Texting Behind the Wheel? That\’ll Cost You (Even More), Even When Stopped

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Capitol Watch\’s Daniela Altimari reports in today\’s Courant that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has signed two new laws that could make it a lot more expensive to use your phone while trying to dodge traffic.

\"textdriving\"It\’s already illegal to use a handheld device while on the road in Connecticut, but starting Oct. 1 the fine for that offense goes up and drivers who talk or tap the keys while behind the wheel could also see their car insurance rates go up. The other law Malloy signed means that drivers could face those penalties even when their car isn\’t moving.

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Supporters say the goal of the new measures is to make Connecticut\’s roads safer. Federal traffic statistics showed that thousands of deadly crashes across the country last year involved a distracted driver. And some anti-texting advocates even say that efforts to curb phone use on the road will be like the campaign to discourage drunken driving.

Here\’s one texting while driving PSA created in 2011 by the Ad Council:

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4 thoughts on “Texting Behind the Wheel? That\’ll Cost You (Even More), Even When Stopped

  1. billy boggs

    this is much needed. I’m tired of having to beep the driver in front of me at a stop light because he/she is texting. I might buy a cell blocker and just keep it turned on while driving. Illegal here, but they can be purchased in China, of course.

  2. sharpshooter

    Haedline should read: ‘Texting Behind the Wheel? That’ll Cost You (Even More), If You’re Stopped”…it doesn’t matter what the fine is if the law remains unenforced….

  3. peter

    “It’s already illegal to use a handheld device while on the road in Connecticut”. Yeah, like people are going to change their habits with new laws. There’s not a day goes by I see people talking or texting on their phones. Cops, forget about it. They never pull someone over for that. Wishful thinking from our Progressives. If we put it in writing it makes it so.

  4. fred

    In 2012, police in Connecticut issued 29,435 tickets for violations of the state’s prohibition against using handheld electronic devices while driving, according to statistic compiled by the Judicial Branch.

    In 2004 state police gave out about 77,000 speeding tickets.

    It looks like they are making an effort. Maybe increased fines will start to change habits.

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