#TeenActivists Call For Second Amendment Sanity

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\"SAS\"A Newtown-based teen organization calling for common sense solutions to reduce gun violence is asking like-minded young people across the country to join its cause. The group is called Second Amendment Sanity and has invited interested teens to attend a meeting Monday in Newtown.

17-year-old Newtown resident Jake Snyder founded the organization after the son of a teacher his family\’s home-school group works with was killed in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary on Dec. 14.

\”Gun violence is getting worse and worse and it\’s time for all of us–no matter how old we are–to actually do something about it,\” Snyder said in a press release.

Members of the organization want to use their age to their advantage, and urge Millennials who cannot attend the meeting to get involved online.

\”There are lots of things kids and teens can do using the Internet and email,\” said 16-year-old Dakota LeRoy in the statement, which directed people to the organization\’s Facebook page.

The meeting will take place Monday at 7:00 at Edmond Town Hall.

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8 thoughts on “#TeenActivists Call For Second Amendment Sanity

  1. Bill

    The next wave: Go in strength. We need you to help carry the torch well into the future.

    Go in peace. Organize in numbers. Go in strength.

  2. Randy DaRos

    Sadly more ignorance being foisted upon the young people of this state. An informed person would know that so called gun violence has declined by a full 50% in the past two decades.

  3. johngaltwhereru

    This youngster seems to be confusing military with militia. Not surprising, since he was educated in Connecticut, and therefore probably been taught a very skewed analysis of the Amendment.

    1. Liberty Belle

      That is what is often said of the young. They don’t know anything. They are seductively impressionistic instead of idealistic. And that their short attention spans will be their own Achilles heel.

      That is what they say. That is what you say.

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        Oh, I didn’t say the youngster didn’t know anything. I didn’t say any of the stuff you said.

        I was simply pointing out, based on his Facebook page which notes that we already have an Army, Air Force, ect., to take care of militia duties, that he didn’t seem to know the difference between the two.

  4. enness

    “Gun violence is getting worse and worse”

    This contradicts everything the expert criminologists said at the time. Was anybody else listening?

    If that’s an indication of what ‘sanity’ I can expect, I appreciate their good intentions but I’m not heartened.

  5. Harry Hoku

    The young lad needs to have a smart conversation with representatives of the NRA before it gets out of hand.

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