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13 thoughts on “The Gay Marriage Gaffe — Real Or Just A Slip?

  1. Richard

    When it coems to gay marriage or abortion does anyone really think Roraback or McMahon would hold up a major GOP Bill or Appropriation because buried in the language is a further strengthening of DOMA, a Blunt Amendment, defunding PLanned Parenthood, a return to abstinence education, or a repeal of the free contraception mandates?

    Perhaps if it was all loaded up as one seperate bill or apropriation. Otherwise I predict party line votes (or some money for CT as barter) on the social issues.

    If Roraback held up a major Romney bill over Planned Parenthood disfunding or McMahon held up a bill over DOMA objections they’d be ostracized.

  2. John R. McCommas

    Why can’t we take them at their word until they give us reason otherwise?

    This gay dude is voting for both Linda McMahon and the former Governor of Mass.

    Its time to rout the Commies.

    1. buddy

      Something is wrong with you. I recommend psychiatric therapy as you must have some sort of masochistic tendencies that you want to be punished. Also, learn what a commie is before you parrot other idiots terminology.

    2. Kim

      I couldn’t help but notice buddy’s insight, political acumen, and point-by-point response to the original comment. His logic was impeccable. Oh that’s right, all he wrote were insults.

  3. Jan Galante

    I am speechless. A gay man voting for Linda and Mitt???!!! This is beyond my understanding. You think Linda and Mitt are in your corner? Understand your issues? Care about you in any way???? You want to rout the Commies and your comment was allowed? You are beyond clueless. Please, try to get educated and try to understand the issues. Also, please fact check the claims of Linda and Mitt. They lie as easily as Ronald Reagan did. There they go again.

    1. johngaltwhereru


      You are calling John “clueless” because he looks beyond a single issue? I’d say it makes him open minded, and not a puppet of one of the various Democrat victim groups.

      Perhaps John considers miserable economic growth, astronomical unemployment, inflation, weak foreign policy and his healthcare more important than the ability of his marrige to be recognized outside of Connecticut.

  4. Richard

    If it was true we would see it on WWE RAW. The Black Hat Bishops would be getting their asses kicked by the Unambiguously Gay Duo. UNtil then I vote its political posturing and nothing more.

  5. JoAnn

    johngaltwhereru, spoken like a true Randian with misinformation if not outright “disinformation.” Any knowledgeable person knows that the economy and unemployment problems lie at the feet of the Republican Congress who have deliberately sabotaged it for their political gain. FYI, the President has no power over the economy. The Constitution gives the power to tax, spend, and legislate to Congress. Check it out in Article 2, Sections two and three of the Constitution. Foreign policy is different. The President is Commander-in-Chief, and our foreign policy has been pretty darn good compared to the Bush/Cheney wrecking crew that Romney wants to put back in should he be elected.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      Democrats had unmitigated power for 2 years and nothing improved. Further, the taxing power of Congress was fully in control of Democrats since 2007. At any time between 2007 through 2010, Democrats were free to set any tax policy they desired. However, since tax revenues were at the highest level ever in 2007, despite Bush’s evil tax policies, they were wise to leave them unchanged.

      Now as far as the Constitution, which no liberal should ever cite based on their utter disdain for the document, where in Artical 2 is permission granted to use budget reconciliation to pass a major entitlement program which, according to the Supreme Court is a tax, despite it failing to originate in the House of Representatives?

      And now to the comment about Republican obstructionism. Democrats passed a massive stimulus that failed to meet, or come remotely close to the goals set by Obama. Americans did not like the Stimulus, Obamacare or the bailouts, and demonstrated this by massive Republican victories in 2010, by candidates who promised to stop the dangerous and ineffective spending. Then they did stop it. How dare they do what they promised voters they would do?

          1. johngaltwhereru

            Yeah, but a get the feeling she didn’t read it.

            Facts never stop a Liberal from running their mouth.

          2. Kim

            I’m happy to settle for your facts being left unaddressed; the silence in place of further ridiculous assertions; and that readers of your response had the opportunity to hear some common sense and truth on the issue

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