke about, and in countless other scenarios. I also understand these suspicions are rooted in the fact that blacks disproportinately commit many of the crimes white people are suspicious they are about to commit.

        I’m sure, having lived in cities like you have, and being white (for the most part), you have profiled. And you have been profiled. Either that, or you have been mugged or robbed as a result of ignoring life’s simple realities. This isn’t that complicated. Even Jesse has admitted to profiling young black men.

        As far as Lincoln’s War, you couldn’t be further from accurate. The belief which forms the foundation of my entire world view is that people should be free and responsible for themselves and their families. Slavery is diametrically opposed to each of those concepts. I find slavery to be slightly worse than and very similar to Communism/Socialism.

        1. Jogngaltwhereru

          Oh, and good luck at the NMA Convention. Are you profiling those fine Doctors as too cheap to buy you out of your inventory?

          That is racist. It is also a poor example of the positive mindset required to be a successful small business owner.

          1. billy boggs

            So now I must explain? Nice to put me on the defensive. Yes, profiling is practiced by everyone and every living thing. Even non-animate object one could make a case for. My cats profile me every day. but let’s cut the bull. Anyone can argue an issue until it ceases to be an argument in its origionality. I noticed you practicing this from day one. You make a statement tan later after being accused of what your intention was, you claim that you never said that. You are just playing with language. I guess it gives you a sense of superiority.

            I can do that too. but if I choose to practice it, I ten lower myself to playing games. I prefer an honest dialogue, not a weave and faint.

            Here we are speaking of profiling in the context of harassment and in the case of Martin, loosing his life because he was tired of being singled out for being a nigger.

            Get it now, Galt? No, of course not. Go ahead and play your superior games of concept and language.

            As for my target market, I seek out this group because they have the income to afford the kind of art I sell – which is expensive. And my statement “like hell” goes, it is because I am in a seperate market organized by the spouse’s auxiliary and frequently are hidden away in a suite of rooms and away from the corporate. Anyways, for you to use my statement as profiling is so disingenuous as we were speaking about a 17 year old by being shot through the heart. How foolish you sound.

          2. Jogngaltwhereru

            So, after all that, here is what we have:

            First, everyone profiles everyone else due to common sense, life experience and life’s realities. You could exchange the word “profiled” for “first impression”, however, Liberals have found a good word that riles up the masses with “profiling”.

            Second, racial profiling does not apply in this case. Zimmerman profiled a young teenager wandering around in the rain looking in people’s windows as a possible thief. He wasn’t even sure he was black.

            Anyone with common sense would have watched Martin. However, if he did know he was a black teenager, it would have made even more sense to profile Martin, as black teenagers were the perps in the recent robberies in the neighborhood.

            You should not get your nose broken for having common sense.

  10. billy boggs

    why is your profile name misspelled? do you use other names that you wish to mention?

    it is too bad you must read other commentaries about why this story has become racially invented in order to motivate black voters in a non presidential election cycle.

    no originality jogn.. ‘er john? can’t you thing for yourself?

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      No other user names. I had some company staying with us this weekend, so I cleared my history and deleted my cookies. Don’t want anyone seeing the type of porn I watch and all. From there it was a simple misfire on the keyboard.

      I have not read any other commentary related to black voter turnout being the basis for the Liberal media fabricating the narrative for this incident. I think it is common sense, but who else has agreed with me?

      As far as originality, I have no need for the credit, but check the time/date of the article vs when I posted. I actually don’t know the answer

      1. billy boggs

        I accept what you said. I will add to your comment that things get rolled into politics. i have news for you. It always happens on both sides. So when you suggest that this incident was invented for the next election cycle, no, it wasn’t. but it is being used for the next elections for sure just like anything that could benefit the republicans. So if you are to point this out – this zimmerman incident, your comment devoid of balanced comment that both side use these things make yours unfair.

        I enjoy busting your chops because you deserve it. if I didn’t need to be so defensive with you because of your extreme ponderances, i might just agree with you more often. like I agree that the great society did indeed fail by growing a dependency of the urban poor on government handouts instead of purposeful utilitarian job training programs via incentives to big business. i don’t really want to go in debth because I am not that informed on the topic.

        I’m not correcting my words. Too tired.

        1. Johngaltwhereru

          I agree that both sides use everything they can to their advantage.

          I didn’t say the event was manufactured for the election cycle.

          The event itself was obviously real. NBC/NY Times, ect. perpetuated a false narrative and image of a 12 year old angel faced little boy running straight home to bring his little brother some skittles so Zimmermann called the police to tell them a black kid was in his neighborhood, and therefore must be up to no good, so he shot him for no reason.

          All I did was state existing facts, then provide a counter narrative for the unknown events that the left is portraying as known facts.

          1. bill katz

            events as seen through your eyes would tend to be a little slanted wouldn’t you agree, GALT?

        2. Johngaltwhereru

          Events seen through everyone’s eyes are slanted.

          That is unrelated to passing off
          conjecture as fact.

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