Take That Texas! CT At Top of National Well-Being Index

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Connecticut-haters, this one is going to hurt a little: a comparison of critical quality of life indicators reveals that Nutmeggers have it pretty good when it comes to life expectancy, educational attainment and income.

According to the \”American Human Development Index\” prepared by Measure of America, Connecticut is the best state to live, when it comes to a variety of health, income and education indicators.  The study was funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.






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6 thoughts on “Take That Texas! CT At Top of National Well-Being Index

  1. Megel

    This is a Megel again. Me and my a family move a from Texas to Connecticut and agree with new story. You a so kind here. We get a big welfare check, free a rent and health care. We live a like kings here compare a to Texas, and tell everyone to come here. We like a CT, so much a free and no have to work. We a come, and you a pay.

  2. Donna Lucia del Vedorez

    Thank you thank you thank you governor Malloy. I have 8 little ones and I’m working on some more and I need help and you half made this work. my childrens will all be democrat and vote for you in the future 15 to 18 years.

    I tell friends hispanico and family come to Connecticut they like us here.

    we keep coming over and over. we are also very fertile and we keep reproducing so that one day, we are the majority group. if any of you want to go from connecticut, we will raise some money for one way ticket – into long island sound maybe.

  3. John R. McCommas

    I don’t hate Connecticut Mr. Green. I do live here after all.

    What I don’t like is the hostile business climate, the high taxes, too many freebies for the loafer class, letting criminals out of jail and having them kill store clerks etc. That sort of thing I think we can better do without.

    As for the outfit you speak of, I have never heard of it. Why should anyone value their opinion if you have never heard of it before and probably will never hear of it again?

    I would like to see a study done on only those willing to work. Has anyone done a study on just the productive and non-lazy people and see how they are doing? I will concede that he people who don’t work in Connecticut are probably better off than people who don’t work in Texas. We have more free stuff handed out than they do. Its even legal to smoke pot all day long here nowadays.

  4. Connecticut Rocks!

    John, you have heard of all these groups who were previously listed in this blog as giving CT a poor ranking?

    The Institute for Truth in Accounting
    Conning Inc.’s State of the States Municipal Credit Research Report
    Connecticut Council for Education Reform
    Cato Institute

    Guess you have to ignore them too.

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