Newtown Update: CBS Says Two Computers \”Smashed To Smithereens\’\’ In Lanza Home in Newtown; Subpoenas For All EMails of Mother and Shooter

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Police arriving at the home of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza found that at least two computers had been \”smashed to smithereens\’\’ in an apparent attempt to destroy potential evidence, according to CBS News.

CBS correspondent Bob Orr revealed that detail on \”Face The Nation\’\’ on Sunday morning in a discussion of the evidence that investigators are searching to explain why Lanza shot 27 people, including 20 children, before killing himself on Friday morning. After shooting his mother in the face in their $700,000 home in an upscale neighborhood in Newtown, Lanza drove her car to the nearby elementary school and methodically shot the children.

CBS  correspondent John Miller, who previously worked for the FBI, said on the program that subpoenas have been issued for all of the shooter\’s email accounts and his mother\’s accounts, including all of the \”sent\’\’ mail and \”received\’\’ mail over a long period of time. Miller said that Lanza\’s mother, Nancy, had battled with the school system and eventually took her son out of the schools and home-schooled him.

Regarding Nancy Lanza, Orr said, \”She was an avid sporting enthusiast\’\’ who took her two sons to the shooting range. He said it was a highly toxic mix to have guns around her younger son, whom he described as \”a recluse, a loner, an anti-social personality.\’\’

\”He was intending to take as many victims as he could,\’\’ Orr said, adding that Lanza had additional guns and ammunition that \”could have perhaps carried out a greater slaughter.\’\’

On CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy also called for increased gun control. McCarthy rose to national prominence on gun issues after the Long Island Railroad shootings that killed her husband and injured her son aboard a commuter train that was heading toward the affluent suburb of Garden City in Nassau County. The Long Island shootings by now-convicted murdered Colin Ferguson occurred on December 7, 1993 – almost exactly to the date of the Newtown shootings of December 14.

\”Let\’s come together to get this right for our children\’s sake,\’\’ McCarthy said on CBS.

Later on CNN with Candy Crowley, McCarthy said that the deaths of the children have changed attitudes.

\”The heavy lifting is going to have to come from Congress, and it will,\’\’ McCarthy said. \”The attitudes of the American people are a little bit different than they were before Friday.\’\’

Later on CBS, longtime Connecticut state police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance was interviewed by Schieffer.

When asked if police know the reason why Lanza acted as he did, Vance said, \”We don\’t have that specific answer.\’\’

Schieffer asked about any possible suicide notes and whether computers had been smashed by Lanza. Vance said that all the evidence was being reviewed.

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3 thoughts on “Newtown Update: CBS Says Two Computers \”Smashed To Smithereens\’\’ In Lanza Home in Newtown; Subpoenas For All EMails of Mother and Shooter

  1. Richard

    The problem is these mass murderers all have different profiles and any legislation passed to be meaningful has to address illegal guns that are used in over 75% of gun homicides.

    Many of these mass murders are conducted by peope smart enough to circumvent any of the proposed laws that leave legal guns in the hands of citizens.

    Would people really feel safer if Lanza had used his 3 handguns instead of his Bushmaster and had a half a dozen 10 round clips instead of an automatic rifle?

    My prediction: passing effective gun control legislation is as likely as passing effective urban education policy. We have the will to pass some compromise legislation and and spend money but we don’t have the political will to hold people accountable with gun sweeps in high crime areas (largely minority) and to limit handgun ownership among non-licensed sportsman and to end the loopholes that prevent gun registration and all ownership changes.

    How soon before the churches involved in hand gun roundups are sued for using Federal or State Funds?

    Yes I expect some legislation which will be undermined by both the Right and the Left on Civil Liberty grounds. Maybe we can put Planned Parenthood in charge of the gun round ups. That would pass muster with the Left. By all means keep the churhces out of it.

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