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Esty To Attend Orientation In D.C. This Week

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Elizabeth Esty, who won the 5th Congressional District seat on Election Day, is heading to Washington, D.C., this week for orientation.

Orientation for new members of Congress is a two-week ordeal.

The first week begins Tuesday and ends Saturday.

A briefing on ethics is scheduled. They will also learn how to set up their offices, manage their office budgets and hire personnel. A \”member-elect class photo\” will also be taken.

The second week of orientation will be held Nov. 27 through Dec. 1.

During the second week, a reception will be held at the Botanic Garden. New members of Congress will also tour the House of Representatives\’ chamber, attend a seminar on the legislative process and take part in perhaps the most significant event of all: the lottery to determine what office the new Congresswoman receives.


Election Night: Nancy Johnson Was In Torrington To Support Roraback

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Former U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson, who represented 5th Congressional District towns for years before losing her 2007 re-election bid to Democrat Chris Murphy, was in Torrington on Tuesday to support congressional candidate and fellow Republican Andrew Roraback.

Roraback, of Goshen, lost the 5th District seat to Democrat Elizabeth Esty, of Cheshire.

Johnson spent about an hour at the Backstage restaurant chatting with Roraback supporters and watching the numbers come in. However, she left long before Roraback entered the room to deliver his concession speech.  Continue reading

5th District Candidates Looking To Meet As Many Voters As Possible

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Congressional candidates Elizabeth Esty and Andrew Roraback are busy today, touring the 5th Congressional District in an effort to secure more votes.

Esty, a Democrat, is making stops in several communities, including New Britain, Farmington and Simsbury. Over the weekend, Esty spoke with voters at a handful of grocery stores, her spokesman said.

Roraback, a Republican, began his Monday by doing an interview with WPRX 1120 AM in Berlin, a Spanish-language radio station. He was then expected to meet with other elected officials and voters at two different diners in Danbury.

Later, Roraback\’s spokesman said he will be knocking on doors and visiting supermarkets.

Roraback is expected to vote in Goshen at 9 a.m. on Tuesday before visiting several 5th District polling places.

Esty is expected to vote in Cheshire at 11 a.m.

New Finance Reports: Roraback Has More Cash Than Esty

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During the first 17 days of October, Republican congressional candidate Andrew Roraback raised and spent more money than his opponent, Democrat Elizabeth Esty.

His latest campaign finance report also shows that he had more money on hand as of Oct. 17.

Esty, however, has raised more money overall.

The latest finance reports for Roraback and Esty were filed with the Federal Election Commission Thursday. They take into account contributions and spending from Oct. 1 through Oct. 17.

Roraback, of Goshen, reported raising $241,722 during that time and $1.3 million overall. According to his report, he spent $345,899 over those 17 days. He had $202,794 on hand as of Oct. 17.

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House Majority PAC Accuses Roraback Of Distracting Voters

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One day after the National Republican Congressional Committee released an ad targeting congressional candidate Elizabeth Esty, the House majority political action committee fires back in her defense.

The political action committee began airing an ad Friday that says Esty\’s opponent, Republican Andrew Roraback, is attacking Esty to distract voters from his own record of raising taxes.

The ad will be aired through Election Day and cost nearly $500,000.

Shuster In Connecticut Today; Clinton To Come Sunday

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With Election Day just 12 days away, political candidates are not slowing down — even with talk of Hurricane Sandy hitting Connecticut next week.

This morning, U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy, a Democrat, discussed Social Security and Medicare benefits with AARP members during a telephone conversation. His opponent, Republican Linda McMahon, did the same thing on Thursday.

This afternoon, Murphy will stop in New Haven to visit small businesses with state Rep. Juan Candelaria, D-New Haven, and on Sunday, former U.S. President Bill Clinton will campaign for Murphy at Library Park in Waterbury.

McMahon also has a rally planned for Sunday at 1 p.m. in Watertown.

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Esty Talks About Health Care; Comments On RNCC Ad

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Democrat Elizabeth Esty held a press conference in Farmington Thursday to talk about health care reform and its importance to women.

Esty supports the president\’s health care law.

Esty, a one-term state representative, cited her 2009 vote in support of Sustinet, the affordable health care plan that was passed by the state legislature, as a reason why 5th Congressional District residents should vote for her. She also said she has a history of fighting for women\’s rights.

\”I have a record quite unmatched by him,\” Esty said, of her opponent, Republican Andrew Roraback.

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NRCC Names Esty One Of Most Corrupt Candidates

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The National Republican Congressional Committee has a new ad that targets Democrat Elizabeth Esty.

It talks about how Esty, a Democrat, has received congressional campaign contributions from corporations or lobbyists who are regulated by her husband\’s state agency.

Her husband, Dan, is commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The state Democratic Party responded to the new ad Wednesday by issuing a press release.

\”Andrew Roraback and the NRCC don\’t seem to understand that in the 21\’st century both a husband and a wife can both pursue public service,” said Nancy DiNardo, party chairwoman, in the release.

Esty Goes After Roraback In Third Debate

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In their third debate held on Wednesday, Democrat Elizabeth Esty likened her 5th Congressional District opponent, Republican Andrew Roraback, to a child who favors dessert over vegetables.

It was the portion of the debate that focused on health care reform. Roraback, who wants the law repealed, said there are good provisions in the president\’s health care law, but stressed that the law has unintended consequences and is costly.

\”I think we can do better,\” he said.

Esty, who supports the president\’s law, responded by making a statement about Roraback and his position.

\”What we are hearing from Andrew is like the kid saying, \’\”I want to start with the sundae and get to the spinach later,\’\” she said.

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Roraback And Esty Talk To Business Leaders In Avon

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Both Democrat Elizabeth Esty and Republican Andrew Roraback were in Avon at a candidate breakfast Tuesday morning.

The event was sponsored by the Capitol Region Chambers Partnership, and the candidates briefly addressed the small group. They also fielded a few questions.

It wasn\’t a formal debate, but both candidates worked to set themselves apart as they discussed health care reform, the United States\’ budget deficit and the country\’s relationship with China.