Texas Congressmen To CT Gun Makers: Come On Down!

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A dozen Congressmen from Texas have written three Connecticut firearms manufacturers, urging them to move to the Lone Star State. The letter was sent to PTR-Precision Technologies Inc. of Enfield, Marlin Firearms Company of North Haven and the Mossberg Corporation, also in located in North Haven.

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54 thoughts on “Texas Congressmen To CT Gun Makers: Come On Down!

    1. Kim

      no disguise at all, this is a blessing. Hopefully all the gun nuts will leave CT for Texas, where they can all kill each other there.

      1. Susan

        Kim, I’ll bet you are a flaming no good liberal. Stay in CT and pay your Malloy tax. I’m leaving.

        1. Jeb Potchagalloop

          You are all wrong about Kim. He is an extremist fascist, ignorant right wing nut. Last year he repeatedly tormented another poster on these blogs. Well, let me show you the content as an example of his madness.

          kim is also posting as: Patrick Henry, Circling the Drain, America is Dying,Forest Chump, possibly “Cut the Bull,” and other names. here it is, ladies and gentlemen:

          “Last year, the poster, Kim, was also known as Kimmerian in the Hartford Courant threads at the end of articles. If you didn’t agree with him, he became aggressive and negative as he is now. At one point, he began a repetitive invitation to a leftist-leaning poster called “The Professor” to perform fellatio on him. This outrageous demand went on for days.

          I believe that he exhibits passive/aggressive tendencies. In addition, his aggressiveness leads me to ruminate on  the lack of parental love shown to him in early childhood. This signifies a need to be cuddled and controlled.  This is characteristic of an obedient bottom with anger management problems.
          Kimmerian becomes a sociopath by design and his lack of early nurturing should be grounds for immediate neutering before he becomes a danger to himself and to others and before he replicates his model and avenges society for his shortcomings. His need for attention leads me to believe that he would show improvement in an institutional setting for an indefinite period of time.
          As a psychologist, these are my observational findings which of course lack more complete clinical testing. We would be happy if Kimmerian would visit our Abnormal Psychology Clinic for study.”

          1. Kim

            jeb, why don’t you just admit to being bill katz of west hartford. here you are posting as susan, jeb, AND kim and having conversations with your pathetic lonely self.

            I guess it’s clear why you won’t use your real name

          2. Jeb Potchagalloop

            sure, if it makes you feel frisky, I am bill katz from west hartford or where ever and who ever you want to believe I am. but you are obviously a low functioning coward of the highest order. you are a sociopath deviate troll who wakes up late each morning to check on who has abused your fine reputation in order to enjoy a little attention.

      2. Esmerelda Frankel

        We don’t think the NRA are good guys.
        We don’t need their guns in every square.
        Global warming don’t mean my ice tea is melting.
        In New England, clam chowder is our fare.

  1. Truefacts

    Time to leave and take all the jobs with you.
    As the rest of the country can see the gun bills will do nothing to stop another Newtown. It will be great to see the added unemployment and families looking for aid.
    So I guess its a blessing in disguise for the liberal morons.

  2. Deep Time

    Yes, Truefacts, so using your logic we might as well erase ALL laws off the books since criminals won’t follow them anyway. Murder, rape, robbery – who cares?

    And I am more than happy to see these death peddlers take their companies and jobs elsewhere. Good riddance and enjoy yourselves in the backwards south. And take all of these gun zealots with you while you are at it, they are a black spot on our otherwise enlightened people.

    1. Forest Chump

      only a fool like billyboy would post such nonsense.

      Your extremism does not work in this conversation. Before CT passed it’s under-the-table, we’ll-fill-in-the-blanks later, gun control bill, there were and are plenty of laws on the books. They simply weren’t enforced.

      So the answer to your question is ‘Yes, erase all laws that aren’t being enforced.

      If you were really concerned about murder, rape and robbery you would be in favor of the victims’ right to defend themselves as allowed by the constitituion and bill of rights. Let’s not pretend otherwise, deep time.

      Of course you won’t tell us why it is WE who should move and not those of you who don’t like our constitution and bill of rights. After all, there are plenty of countries and states where liberty-haters can live with other zealots of their kind, without trying to force their views on the rest of us.

      Go – good riddance – we’ll keep the jobs, the manufacturers, and our rights, thank you very much. What we don’t need is you

      1. bill

        Forest Chump, aka Kim, the infamous obedient bottom to Dr Johngalt:

        I invite you to go join them. Ah but wait; the only place that will take you is a Florida nursing home on the edge of the Everglades in a swamp.

        go for it, Kimmie.

    2. raul

      Compare growth & employement of Liberal CT with Texas and many other Southern cities……..
      All,yes all of the current failing cities are infested with Demorcatic corruption and Ct is falling right in line…Enjoy the decay(aka black spot) you deserve it.

    3. tao

      Let me ask you this, when someone breaks into your house and tries to rape you, are you going to call the police and pray they’ll get there in few minutes while he’s on top of you or would you rather make a run for a firearm and try to take him down?

      1. Jose

        Senior; I always ask my mami to please rape me but she no likes that. so I slap her around a bit then she rapes me good. i like it.

  3. America Is Dying

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall. America is not United and it is falling just like the State of CT.

        1. Kim

          Tao –

          the ‘kim’ you are referring to is most likely bill katz impersonating him. He does it to everyone – it’s called trolling.

          The real Kim (me)is an independent, and NRA member and proud of it, and against virtually everything bill katz posts. He can’t stand it and can’t rationally argue so he belittles and calls names. When that doesn’t work he impersonates the person whom he can’t defeat in rational conversation
          He is the fool liberal on these blogs who takes great pride in undermining our freedoms.

          He posts under names like susan/billy/bill/guns kill kids/wildbill/Pamela Robinson/code green and a new one here Jose, and many others.

          He impersonates Kim, America is Dying, CT Citizen and John Galt on a regular basis. He’ll impersonate you if you continue to make sense.

          1. bill

            Kim, I really like when you put my name to every poster who opposes you. But I will correct you and say that the above is not me. You are often wrong with your IDs. Probably because you indulge in multiple aliases, you think I do it. I do on occasion use your name. but the other names are other people.

            and of course, I don’t care if you believe me. i won’t mention this again.

        2. Esmeralda Frankel


          I am Dr Esmeralda Frankel and Kim has been in my care since puberty. He has suffered from almost every disease known to man (and some unknown ones) and now he has terminal herpes of the brain. There is not much we can do for him at his advance stage but we give toy replicas of AR-15 rifles and it seems to calm him down for awhile.

          Try not to upset him because when this happens, we have to take little Kimmie and slip his arms into a white padded jacket aka a straight jacket. since he must be place in this clothing attire often, we labeled it “the Kim jacket.”

      1. Randy


        You need to go look in a mirror. Violence is driven by senseless hatred. And the only one exhibiting those traits is yourself.

      2. Cut the bull

        Connecticut will not prosper with you liberal, socialist, hippies running around..you are the failure..you take a look in the mirror! You support welfare, you support unemployment benefits, you don’t believe in blue collar hard work because you have never done any…you’re all brain and no brawn…

      3. Forest Chump

        sorry kids, that’s billyboy/wildbill/gunskillkids impersonating Kim. You should be able to recognize the difference by now

      4. Kim

        nice try billy boy. I could be wrong but I’m guessing you’re yet another iteration of Bill Katz, hiding behind someone else’s name because you’re too ashamed to speak under your own. Be proud, bill

        1. Kim

          The Kim above is not me. And at this point, I am simply confused as to who I really am since I have been hiding behind so many aliases. I know I have been called many things here and some are true.

  4. Bruce

    Marlin is part of Freedom Arms , and they moved production to New York and Kentucky over a year ago .

    Funny thing is that Malloy could not/would not try to keep those 200+ blue collar jobs in CT , but wanted to give Freedom Arms $1,000,000.00 to move 25 white collar jobs to his home town AFTER they laid off the regular working stiffs…

  5. Gun Nut Cowboy

    Cowboy up, gun nuts. Civilized people around the country in states like NY, MA, CT, CA and CO are passing responsible gun laws. Thanks to the lack of Federal legislation, TX will always be a home for those that want to stock up on weapons of mass destruction and kill each other in glorious shootouts.

    Yeee Hawwww! Shoot ‘em up, Cowboys!


    1. tao

      oh yea, and CT, NY, and MA are doing so great as far as economy goes and crime rates… dumbass…

      1. Kim

        tao – gun nut cowboy is another example of bill posting under an alias. Trolling, in other words. Just looking to get a rise out of honest people who take pride in their country and it’s constitution. He prefers other countries but insists on staying here.

        Now that I’m reading these posts, it’s likely that tao, gun nuts, jose, randy etc are all bill conversing with himself. Not at all unusual. No one else wants to talk to him

        If this is you bill katz, you’re busted. man up

  6. walls

    The recently passed legislation will only hurt law-abiding citizens. Look at the Boston Marathon bombers; their guns weren’t registered – SURPRISE!

    If you had a crazed Muslim terrorist running toward your house in Watertown, CT [instead of Watertown, MA], what would you want to defend your family with:

    1. 7-bullet magazine MAX [the Cuomo Special]
    2. 10-bullet magazine MAX [the Malloy Special]
    3. 30-bullet magazine AR-15 MAX

    I wish the CT gun manufacturers the best of luck as they relocate; they’ll really prosper once they rid themselves of democratic liberalism and regulation.

    1. Gun Nut Cowboy

      #3 clearly is the favorite weapon for crazed gun nuts to kill as many innocent children as possible.

      Crazed gun nuts have killed many more Americans than muslims. As a result, the FBI should track NRA members much more closely than any muslims.

      1. Buttpincher

        if the AR15 is the favorite of crazed gun nuts because they kill many then why do the cops want them?

      2. Cut the bull

        Your fact is way off..show me over 1,200 deaths from “crazed gun nuts”…..1,200 from TWC alone those were civilians but that doesn’t matter to you because they weren’t children from a rich small white suburban town…

    2. The Conn-servative

      You are absolutely correct. The recently passed gun law will only hurt law abiding citizens – this is exactly what they want. They want you + I to become frustrated and throw in the towel.This is their goal.

    1. Gun Nut Cowboy

      the laws obviously weren’t tough enough.

      Ban them all, like in the UK and Australia and gun violence will drop to near zero.

      1. Truefacts

        Then the criminals use a knife like in england and china. So they ban knives next, its not the tool its people that kill.

        1. me too

          You came out of your “Kim the Koward” worm hole just as expected.

          Better crawl back in before a blackbird gets you.

    2. Cut the bull

      happened in Chicago too….muggings increased, murders in the poor parts of town increased causing segregation..i.e. people didn’t feel safe on the streets…

  7. shoot 'em up

    please be my guest and leave this nutmeg state and take all the yahoos with you. I’ll hire a train to put you’ll on and ship you to texas.

    let’s go, yahoos.

  8. Buttpincher

    All the gun companies should leave CT and take their employees with them. Once settled in they should boycott CT 100% including CT law enforcement.

      1. Truefacts

        I don’t understand your reasoning, you would like no one armed but the criminals.
        Do you live in your own little world because there has been violence since the beginning of time.

  9. Cut the bull

    That letter actually sounds like it’s from a state that has something going for it….Literally read that letter! Connecticut couldn’t say those things to prospective business I’m just saying in general what does Connecticut offer national business’s…….a diverse work force???

    1. walls

      Well … they have Malloy’s ‘Next Five’ program. But the gun legislation started an unintended program, the ‘Goodbye Five’ program.

      1. Gun Nut Cowboy

        what cha all waitin for?

        get ur pikup trucks, load ur guns and head to TX already!


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