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6 thoughts on “The $170 Million In Malloy Budget Cuts Are Here

  1. Jamie M

    It’s a good thing we spent a jillion dollars on a 9-mile busway, connecting two failing cities, which no one will ride.

    Rick, how can your paper endorse nothing but tax-and-spend liberals, and then act chocked when it comes time to pay the bill?

    In 2010, most of the country saw the writing on the wall, and turned to the right. We turned further to the left. Yuo reap what you sow.

    This state is a perfect example of what 50 years of pure, unchecked liberalism gets you. Lost in the scare of cuts is th efact that the citizenry of this state have made enormous personal sacrifices to give our legislators as much money as any state in th enation. But they were incredibly irresponsible with all that money.

    The highest tax rates in the nation, applied to the highest incomes in the nation, plus hundrdes of millions of dollars each year from the casinos…we truly don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. And that will get much worse when millions of Baby Boomers start accessing their entitlements…our current problems are nothing compared to our unfinded liabilities for pensions and healthcare benefits to unions.

  2. Philip S. Augur

    Can someone please explain what “Personal Services” are in the context of this document? It shows up in almost every subsection, and is often quite large. A little more insight would be appreciated. Additionally, I don’ think any line item of $100,000 or greater should be allowed to be labeled “Other…”

    1. johngaltwhereru

      The $100K rule for “other” would be a good law, however, I don’t believe any tax payer money should go to anything labled”other”.

      The “New England Governor’s Conference” budget should be cut to $0, as it no longer exists and is now CONEG. I am not willing to read the budget to find out, but I would bet CONEG has it’s own allocation.

      And if we have a deficit/shortfall/overspend or whatever else you would like to call it of over $1 Billion, why is only $150 Million being cut? Is it OK to spend $850 Million more than we take in, as long as it isn’t $1 Trillion?

  3. Da Troof

    Has anyone checked the state employee union suggestion box recently? I believe another $150M in savings are in there somewhere.

  4. gail

    I believe the entitlement culture of food stamps, housing & free medical care for those who cheat the system
    are in order.

    Guy right under my nose collects cash rents from a commercial building doesnt report it, has 3 kids and a wife who works but is on Husky Medical. Now he opens another business.

    Priceless – he’s cheating taxpayers and should be caught, penalized and his house confiscated which he pays on with unreported income.

    Think thats fair? I guesstimate he cheated $500K plus do the math on free husky medical for a family of 5.

    Where can this be reported? Seems like the DSS office
    doesnt push a pencil there.

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