Toughest In Land? Details Of Proposed CT Gun Control

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Supporters of a proposed bipartisan gun control bill that will be unveiled later today say it would be the toughest legislation proposed in any state since the Newtown school massacre on Dec. 14.

Source say the bill, which is expected to be taken up by the General Assembly on Wednesday, would:

  •  Expand and strengthen an existing prohibition on semi-automatic assault rifles;
  • Ban the sale of ammunition magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds;
  • Mandate registration of existing high-capacity magazines;
  • Create a  “dangerous weapon offenders registry,” available only to law enforcement;
  • Require a “certificate of eligibility” or gun permit before buying any ammunition. Certificates of eligibility could only be obtained after undergoing a national criminal background check;
  • Institute a universal background check for all purchases of firearms, including private sales.
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41 thoughts on “Toughest In Land? Details Of Proposed CT Gun Control

  1. Johanna Galt

    hah! Yeah criminals are going to step right up and register… what a load of ineffective nonsense. It just makes more hoops for legal gun owners to jump through. And NONE of this would have PREVENTED SANDY HOOK!

    1. THE TRUTH

      NOONE WILL COMPLY. They better build a lot more jails. And the imbeciles that passed this will be out of jobs in 2014. cOUNT ON IT.


      This is a compromise lol? What did the republicans keep out, systematic torture of all gun owners by the state? What a bunch of illegal nonsense that will do NOTHING. McKinney,Cafero, any republican that signed off on turning 600,000 people into instant felons can kiss their careers goodbye. These laws wont save any lives and the smug smiles of the clueless idiots that helped pass this junk is nauseating.


      This nonsense willnot stop another Sandy Hook. They all know it. It was done so some selfish Newtown parents could get their pound of flesh from law abiding gun owners since the Lanzas were dead already. And they could care less if they turned fellow citizens into felons. It was all about their revenge. And furthering the careers of the politicians like Malloy that exploiting the tragedy for national face time. Scum.

    4. Tony

      Myself and my wife are moving down south because of these extremists and taking out tax money with us. We both make around 100k. Someday the clueless leaders of this state will realize after they chase away every taxpayer and taxpaying business with nanny state laws, extreme taxes, red tape, illegal gun grabbing, criminal coddling, illegal alien recruitment programs, entitlement giveouts by the billions etc etc theyll be noone left to pay the bills. GOODBYE SUCKERS. Hello Texas, where our entire historic gun industry that built this state will be soon be thanks to MAlloy & co. Just wondering who will turn out the lights here in 20 years and who will fund their nanny state?

  2. Johanna Galt

    “I haven’t had a chance to do it yet, but could someone please inform MS-13, Mexican Mafia, The Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerrilla Family, The Crips, The Bloods, The Latin Kings and any other lot of fellows that this new magazine rule is going to be in play? I would hate to see any of these upstanding citizens get in trouble because they didn’t follow the 10 round rule for their legally owned guns and magazines. Thanks” – quoted from Bill K.

  3. Joseph


  4. Brendan

    The following is a list of provisions that are proposed which would have stopped Sandy Hook or even likely saved one single life:

  5. JZ

    More BULL$!T from the most screwed up group of lawmakers in the nation! Well done ladies and gentlemen.

  6. Kate

    BIGGEST LIE: Background checks for private sales. This is already required in this state. They are tryinng to call a “loan” a sale and prohibit leaving your gun home with someone, other than spouse or adult child, when you go away for a few days.
    Not one of these would’ve made a bit of difference at Newtown. He had TEN mags, reloaded SIX TIMES and wasted dozens of bullets discarding partially full mags. They want only to make lawful gun ownership more expensive and burdensome. They are calling the most common sized handgun magazines “high capacity”. They will not stop with this, any more than they have stopped with our already severely restrictive gun laws. Time to end this insanity of punishing decent, responsible citizens for the actions of madmen and criminals.

  7. Jake

    How do you register a magazine which has no serial number? And how do they expect to register the criminals guns?

    1. joe

      They’ll probably do it like the do home-built trailers … inspect it, put a decal on it w/ a registration/serial number that they’ll say if it is “defaced” invalidates the registration. After the registration decal wears off or is damaged, you can’t re-register and you have to turn in the magazine.

  8. Harry Hoku

    Living in CT has become oppressive. It is unbelievable that the state legislature want to restrict our 2nd amendment rights. I pay plenty of taxes. I am law abiding. I volunteer in my community. Yet, they want to make it difficult for me to protect my family and community. Shame on the state of Connecticut. We must come together and prepare to appeal for relief from the Supreme Court.

    Long live the United States. And long live my ability to bear arms.

    1. Dusty

      Yeah, and they will throw you in jail for a $10 Magazine or having a box of 22LR without having a “permit” … I brought a d*mn shotgun to school for show and tell @ 10 years old … how far these usurpers have sunk … can’t we arrest them all for violating their oaths?

    1. Circling the Drain in Connecticut

      Is this THE Ben Shapiro? If so, help us from libtardian overreach. This state is going down the crapper and fast.

  9. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Now the fun begins. Lets see who votes for this legislation and who are Patriots and vote against it.

  10. DTimeHzCm

    I bet some of those proposals will just be listed to make what really passes not look as bad and pretend they have compromised and come to a middle ground. If all those things come to pass we know the Bribes made by Bloomberg and Biden were worth more than re-election or so outrageous no one can stand a chance against them.

  11. peter

    So Mr. Smith, you’ve registered twenty thirty round magazines. Why do you need so many? We think you need further examination and need to be put a watch list. Remember what the news story said this morning. We’ll let them keep their magazines for now. So you have three choices, comply, move them out of state, or go underground and hope the new Connecticut Black Shirts don’t come a knocking. Time to relocate.

  12. Dusty

    They are ALL Red Coats now … Vermont here I come … I’ll be back when they start kicking doors in to “help out”

  13. Fake and Empty CT

    Bar Code Tattoos on your forehead (Free With Any Ammo Gun Purchases)…What the heck is really going on in our State? Don’t forget ladies and Gents, all Law Enforcement/Military will have to comply with there private stashes as well, and they aren’t liking it to much. Everybody and the mom is a threat. Paranoid much CT, or should I say Dems? Truth is you are codifying/itemizing a population, creating an extreme burden on the population, threatening a population, hence segregating a population. What’s next, relocating us to the far reaches of the US, like that of the Native Americans, because were considered a public safety issue. Your problem CT resides with your god awful economy to include crime riddled areas, not the honorable respectful caring United States Citizen…..NRA and the Sportsmen’s Collation will file suit, Challenge and Win.

  14. Jack

    They will slam this thru before any kind of public rally can be organized to voice opposition. One party already has the numbers to pass anything as long as the rank & file follow their shepherds like good little sheep.

    Time to pool money for a Supreme Court challenge. That is where it will be decided if you have any rights left. Seems to me this is analogous to the old “poll tax” which kept people from exercising their rights in previous days.

  15. Lars Arden

    It is ludicrous to think that more gun control laws will make a difference. We have an abundance
    of gun control laws on the books. Enforcing our
    existing laws would make a dent in gun crimes but laws by themselves do not curb the lawless. Linking arms and singing Kumbaya will not change the situation. My heart aches with empathy for those who have lost loved ones but these proposed laws will do little to aswage their grief and may even cause others more grief. These bills, if passed, wil make legislators and the governor feel that they have accomplished something of value. The poor history of these kinds of laws and policies which have been enacted elsewhere will prove them wrong here too! I am leaving Connecticut and I am taking my family, my business, our money and our employees elsewhere where we can truly feel safe.

  16. Shaun

    So are all you pissed of gun owners flooding your reps with calls opposing this legislation or just bitching at a web forum ????

    1. smoke fire

      Yeah, as a matter of fact I had been. See what good it’s done? I really am waiting for the next shooting, especially if this bill gets passed. How will they explain that one away? No matter what bills they pass, it will not stop someone from entering a place and shoot it up.

      1. joe

        I send email every couple of days to everyone in the CGA. I have talked to my state senator once and my representative won’t return calls. My state senator’s aide told me he’ll vote for whatever is presented that controls guns … he things citizens should not have firearms.

  17. Charlie Foxtrot

    I would say yes 4x over Mr. Shaun, but as the saying goes “it fell upon deaf ears”. Hopefully come election day all that supported, shall exit there cushy job, only to go home and yell and dictate to there wife/husband/kids and a pet hamster. I shall then nominate and vote for a legislate of all puppy dogs…. with sparkly collars. Got to be an improvement.

  18. Norm Scott

    These “feel good” new laws are designed to fail at reducing violent crime. How hard would it be for any career criminal to ignore them all, and continue with their nefarious activities?

    What these new laws are really designed for is to lead to more gun control laws; which will, again, also fail to reduce violent crime.

    The liberal’s actual goal being to eventually ban all legal guns.

  19. Thomas Sheridan

    All I have to say is if all these laws were in affect last year they still would not have stopped the Sandy Hook shootings,if you think they would have then your quite stupid!!! But then again stupid is big today.

  20. FiveG

    The Connecticut Republican Party has just committed suicide. And they didn’t even need an “assault weapon” or 20 round magazine to do so.

  21. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    This state is doomed. One party libtardian law will make us go the way of California.

    Last one out turn off the lights.

  22. robert2155

    The people of Sandy Hook who were getting their 15 minutes of fame by their selective outrage need only to look in the mirror if they really want to prevent another massacre. The reason those phonies are blaming law abiding citizens is because they are riddled with guilt. Everyone in Newtown knew about that scumbag (Lanza) and did nothing because the people of Newtown are cowards! The teachers knew, the guidance councilors knew (they were afraid to be alone with him), the plumber that entered the home to fix a pipe knew (he was afraid to be alone with him). Lanza was so psychotic that he was asked to leave the school that
    he was enrolled in. His classmates knew. Lanza would stand on a corner staring at people and intimidating them as they drove by. The blood of those victims are on the hands of the residents of Newtown and the Lanza’s and not anybody else. Sorry Newtown it’s your fault.

  23. limos

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