Suzio Requests A Recount In 13th Senate District

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One week after Republican Leonard Suzio lost his state Senate seat to Democrat Dante Bartolomeo, he is asking for a recount.

In a letter to Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, Suzio said he wants a recount because substantial errors have already been identified, and there is the potential for more errors.

Suzio lost the race by 238 votes.

Suzio says errors occurred and more may be identified because the two candidates ran on five party lines. He said this created confusion and resulted in people voting in the \”unknown\” category.

Suzio also said that the head moderator in Meriden was the campaign treasurer for Bartolomeo, and he said that moderator refused to request a recount before sending the final vote tallies to Merrill.

\”I do not allege any improprieties on his account,\” Suzio wrote in his letter. \”But I do point out the Head Moderator’s obvious conflict of interest which undermines the need to give the public assurance that the vote count was administered in an impartial manner.\”


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4 thoughts on “Suzio Requests A Recount In 13th Senate District

  1. Charlie Lynch

    The margin in this race doesn’t qualify for a recount, one half of one percent is 199 votes and Suzio lost by 238, the statue is perfectly clear on this.

    Suzio’s only recourse is to go to court if he feels there are enough substantial errors.

  2. MrLogical

    If there was an Olympic event in voter registration and ballot fraud, the Democrats would have a lock on the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

    Just look at the debacles now being uncovered in states like Ohio and Florida where the number of ballots cast far exceeded the num,ber of registered voters in HUNDREDS of precisncts.

    The Chicago & Cook County crooks are running the show for the Democrats, and it’s not just in Illinois anymore. Have no doubt.

  3. Gompers

    If Suzio is alleging that the election is not legitimate because political party operatives run the polls then he is arguing to undo every election in American history. It is amazing that the Republicans have become so obsessed with vote fraud considering their subverting of the 2000 presidential election.

    It’s amusing that Suzio advocated cutting every aspect of the state budget, particularly programs for the poor and middle class. However, now that there is a statistically impossible longshot that could favor him, the state should spend thousands of dollars to take it.

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