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Himes To Throw Holiday Party To Thank Supporters

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U.S. Congressman Jim Himes is throwing a party to thank his supporters.

\"\"Himes, a Democrat who was first elected to Congress in 2008, beat Republican Steve Obsitnik in November\’s 4th Congressional District election.

In an email sent Sunday from his campaign email address, Himes invited supporters to join him for a holiday get-together on Dec. 10 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the South Norwalk Brewhouse on Marshall Street in Norwalk.

\”It\’s my way of saying thanks for all of your help this year,\” he wrote. \” I couldn\’t have done it without you.\”

Invited guests are expected to let Himes know if they are coming.

Himes Raises More Money; Obsitnik Spends More

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Democrat Jim Himes, who is running for re-election in the 4th Congressional District, raised more money than his opponent, Republican Steve Obsitnik, during the third quarter.

As Election Day nears, Himes also has more cash on hand.

Campaign finance reports for the third quarter were filed with the Federal Election Commission Monday. The reports take into account contributions and spending between July 1 and Sept. 30. Continue reading

Eric Cantor To Stump For Obsitnik In Greenwich Sunday

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U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., and his wife, Diana, will join congressional candidate Steve Obsitnik at Temple Sholom in Greenwich on Sunday.

Obsitnik, a Republican from Stamford, is running against incumbent Jim Himes, a Democrat from Greenwich, in Connecticut\’s 4th Congressional District race.

Cantor is the U.S. House of Representatives\’ majority leader and is often considered a controversial figure. He is well-liked by Tea Party activists.

Sunday\’s event, which will include opening remarks and a meet and greet, will begin at 9:30 a.m. It is not open to the public.  Continue reading

Four Debates Scheduled In The 4th Congressional District

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U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat who represents Connecticut\’s 4th Congressional District, is running for re-election, and he\’s facing Republican Steve Obsitnik.

The candidates will meet four times to discuss issues before Election Day. The first debate is this Wednesday.

Here are the details:

– Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. at the Greenwich Hyatt Regency, 1800 E. Putnam Ave., Greenwich. This debate will focus on foreign affairs and is being sponsored by the World Affairs Forum and Moffly Media.

– Oct. 18 at noon at the Norwalk Inn, 99 East Ave., Norwalk.  The event\’s sponsors are the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce and News 12 CT.

– Oct. 28 at 4 p.m. at Wilton High School, 395 Danbury Road, Wilton. The debate is being sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

– Nov. 2 at 10 a.m. at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn, 1070 Main St., Bridgeport. The AARP is sponsoring this debate.

Live Blog: Reactions to Roll In on Health Care Ruling Throughout the Day

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This just in, from Republican Fifth District candidate Andrew Roraback, who spoke this afternoon at the state Capitol in Hartford:


 “The Supreme Court’s decision was quite a finesse,” he said. “There’s no disputing that our health care system is not well, but there’s also no disputing that Obamacare is not the right medicine to address the problems we face.”

“I think that what we need to do as a society is go back to square one and begin to develop a health care policy that we can afford as a nation and that will not lead to the government growing more, costing more and intruding more into our individual lives.”

“I think the mandate is a cleverly described tax increase. That kind of policy really changes the realtionship between the federal government and the people and I think we can do much better.”


The first reaction of the day to the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the federal health care law was from U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, of Connecticut\’s 3rd congressional district.


“This is a victory for the American people,\” DeLauro said in a statement. “The uncertainty created by the false questioning of the Act’s legality has been settled and states, insurance companies and businesses can move forward and keep carrying out the important health care and consumer protection provisions contained in the law.  With this decision Congress can focus on what matters most to American families—strengthening our economy, creating jobs, generating economic growth and building a stronger middle class.”


From Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy on Twitter:



Just in from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon, one of our first Republicans to respond:


\”Today\’s decision by the High Court is extremely disappointing,\” she said in a statement. \”The American people were told that this legislation would lower costs. It hasn\’t. They were told that it would not increase taxes. It does.

\”The tax increases that finance this will devastate small businesses and middle class families.\”

\”Our choice this November is all the clearer. The majority of Americans oppose the President\’s health care plan because it raises taxes on small businesses, cuts Medicare by $500 billion and increases costs. I opposed it because Connecticut small business owners have told me about the negative impact it has had on their ability to create jobs. But now the real work begins, and that\’s why it is so important for Connecticut voters to send someone to Washington who will implement common-sense, market-based solutions that increase patient choice, control costs, and expand access to coverage for all Americans.

\”I know what it’s like for the millions of Americans who lie awake at night worried about what they would do if, God forbid, something happened to a loved one and they couldn’t afford the medical care they need, because I’ve been there. When I found out I was pregnant with my son Shane, we didn’t have health insurance because we couldn’t afford it. As we reform our health care system, we should always remember those Americans, including many here in Connecticut, who every day face the uncertainty and fear of being without insurance or access to quality care.




Now from Chris Donovan, Democratic candidate in the fifth district race, in an interview with Capitol Watch:

\”It upholds the promise of health care for every for every American,\” he said.

He said he was not worried about Republicans now pivoting from court challenges to instead using the ruling as campaign tactic–telling voters that they will repeal the law in an effort to get voters\’ support in the Fifth District:

\”Everyone where I go, people want quality affordable health care and I look forward to touting this proposal and when I get to congress, working to carry out the provision and make it even better,\” he said. \”We have medicare that\’s been around for many years and it falls in line with Medicare, which people have a very positive opinion of,\” he said.



From Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and 5th District congressman Chris Murphy:

\”The Supreme Court did the right thing, and today, Connecticut residents can have confidence that they will get better and more affordable care in the years to come,\” he said in a statement. \”I was a strong supporter of the bill because it was the right way to begin fixing a very broken health care system. Though this was a split decision by the court, it’s now time for Republicans to stop their attempts to repeal this bill, so that we can come together to implement it in a way that benefits Connecticut patients and taxpayers.\”




But Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chris Shays is calling for repeal and even took a shot a Murphy in a statement:

\”The Supreme Court\’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of the individual healthcare mandate just reaffirms the need to send someone to the United States Senate who has the ability to repeal this destructive law.  Obamacare is the single greatest infringement on our individual liberties and personal freedoms that we have seen in my generation. This was a power grab of the U.S. health care system by Chris Murphy, a Democratic Congress and the Obama Administration.\”




Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Susan Bysiewicz said the law and today\’s ruling represent \”the single largest step forward for health care in a generation\”:

\”Despite today’s ruling it is clear that the effort to provide affordable and accessible health care to every American is far from over,\” she said in a statement. \”Over the next few months Republicans will use every tool they have to take apart the Affordable Care Act. I will stand with the millions of American families and 300,000 Connecticut families who desperately need the quality and affordable care which is provided by this law.\”




Mark Greenberg, Republican candidate in the fifth district race, is vowing to fight for a legislative repeal:

\”Despite the Supreme Court decision ObamaCare is still a disaster for working families, and I am outraged that the government takeover of our healthcare system has been upheld by the Court.  Unless ObamaCare is repealed millions of American families will lose their current healthcare coverage and will be forced into new government-run healthcare programs.

\”Several new ObamaCare taxes and burdensome regulations on small businesses will take effect over the next two years.  We must repeal ObamaCare before it can do any more harm to the economy, and if elected to Congress I will fight for immediate repeal.\”




Justin Bernier, another Republican candidate vying for the fifth district nod, said he hadn\’t read the entire ruling yet, but said he has some \”initial impressions\” of it:

\”The first is that, with the ruling focused on the ability of Congress to tax the American people, this decision essentially makes a liar out of President Obama, who promised to never increase taxes on the middle class,\” Bernier said in a statement. \”Secondly, it seems to me that the issue has been returned to the legislative branch. The next Congress will have the opportunity to repeal this burden on the American people and that\’s the first thing I will be fighting for as Representative to the people in the 5th District.\”




Elizabeth Esty, Democratic candidate in the fifth district race, praised the ruling and said it\’s time to move on:

\”The Supreme Court has made the right decision both legally and morally, and I applaud the President\’s courage in taking on much needed reform,\” she said in a statement.  \”Now that the Court has ruled, it\’s time for both parties to stop bickering and start solving problems – making quality healthcare more affordable and, most importantly, creating jobs and rebuilding our middle class.\”




Republican Fifth District candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley felt the same as her rivals, that the should be repealed, but said doing so was especially important because of the current down economy.

\”[T]he Supreme Court has, in effect, given Congress an unlimited ability to tax families and businesses to create a huge federally driven system,\” she said in a statement. \”With a deficit of $16 trillion, it is hard to imagine how our economy can survive and create opportunity with this decision.\”

She praised some universally popular portions of the law–those dealing with pre-existing conditions and allowing children to stay on their parents\’ insurance plans–but said her experience in the health care field makes her the best candidate to help craft the law\’s repeal:

\”The Supreme Court has exercised its Constitutional role but now is the time for Congress to work together on a health care plan that will give every American confidence that this critical issue will be addressed while not destroying our economy,\” she said.



Now from Dan Roberti, another Democratic candidate in the fifth district race, in an interview with Capitol Watch:


\”It\’s great and of course, it\’s made all the more stronger that Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the decision. That should put to rest the issue of the
constitutionality of this.\”

\”It appears that there have been comments that Republicans will still challenge the affordable care act. But it\’s a big  win for Democrats and president Obama to be able to say that this is constitutionally sound. More importantly, it\’s an extremely big win for millions of Americans who will be able to have access to health care.\”


Continue reading