Tom Foley: Kick Bribe-Taking, Sleazy Legislators Out Of Hen House

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Tom Foley has apparently decided that he isn\’t just running for governor. He\’s running against the entire Hartford establishment, Democrat and Republican.

How else can one make sense of Foley\’s appearance before a capitol committee yesterday to testify in favor of a \”clean government\” bill that could make felons out of dozens of legislators — including perhaps Republican leaders and Gov. Dannel Malloy — because they work (or live with) someone who does business with state.

It\’s worth reading his carefully-prepared testimony. Here\’s an excerpt:

\”What is okay around our capitol is considered a bribe in most places,\’\’  Foley testified yesterday. \”Why would anyone hire a lobbyist when you can just put a legislator on your payroll!\”

\”The foxes are running the hen house. Our ethics rules start off as \”ethics light\” and then, on appeal, everyone is given a pass because \’people have a right to earn a living.\’ That\’s the same argument you hear when you to go a foreign country and the police demand a bribe with the excuse that they are not paid enough. That may be true, but it is still a bribe. And in most of those countries, unlike here, it is illegal. This is Connecticut. We are part of the United States of America. Let\’s make this sleazy practice illegal here, too.\’\’

\”If a legislators can\’t earn a living with someone other than a public employee union, state contractor or lobbying form, they probably aren\’t qualified to be a legislator.\”

Citizens, undoubtedly, are increasingly fed up with how money influences government. Tom Foley, a successful Greenwich businessman, is about to test whether they are ready to turn the reins over to a businessman who pays for everything with is own money.


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7 thoughts on “Tom Foley: Kick Bribe-Taking, Sleazy Legislators Out Of Hen House

  1. Joe Visconti

    Opinions are like conflicts of interest, every legislators got one!!!! Even if Foley’s War on the LOB Sleeze Machine wasn’t the best bill it could be why the outrage? Especially after witnessing that cluster junk bill 1076 on gun control last week, what a loser that one was. The Tom Ritter expose by Colin last week was a real tutorial on ethics in government. Hey, how many companies can one register at one address anyway Mr Ritter? As for the public they will love Tom for taking a hit for the taxpayer.

  2. Cromwell Democrat

    Fuuny this coming from a man who made millions while being Ambassador to Iraq in the early Bush war years.

  3. Joe Visconti

    OMG you’re right Cromwell, it’s George Bush’s fault!!! Make CT a right to work state and watch the state budget shrink right before your very eyes!!!!

  4. Evan - Hartford

    I’m 100% behind Foley on this one. As a legislator, you’re job is to serve the public and to put the interests of the public in front of your own, period.

    I want to hear one argument by a legislator, Democrat or Republican, for why this bill does not serve the best interests of the public.

  5. Bill

    I hope that Foley has now figured-out that he’d have more support if he ran as an Independent and at least have someone covering his back … hell, the supposed CT Republican Party wouldn’t even contest the Democrat Legislature’s late night grab of $6 million [taxpayer's money] to boost Malloy’s failing campaign nor the stealing of the election via the Bridgeport flim-flam.

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