Murphy SNAP Diet: Mmm Mmm Good!

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Sen. Chris Murphy is taking the SNAP Challenge, promising to spend no more than $4.80 per day on food this week, to illustrate what it\’s like to live on a food stamp diet. Because Murphy is sharing what he eats via social media, we will too.

Here\’s the latest. No word on what he had for breakfast today.

Dinner Tuesday: (picture from CM)

\"MurphyLunch Tuesday: More chicken and rice!  (not CM\’s picture)

\"chickenBreakfast Tuesday: (Murphy picture)

\"MurphyDinner Monday: Chicken and rice, prepared at home (not CM\’s picture)


Lunch Tuesday: a plain bagel, no cream cheese, at Bradley Airport:


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10 thoughts on “Murphy SNAP Diet: Mmm Mmm Good!

  1. Judy Wyman Kelly

    I don’t like flip tone of this coverage. For people who have to live on $4.80 a day it’s no joke.

  2. Jim G

    i’m NOT on food stamps, and i live on $3.22 a day, and i eat MUCH better than Murphy is showing he is on $4.80. and it’s EASY!
    Murphy is a joke.

  3. walls

    Food stamps need to be abolished; people need to be responsible and accountable for their own welfare. The gimmedats want everything, and everything for free. No more free lunches …. or breakfasts or dinners.

  4. bill

    I’m on a diet now and I eat one egg in morning, light salad noon followed by salad with a little piece of fish or slice of turkey. If i eliminate the piece of fish and substitute it with a hard boiled egg, I have my protein and enough to life on and lose my 15 lbs as long as I maintain running 3 miles a day.

    I’m under $4.80. you will note that there is no sugars and little fat in my diet.

    Too bad the food industry wants us to eat sugar and fat in order to fatten up up so we need to eat more sugar and fat to keep the hunger pains away.

    Can’t anyone one reach low income or no income folks?

  5. jeff

    it would be great to get rid of food stamps..because then millions of children won’t eat..there are not enough jobs for everyone,let’s starve kids because parents are poor or pieces of crap..ok take them from parents then and place in state care so thats cheap right? kids dieing of starvation in the parks would be cool right? no real easy answer or real bad results,not sure what’s the answer,but kicking people when down rocks

    1. walls

      If you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em! I loathe libtards who punish me and hold me accountable for the irresponsible actions of others.

  6. Richard

    CT has a food share of food programs. The mobile pantry us one such program

    CT’s issued: Require all school districts to participate in subsidized lunch and breakfast programs, transportation for the housebound or without transport, and streamlined applications. A food kitchen in every town.

    In general CT does food well via the EBT card. Eliminate the garbage from allowable items, reconsider the ban on hot food from markets to better help the homeless, and allow 10% to be used on generic toiletries or health–soap, razor, deodorant, aspirin, band aids, non- alcoholic over the counter antiseptics.

    1. Richard

      Mobile auto correct. Yech
      First Sentence

      CT has a good share of food programs. The mobile pantry is one such progra

  7. Richard

    In my perfect world every CT citizen would get an EBT card. Jim Calhoun and the heads of SEBAC to Chris Donovan. All adult residents. Tax it back at the back end Completely end SEBACs organized crime plunder of Triplicate form inefficiency and profiteering of the backs of the poor protected by union thugs like Ray Soucy and Chris Donovan.

    CT can do better. Free School Breakfast and Lunch for all. Tax it back.

    End the stigma. End the travesty of organized crime forcing people to beg them to process applications on time.

    Means testing is the dumbest approach to social welfare. Its what allows organized crime to flourish under the auspices of a State Union.

    1. Len

      I applaud Sen. Murphy for delving in first hand to explore the issues surrounding hunger in America. The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)formerly called Food Stamps is a good starting point. It appears the Senator is brave enough to tackle and bring the issue of hunger to our attention despite many ill informed and hard-hearted opinions so far expressed. I hope he becomes a leader on issues like this.

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