The Bloomberg Gun Ad

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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is bankrolling a $12 million ad blitz this week supporting background checks for guns. As Congress moves closer to voting on new gun legislation, the ads will run in 13 states.

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7 thoughts on “The Bloomberg Gun Ad

  1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    If this country allow Mr Bloomberg to start dictating what happens in this country we will lose all of our freedoms and free will. Resist this man. Tell your friends, family and neighbors. He thinks he can impose his beliefs because he is the 1% and he knows better than us. I may not know better, but I know I want to make the decisions affecting me in my life. Last time I checked this was still the United States of America. I was taught that no one was allowed to tell me what size soda I could have, if I could put salt on my food, cook my french fry’s in whatever oil I want, smoke a cigarette, cigar, or pipe, or choose what commonly sold firearm I could purchase to protect my family and community. That is what I was taught, freedom and liberty. They are dying due to people like Mr. Bloomberg.

  2. Connecticut is Dying Too

    What on earth is a standing politician doing spending $12m on an ad trying to sway public policy? Do we have no shame anymore?

    This country is going down the crapper.

  3. wildbill

    Michael Bloomberg has a perfect right to fund this kind of campaign. you know, it is call the 1st amendment right to free speech? Or did you conveniently forget that little amendment?

    This fund should serve as a modal for everyone who wants to contribute to a safer society. We should begin funding all across the country.

    This is the beginning. Once we can study the Congressmen who have voted against gun control, we can then target them and put up candidates to run against them one one issue only.

    Then after we take Congress back, we keep the presidency so that eventually we get a 5th strong liberal in at the Supreme Court.

  4. The Conn-servative

    I wonder if Bloomie will give up his security detail? Check out this video recently taken in Manhattan. Do as I say ,not as I do. It’s not ok to ask for id of someone asking poignant questions to Mr Big Mayor,but you are violating the civil rights if you do the same to a perceived illegal alien upon a traffic stop. It’s all about control.

    1. wildbill

      cunn-serv: I saw the video. If I had been in the security, I would have responded the same way. The “press” guy is a nut case. he could have had a gun on him. Security followed correct protocol. That’s all you got? Remember, guns remain available for every nut job including the ones who troll these blogs.

  5. The Conn-servative

    Correct protocol? I’ll give you that during the first approach. But the 2nd and 3rd where they appear to go out of their way to question the reporter.What’s up with that? If he was a perceived threat when Bloomie got in his limo,it appears to me the reporter is minding his own business when he is approached minutes later and asked for id. I don’t understand the protocol with that. It takes an act of God for a private citizen to get a gun permit in NYC. So I have to ask,what’s Bloomy worried about? Oh yeah, the perp might have a knife,axe,mace ball,or 2×4 with nails protruding. So why don’t they offer permits for these then?

    1. wildbill

      Conn-serv; Sometimes you show reasonableness then you go off the deep end. You know that guns can be brought in to any state or city. Just because guns are outlawed in NYC is no reason to feel that this guy who verbally assaulted the mayor shouldn’t be aggressed. He wasn’t beaten up. He wasn’t searched. He wasn’t arrested on trumped up charges. Look, I am not automatically supportive of police. They must prove themselves as far as I’m concerned.

      Hey, this isn’t a good example to fortify your pre-conceived ill feeling of a very good and conscientious mayor just because you don’t agree. with his politics. You are trying to find gotch you moments but this just doesn’t give juice.

      On the matter of gun rights, sometimes when I am certain that I am right about something and it just seems that everyone I approach disagrees with me, I give a thought that just maybe I am wrong and I then rethink this issue. I don’t feel that God gives me some natural ability to be always right.

      As we move forward on the fight over gun safety, and if you find that indeed, 60, 70 even 80 or 90 percent of the population demands gun control because the results of easy gun possession are so
      overwhelmingly negative, could you ever find in your heart and mind that maybe, just maybe you have been too naive about gun rights and just maybe there may be some social benefit to place more restrictions on these weapons?

      I am curious.

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