Tom Foley: Gov. Malloy Enjoys \’Newtown Bounce\’

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s rise in the Q-Poll this week is only due to his response to the Newtown massacre, Republican Tom Foley tells Capitol Report:

\”That\’s his Newtown bounce.\”

\”Is he so out of touch that he can look at a tragedy and only see its impact through a cold, political spectrum?\’\’ responded said Democratic Party Executive Director Jonathan Harris, in a statement Sunday afternoon. \”This comment was right in step with the NRA\’s own disgusting observations about the so called \’Connecticut Effect.\’ Whether it\’s coming from the NRA or from Tom Foley, both comments seem to view senseless tragedy as some kind of political hurdle they must overcome.\”

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75 thoughts on “Tom Foley: Gov. Malloy Enjoys \’Newtown Bounce\’

      1. Richard

        Let me guess: the Bush administration are war criminals. The WMD fiasco that first came to a head during Operation Desert Fox under Clinton in December 1998, when the Inspectors quit and France and Russia blamed the US for rigging the results to further ‘Wag the Dog’ US Imperialism over falsified WMD inspections, that was the work of loveable teddy Bears called Democrats. Not war mongers or war criminals. Loveable teddy bears.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          Hey Ken,

          Were FDR, JFK, Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman war criminals?

          The number of civilian deaths caused by each of those Presidents dwarf any deaths you feel Foley caused.

        2. Ken Krayeske

          What makes you think I’m a Democrat? I loathe both parties. Albright said 500,000 deaths of children in Iraq was a valid price to pay for sanctions. Monsters all these masters of war.

          1. Johngaltwhereru


            My post did not include the word “Democrat”.

            However, you are a Liberal, and those names include heroes of Liberalism.

            So, do the “Monsters all these Masters of War” include the Liberal Presidents mentioned above?

          2. Johngaltwhereru

            I have been trying to find the data on the 500K Iraqi children killed.

            From what I understand, this was a result of sanctions, not war. Further, there does not seem to be any blame for the starvation and disease placed on Iraqi leaders who ignored the International Community. All blame goes to the U.S. For imposing Sanctions.

            Are you suggesting we withdraw from International Affairs all together? Because I am good with that, as long as it is complete economic, military and diplomatic withdrawal, with the understanding that the military enforced punishment for causing harm to the U.S. and it’s citizens will be such that it will take generations for the attackers to recover.

    1. LawGrrl

      100% true. CT has been worse off in terms of economy, jobs, taxes, and corruption since Mally took office. Malloy’s reactions to Sandy and Newtown are the only way to explain a bump in his job approval ratings. It’s sad that CT voters can only focus on moment in time sentimentality as opposed to years of failure which are leading to declining conditions in this state.

  1. Paul Edward Zukowski

    Actually if you look turn out at Capitol none of this should be a surprise. The Jan 19th pro gun rally there was 1200 or so people there. There 800 people there on anti gun rally even though it reported as 5000. I was at both. That was never true. I know used to do crowd estimates a concert hall that held 5000. At the Lobby days 3500 were pro gun day 150 at the anti gun day. At the Jan 28th Gun violence working group. 36 were anti gun over 400 were pro gun. At the March 14th hearing, 6 were anti gun and 200 were pro gun. This seems to be a constant.

    1. Bill Katz


      Your numbers are not real. Your sentence structure is poor. So maybe this is not you. In any case, you are basing an argument on numbers instead what is healthy for society. Any legit polling shows that overwhelming opinion is on the side of gun control.

  2. Common_Tator

    So for Foley to comment on the effect of a tragedy in a way that DOESN’T support MORE gun control of the kind we have had which has LED to these tragedies is REPELLENT but to govern from the stated position of “Never let a good tragedy go to waste” is O.K. if you are a Democrat? O.K. I get it…

    1. brianfrall

      You dense moron, the reason why there is criticism of this comment is that it takes a horrible tragedy in which many children were murdered and turns it into a euphimism like “The Connecticut Effect” to support anti-Malloy or anti-gun control people.

  3. Johanna Galt

    Oh please – and the zeal with which gun control advocates use the graves of dead children to advance a citizen disarmament agenda is not repugnant? It’s like these people are jubilant 20 children died.. they wanted this so badly to push their ineffective and moronic gun control bills which were essentially already written. Dancing on coffins, that’s what CAGV and their cohorts are doing. Never let a good crisis go to waste, eh?

    1. Randy DaRos

      So true, they were at it with their pre-written bills literally the day of the tragedy. After all, a once in a life time tragedy such as this, calls for the reversal of civil liberties.

    2. Doug

      I hear that disarmament thing on AM radio alot and here it is as well.Right now there are 9 guns in private ownership for every 10 people in the US.Be pro gun if you like but disarming is a straw man you attack regularly that is not even an issue.

  4. Newtown1776

    I wouldn’t trust QU poll…Gov Malloy and his ilk gun grabbing policies will cost them control like it did to President Clinton back in 1994. Americans do not like politician messing with the “bill of rights” He also quite the hypocrite on the subject given that he used his political status as Mayor to get his son off of gun charges for a robbery. Yeah, instead he aims his wrath at the law abiding…please…do us a favor and leave. No one likes a two face liar.

    1. Doug

      You mentioned ilk,Bill of Rights and not trusting a poll.All signs of conservative media ditto head catch phrase syndrome.Meditate by polishing your Bushmaster,reading 5 pages of the Federalist Papers and saying Thomas Jefferson three time fast.

  5. Kim

    I know that many people are killed by bullets. But that is not the fault of the gun. It is the fault of the criminal behind the gun. But I care less of the numbers of victims then I do keeping my 2nd amendment rights to bear arms. This is my historical and constitutional right and I shall fight any fight to keep it. My guns are my business and not the business of the government or any families complaining that these weapons threatens their rights.

    I will stand and fight to keep my rights.

    1. Cara Waterman

      “historical rights” and “constitutional rights” are not one and the same. Historically it used to be the right of a white man to own a slave, or the right of only a land owning white man to vote. I think we can all agree those aren’t constitutional rights…

    2. Henry Hoku

      Did you actually say that you don’t care about the number of victims killed by firearms? It doesn’t sound like you, Kim.

      I would like to remind any gun control advocates that the right to bear arms is dam expressed in the Constitution. I am sick and tired of all the jawing about limiting responsible gun ownership.

      It is my right as an American to own guns. No where does it say how many I can own and how many bullets I can shoot off in a certain period of time.

      Everyone gun owner should try and find at least one friend who doesn’t share these ideas and slowly convince them of this good cause. it isn’t impossible to double our support base.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Henry Hoku, I believe someone may have hijacked his name for that post. Without mentioning any names,there is another poster on these boards that is possibly behind it. It doe not sound like one of Kim’s posts.

      2. Brian C. Duffy

        “Limiting responsible gun ownership” and “how many I own…” are in fact constitutionally upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

        Whether you (or I) like it or not, they are the final arbiter.

        Research D.C. vs Heller decision. You don’t hear the NRA talking about it and with good reason.

        If the gun nuts had the numbers they say they do, neither Malloy nor Obama would be in office.

        1. Keith

          Gun nuts? As usual someone from the left resorts to name calling when they have no substance. I own a gun because I choese not to be a victim. It’s call the right to choose.

        2. Greg

          In my reading (and humble opinion) “Heller” states that under the 2A there is no legal limitation of firearms ownership except the ‘for lawful and legal use’ distinction. This exists (again, in my humble opinion, I’m not a supreme court justice) to put clearly necessary limits on 2A when it comes to criminal groups. For instance, organized crime, or a militia group that openly conducts illegal activities with their firearms, can be legally disarmed. “Heller” created no limitations as far as type of firearm or ammunition capacity.

    3. Doug

      What we have here is a fundemental lack of priorities promoted by the NRA.Those that can,do, those that can’t buy guns.

      1. sam

        “Those that can,do, those that can’t buy guns.”
        And then there are those that are just plain foolish like yourself. Hopefully you will never have the need to defend your home or your family. Hopefully if tragedy strikes your family you will be able to wait the 15 to 30 minutes or so it takes law enforcement to arrive.

  6. L. E.Ierardi

    “NRA’s own disgusting observations”…? Is it now a rule that no one can have an opinion except the writers of the Courant? The NRA is not an entity unto itself, it is a huge number of people who express their interests and beliefs through an organized effort. It is based on other amendments in the Constitution; the right to free speech, the right to petition the government concerning its grievances, the right to bear arms in self-defense and the right to free assembly. Rick Green may not like what the NRA stands for or what it is doing but I am sure that the feeling is mutual. Oh, allow me to add; the members also vote! What is done can be undone!

  7. Lawrence

    It’s called leadership, Foley, you dumb@$$. That’s the kind of stuff you CAN’T BUY, Tom.

    1. Marie12

      Leadership and Malloy in the same sentence…this comment is not in reference to Newtown. Malloy and opportunism, sleazy political tricks and tactics….all the makings of a political shyster. Malloy makes Rowland look like a Boy Scout. One and done Dannel…keep sucking up to hedge fund billionaires. You will need a job with your cronies. Just showing up for four years will NOT guarantee you another term.

    2. LawGrrl

      ANY moron can “lead” after a tragedy. Speachwriters craft the words and even Dannel (um, um, um) Malloy can delivery a moving speech. LEADERSHIP is reducing unemployment, creating economic growth, and CUTTING entitlements, even when it hurts to do so and it is unpopular.

  8. Mitchell

    I am hopeful everyone reads the Connecticut state constitution, as well, of course, as the U.S. constitution. That’s to start with.

    Then, consider the need for real mental health treatment facilities in the state of Connectiuct, which has nearly 10,000 fewer beds available in mental health centers then it did 30 years ago. Meanwhile, Gov. Malloy has again cut mental health funding.

    After that, work on getting the criminals off the streets. Not just focusing on loose change pot dealers, but the real bad guys who have illegal guns and do the killing.

    If you still have some interest left, do a real look into the percentage of people killed by rifles, compared to handguns.

    Pretty startling that these “assault weapons” the Democrats are trying to ban are not the cause of very many deaths at all.

    So, why all the effort to get rid of semi-automatic rifles? Is is simply a feel-good because of what happened in Newtown, Conn.

    Seems there are a lot of misguided Democrats in office and even worse, on the Hartford Courant editorial board and in the reporter ranks.

    Real questions, which should be given real answers….. something the likes of Malloy, Murphy, Biden, Obama, Feinstein, Bloomberg, and so on aren’t able to deal with.

    Pretty sad.

  9. Joe Visconti

    Hey Rick, do you know how many handguns, rifles and shot guns are between your house and mine in just a 3.5 block jog? Well you aint gonna find out because the gun registry isn’t going to get off the ground. Foley’s remarks may sound crass to some but being called the fringe of the fringe by our mentally/verbally unstable governor isn’t something 250,00 CT gunowners like to hear. Let’s pray the legislature doesn’t pass any laws that seek to tax, register or check the home storage behavior of gun owners guns or Sandy Hook just might not be the last tragedy CT experiences. (Not a warning or threat but a serious concern) peace brother!

  10. Randy DaRos

    Oh please!

    Malloy, like many other politicians on the left has been exploiting the deaths of those kids from the moment of the shooting.

    And let’s be honest, his ratings certainly cannot be going up as a result of his fiscal policies, or ‘F’ rating for fiscal responsibility.

  11. Keith

    Malloy, Murphy, Blumenthal, Delauro and Larson never miss a photo op. Sometimes I wonder if any of them have ever been in DC. They always seem to be in front of cameras in CT. If I looked like any of them, I think I would avoid the cameras. Does Blumenthal realize he is a senator now? He thinks he is still AG.

  12. Hazel

    Agree… using children and exploiting them to advance a political agenda… It’s sickening. What a bunch of crooks! All the Ct politicos

  13. Alpinglow

    It’s difficult to see how this is a “Newtown bounce”. What Foley is really afraid of is that the direction of Malloy’s polls is positive, and the likely reason for that is that people are experiencing things improving. It’s barely perceptible in the statistics, but they are improving. Malloy’s advantage is that most people have had such a sense of crisis that as that feeling eases – even if the new “normal” is a slow growing economy and lowered expectations – sentiment will improve and Malloy’s poll numbers with it. Look for Foley and the other wannabes to continue to try to gin up discontent.

  14. Norm Scott

    The essential thing to remember with all things Quinnipiac, is that the actual place is a gun free zone, not to mention a hallmark of everything liberal. Taking their liberal favoring poll numbers seriously isn’t necessarily any different than, for example, having faith in a Vatican poll that might claim the majority of catholics are against contraception.

  15. Joe Black

    Foley is right. Newtown, Sandy and Snow – it all created a crisis bounce. Malloy and his handlers, including the heretofore hermit Demo Harris. That why every day at 6, you could see Malloy in his crisis fleece at the microphone and before that, many photo ops of Malloy meeting with “victims” of Sandy and snow. The TV people tried not to show his armed guards but even they got in the picture. And of course, there was Blumenthal with him too. In Newtown – it allegedly was Malloy who inserted himself into the tragedy, somehow taking it on himself to notify parents their child was dead. This is a police function and I find it hard to believe they just let parents hang out until the governor showed up. But I digress – Harris is mute on Donovan; mute on Demo plans to shovel illegal campaign practices; mute on the Snake man and the culture of sexual harassment that permeates the Capitol; mute on the federal investigation into bonding and votes. Somehow he found his voice to critique the truth. That’s pretty underwhelming.

  16. Johngaltwhereru

    Thank God for people like Mr. Harris. We would not want anyone to get away with using this tragedy for political purposes.

    The Democratic Party/Hartford Courant would never exploit Sandy Hook for political advantage or to advance an agenda.

  17. izzy

    All the ranting here still does not address the matter of dealing with the CRIMINALS, who by the way will not be inconvenienced by any new laws, as they do not obey the laws already in effect. There has been NO mention of minimum mandatory sentencing. If a person is convicted of committing a crime with a firearm or is convicted of being in possession of an ILLEGAL and/or STOLEN firearm there should be a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years, or more, with NO possibility of parole. The age of the person convicted of these crimes should NOT have an bearing on the sentencing.

  18. Bumpercar

    OK, gun-nuts, let me try to explain this. I’ll use simple words.

    Gun control supporters don’t want guns banned because of some sort of visceral response to an inanimate object. They want controls because guns are responsible for horrific violence. To claim people were sort of waiting for a tragedy like Newtown because they want guns banned is beyond the usual right-wing paranoia, it’s illogical.

    Newtown proved the point of the anti-gun folk, and it convinced almost everybody else.

    Here’s the big news, gun-nuts: nobody cares what you think anymore.

    1. bill katz


      Dam straight. The same ole tired few under a myriad of names drone over and over again soothing each other with dreams of glory. Lilliputian people living in a growing bubble and when it pops soon, they will scatter like pigs from a gun.

    2. Jim

      Bullying and name calling is somehow okay? Putting all gun owners in a category and referring to them as “Nuts” is definitely bullying. Implying that gun owners are somehow not intelligent is just demonstrating your intolerance for people who don’t think like you. Your myopic viewpoint only supports that you have hate flowing in your veins. Hate is a basis for conflict and confrontation. I can understand conflicting viewpoints, but lashing out without respect demeans you as a person and only reinforces other people’s low opinion of what you have to say.

    3. johngaltwhereru


      It is always amusing when such a naive person makes such condescending comments.

      Tell us genius, where can we find these new self-aiming, self-shooting guns that require no human interaction and are responsible for horrific violence?

      You decry people accusing you of having a viceral response to an inanimate object, then dislay a viceral response to an inanimate object. Can you see that, or are you blinded by your viceral hatred of guns?

      Could you tell us the difference between blaming guns for a mentally ill criminal shooting someone and blaming cars for a drunk driver killing someone in a car accident? Keep in mind, the argument that cars have a uses and purposes other than killing people in no way provides a logical explanation of why killing through the unauthorized use of one inanimate object is different than killing through the unauthorized use of a different inanimate object.

      Then you seem to believe that anti-2nd amendment activists did not have pre-written bills waiting to be brought to the floor after an event like Sandy Hook. Wow.

      Finally, despite the fact that a tiny minority of elected officials support the AWB, you still believe polls that show massive support for the ban. There is not even 40 votes out of 55 Democrat Senators for the ban, so unless you believe these Senators have a personal enjoyment of semi-automatic weapons that exceeds their desire to stay in office, the QU poll and all others like it are nonsense.

      I hope Feinstein gets a vote on her Amendment. There are at least 16 (probably many more) Democrat Senators who know they would be very damaged by casting a vote in favor of a AWB.

  19. the truth

    Malloy has been shamelessly exploiting the Newtown tragedy for months now. he uses the memories of dead children for his political agendas on a dailey basis. There is nothing lower than that.

  20. Angel

    An average of 200,000 people die from medical mistakes. Less than 10,000 a year from gun violence. I say if the argument is to save just one life… I think we should ban doctors before we ban guns.

  21. jim

    @ “bumpercar” You call these gun owners gun nuts but you are the person who is nuts if you believe this terrible tragedy in Newtown is not being used by these liberal politicians to gather more votes for an gun ban they have been trying to get reinstated since it last expired. Either that or you are terribly naive.

    1. bill katz

      jimmy boy, It is not the politicians. It is WE, THE PEOPLE, as the tail that is wagging the dog. You are forgetting that the vast majority are clamoring for change. The office holders are only responding to the will of the people.

      This is why we win this time. The victory will be slow. The benefits even slower to observe.

      I am not concerned with all these little bo peep remarks of civil war. So to repeat my visual of the coming revolution:

      …so charges a rag tag bunch of bald headed overweight ole farts running up the green mountain but never quite reaching the summit when the near-sighted sargent announces that the wrong hill was charged. As the huffing puffing group descends the hill, their wifies are heard calling each one home for supper. As they sip some warm soup, the tired soldier to be is kissed on the forehead and put to bed to dream of the day’s charge.

  22. jim

    @ “bumpercar” You call these gun owners gun nuts but you are the person who is nuts if you believe this terrible tragedy in Newtown is not being used by these liberal politicians to gather more votes for an gun ban they have been trying to get reinstated since it last expired. Either that or you are terribly naive.

  23. Doug

    If I read this right,Republicans think Malloy shouldn’t do his job or do only enough so there is no perceptable change in his poll ratings.What Republicans should be doing is trying to come up with a serious candidate that unlike convicted felon Roland or WWE freak show ringmaster McMahon actually could present a reasonable alternative to those of us Democrats willing to hold our nose and perhaps vote for a more fiscally responsible candidate from the GOP.

  24. justme

    According to the left wing zealots we have in politics…….

    We’re not supposed to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few “crazies”,

    But the acts of a few American “crazies” is enough to judge all Americans who own guns

    1. Doug

      Nonsense.Alot of us own guns and support universal background checks and limiting mag size.Those with arsenals that think the government will fail or come for their guns simply have a misplaced sense of priorities.Those that can,do,those that can’t shoot a gun.

  25. Jim

    It is completely true that Gov Malloy used this tragedy to advance a proposal that would otherwise have fallen flat without support. Riding this emotional wave and making emotionally charged decisions is the only way any anti-gun legislation would have been proposed. In the days following the tragedy my fellow gun owners and I were quiet and respectful of the feelings of the poor parents who suffered unimaginable loss at the hands of a maniac. It seems that the instant the tragedy happened there were opportunists who whipped the population into an anti-gun frenzy spreading misconceptions and wildly lashing out at anything gun related. I had several non-gun owning friends call me and chastize me just for owning guns! With almost Nazi like zeal, gun owners have now been singled out and demonized, vilified and made the enemy of the people by the media and government. Sen Dargan now wants us to be labelled on a map for easy identification, maybe he wants us to wear yellow stars too? It seems that the action of one madman has doomed us all because of the storm of illogical frenzy this tragic event has caused. I am still the same caring parent, good neighbor and friend I was before the Newtown tragedy but that’s not what Dannel wants people to think. The Governor wants me to turn on my friends, neighbors and relatives to advance his agenda. Dannel wants control and a good showing for his constituents in Washington. It looks like it is his intention to use this tragic event to gain favor with the Washington Dems to ensure a job after we vote him out. He has turned his back on the fine manufactirers of firearms that have a rich past in the history of Connecticut. They work hard and provide this state with over $1.8 billion in tax revenue. Now Dannel uses those tax dollars to crush them and vilify their product. When he’s done, the employees of those fine companies won’t even be able to legally own what they work so hard to manufacture. The use of this tragedy to obtain politcal capital for Malloy, Blumenthal and Murphy is shameful. The rush to push through punitive, pointless legislation that will not avert any tragedy and only serves to gain favor for Malloy, Blumenthal and Murphy reminds me of what every parent & grandparent used to say… “Haste makes waste, let cooler heads prevail” Shame on you Malloy, Murphy and Blumenthal, we’ll remeber your stomping on the Constitution come election time. Maybe we should rename Connecticut as “the Constitution State, as Malloy, Murphy and Blumenthal see it”

      1. Jim

        Mike, Thanks for the clarification. Those were last year’s numbers. I wonder what they will be due to the crazy inflated market following the Newtown effect? There has to be a surge in the income and a corresponding surge in tax revenue.

    1. bill

      Jim, try using paragraph structure while writing. It is easier to read. Use multiple paragraphs.

  26. Bumpercar

    Look, if you think you need an assault/semi-automatic or any other weapon because otherwise the country will be plunged into dictatorship, you are nuts. Absolutely bonkers. You are beyond logic and this isn’t addressed to you.

    To gun supporters who aren’t like those paranoid kooks: I apologize for calling you nuts in an earlier post. That was wrong.

    Almost every law we have is a balance of benefit and risk. As a society we accept highway deaths for the convenience of driving fast. If we wanted no deaths on the highway the speed limit would be ten. We accept a certain amount of death and dismemberment for convenience, then, The only question is where we will draw the line.

    Allowing these weapons and high-capacity magazines is accepting that we will have a massacre every now and then. And what benefit do we get from accepting that risk? You get to have fun shooting at a target.

    That is not a trade off I want to make.

  27. Charlene

    Ken – you “loathe both parties.” That’s great – why not consider moving to France where you might have more of an impact on the political system. Here, you are a joke. If the views you hold were about anything other than politics, most mental health practitioners would think you were delusional. But in politics, no idea is too crazy not to be advanced.

  28. Marie12

    Malloy is just as sleazy…sad state of affairs when our choices come down to a opportunistic liar and a Greenwich millionaire.

  29. Mitchell

    Come on now, Rowland was a crook, but a pedofile? That’s not necessary.

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if we had politicians who get elected and then go do some serious work instead of answering to big money, unions and thinking too much about what their next career move will be.

    But it is the public who is at fault, we elect these usually useless individuals and continue to make our errors worse by re-electing them.

  30. Connecticut is Dying Too

    I see your liberal is showing Marie. If you can’t be a Greenwich millionaire, just rip into one for the sake of his wealth. Why not evaluate people on the basis of their credentials instead of their bank account?

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