Trouble At Home: Mayors Plan To Slam Malloy Budget

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\"destefanoDemocratic and Republican mayors from the state\’s largest cities will hold a press conference Friday morning at the capitol to blast Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s budget.

\"segarraAccording to the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the mayors will discuss Gov. Malloy\’s \”proposed complicated and unprecedented changes in the structure of state aid grants to cities and town, as presented in the Governor’s proposed budget.

\"boughtonCCM says that municipalities risk \”losing $86 million in state aid that helps fund non-education operating expenses. State aid has been diverted to education and capital programs.\”

\"finch\"\”The impact of the proposed elimination the property tax on motor vehicles, without providing any state funding reimbursement to municipalities – that would result in at least a $520 million loss in local revenues annually.\’\’

\"neilAmong the mayors attending Pedro Segarra, Mayor of Hartford, William Finch, Mayor of Bridgeport, Mark Boughton, Mayor of Danbury, Neil O’Leary, Mayor of Waterbury and John DeStefano, Jr., Mayor of New Haven.

The mayors will speak at 11:30 Friday morning at the Legislative Office Building.

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11 thoughts on “Trouble At Home: Mayors Plan To Slam Malloy Budget

  1. Greg

    Soon after, Malloy and/or his lackeys will respond strongly, calling the mayors misinformed and otherwise insulting their intelligence, just as they have done to any opposition in the past.

  2. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Rut Roh- trouble in river city. The Governor is getting called out on his shell game with the spending cap.

    When it comes to new and ingenious ways to increase spending with money we don’t have, you can’t beat a Democrat.

        1. Kim

          I was talking about Democrats, rally/billy/jimmy/susan. You’re a Tory. Even democrats can be accused of being patriotic and loving America. Not true of Tories

  3. No one you're likely to know....

    >>‘beat a democrat’. Sounds like fun

    Yeah but in this state it’s too much like whack-a-mole.

  4. Sharpshooter

    What the mayors have to understand is the ‘power-grab’ effect of the proposals….without automobile taxes going directly to the towns, the towns become more dependent on state for the ‘give-backs’, which allows the state to increase taxes to accomplish the power grab and decide which towns get the money….

  5. enness

    Yeah, as much as I griped about my vehicle taxes, somebody — wish I could remember for certain who it was — pointed out to me that in Hartford, that might be the most significant piece of property that the majority of people with any money own. Compared to West Hartford we might be screwed.
    (Thoughts welcome)

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