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28 thoughts on “The Gun Letter Promising A Filibuster In The Senate

    1. Forest Chump

      someone’s going to write music on them, salmonella? Is that what you mean by ‘they will be scored’?

  1. johngaltwhereru

    These Senators should make and offer to Reid:

    Demand an immediate up or down vote, no debate, no amendments, with the entire Liberal Wish List for Gun Control including the “Assault Weapons Ban”.

    Anything other than getting every Senator on the record for the entire bill should result in a filibuster.

    Boehner should then make it crystal clear that the bill will not be brought to the floor of the House unless every single Senator has voted Yes or No. Not present. Not abstain.

    If you are going to take a back door bite out of the Second Amendment and ignore the proper Amendment Process, you should not be allowed to hide from your beliefs.

    1. wildbill

      do have any info on the dental clinic used often by medical tourists that I believe is located in capital of Costa Rica.

      Nothing political today.Oh…well, I lie. It was wonderful seeing Obama in Hartford yesterday.

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        I don’t know anything about that. I am in the Guanacaste region. The capital, San Jose, is several hours away.

        You would have to suffer one hell of a nasty mouth condition to make it worth the trip just for dentistry. I would at least get your STD’s treated while you are here.

        1. BillKillsBlogs

          Good idea john. His advantaged stage STDs are eating away at his brain. Either that or like Liberace he suffers effects from eating bad meat out of the can.

          1. Forest Chump

            billkills: doesn’t wildbill harp on repeatedly about men’s rooms? Perhaps he IS eating bad meat out of the ‘can’ – or, while in the ‘can’

        2. Betrayed Democrat

          given wildbills’ posting history (including his multiple personalities), it’s quite clear that he DOES suffer from ‘one hell of a nasty mouth condition’. It might be a result of spending so much time in mens’ restrooms, that he seems so consumed with

          1. johngaltwhereru


            I agree. My coments were very sophomoric.

            However, even you must admit Betrayed Democrat’s comment about the hunger of your STD’s was pretty hilarious. I actually laughed out loud. I would have laughed with the same intensity if that comment had been cast in my direction.

          2. Forest Chump

            crude? This from the schmuck who insults everyone here. A little thin-skinned aren’t you, little girl?

  2. Quinte West

    I disagree with these Senators for threatening to filibuster. Instead, let the legislation come to the floor–see how many Democrats will or won’t vote for it–
    Poorly informed people say that the Republicans are blocking “meaningful gun control” efforts, but the Dems dont have the votes in their majority held Senate to pass a bill!

    1. Joey

      What you say may be true. I just see the filibuster as a reverse Emergency Certification bill.

  3. Sharpshooter

    I think we shoud all remember that the Second Amendment ensures all of the other amendments…it was intended to prevent a tyrannical government(foreign or native) from taking over. A government that fears it’s citizens is a democracy…a government that is feared by it’s citizens is a tyranny…

    1. no tyranny?

      What would you tell the losing states in our civil war about tyranny by their government?

      1. Truth

        no tyranny: I would tell them that THEIR tyranny over slaves was wrong and they deserved to be reminded that freedom is a hallmark of this country.

        1. no tyranny?

          Nevermind the reason for the fight. The south had men, guns, organization, but they still could not resist the tyranny of the north. Guns – no protection. Second Amendment – no protection. So a bunch of fat old white guys with no organization are going to fight off a modern army? Hee!

          1. Truth

            the tyrants of the south were beaten because the north had MORE guns – go, Second Amendment. At least the 2nd Amendment gave the south a chance, unlike their slaves who couldn’t own guns.

            Check and mate – You lose billyboy.

          2. no tyranny?

            Ah so all you want is a chance. I see. And then when you lose you call it victory. Things are nice and tidy in your grade-school comic-book view of good and evil in the world.

          3. Forest Chump

            no tyranny?: your convoluted ‘reasoning’ clearly identifies you as billboy, along with your usual very poor ability to translate and understand what was said to you. Putting words into the mouths of others is the final clue. If you are not billyboy then you are so much alike that it may be time for a purge in connecticut.

            Billyboys’ motto: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsnit’. Except the only ones baffled are liberals/commies like yourself.

            Don’t be ashamed of what you are billyboy – we’ll do that for you

          4. Fed Up

            no tyranny?: “Things are nice and tidy in your grade-school comic-book view of good and evil in the world.”

            You mean unlike your very sophisticated, fact-based, black-and-white view of the world where all should be ruled by the government?

            In case you missed it, it’s called ‘sarcasm’.

            Also in case you missed it – your posts are called ‘ridiculous’ and ‘single-minded nonsense’

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