UCONN Brand Managers: Husky Dog Needs More Snarl

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\"huskyThe Daily Campus is on to a blockbuster for UConn fans.

Is the husky dog tough enough?

The Daily Campus reports:

The curent UConn Jonathan the Husky logo is undergoing a makeover and will appear to look less friendly and more intimidating, according to Sage Eposito, a 4th-semester landscape architecture major and member of the volleyball team who was shown the new logo.

UConn spokesman Mike Enright said the school is working with Nike on the project and the re-design won\’t cost anything.

\”We acknowledge that we are rebranding, like a lot of companies and schools do. We are going to debut things in April. We are trying to make a splash,\’\’ Enright said. \”We are working with Nike as our apparel partner. There is no cost involved.\”

What\’s your view? Could we have avoided  this whole Big East disaster with a growling, snarling husky?

(Logo is courtesy UConnHuskies.com)

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21 thoughts on “UCONN Brand Managers: Husky Dog Needs More Snarl

  1. youaskme

    Seriously? With all the shooting, violence, flooding, storms and crappy politics we have in this state, now we need an angry puppy? How can President Herbst promote a new logo that encourages anger after all we’ve been through. Just leave the logo alone….

  2. Can't Believe it

    The current logo is an accurate description of a Siberian Husky. They are friendly people oriented dogs with a wonderful work ethic. Do we really want Connecticut to be known as the Pit Bull State?

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      I suggest we change the UCONN animal mascot to make it more representative of our leadership in the Governor’s mansion and in the state legislature.

      It is thus with great pleasure that I present to you our new UCONN mascot: THE BLOODSUCKER

  3. Richard

    In the final insult of Conference Realignment, Mike Aresco announced that the American-12 would pay Notre Dame to leave the conference early.

    It’s a little late to toughen up the logo. Can we change the school colors from Blue to Pink, rename Johnathan as Jeannie and add some ribbbons in her hair?

    1. TZToronto

      Hey, wait a minute. The Lady Huskies are pretty tough. Most of their opponents think they’re pretty snarly.

  4. A Connecticut Hale

    I agree with just leaving the logo alone. In addition to the tradition you’re messing with and the violence issues that another writer brought up, there is the simple matter of cost. It costs a fortune to change a logo and upsate all the signage and emblems etc. New shirts, new letterhead, new uniforms and on and on. All we hear about is money troubles in the state and budget issues. Let’s show some fiscal responsibility and concentrate on something that might actually make a difference.

  5. CTMike

    In true Connecticut fashion, old folks already hate the new logo before ever seeing it. Fear change!

      1. Eric

        You all do know that changes have been going on withe Huskies and logos for some time. Plus our original dog wasn’t even white… it was black and white. Things change. Get over it. The real symbol of the university is now the Oak tree leaf which is way classier then the happy dog. I remember when we had so many color variations and pictures being used and it was a hodge lodge mess. Lets see what they come up with before grabbing your pitchforks.

  6. HarryH

    Another way for UCONN to spend money. It must be nice to have unlimited spending ability and no oversight. It isn’t just the cost of the logo production etc. Think of all the places that have to have the logo replaced? Signs, uniforms, stationary, web sites. Cost will end up at an unbelievable amount.

    1. Sam Lang

      Uh, Nike’s not charging UConn for it and the very reason you change a logo is to make more money. New signs, new uniforms, new stationary – exactly, plus every other thing you could possibly monetize. It’s called planned obsolescence.

    2. Eric

      Wait is someone channeling Harry Hartley our former president? No he had to much fun for this stodgy group of people online.

    3. TZToronto

      The article says it won’t cost the university anything. It’s part of the uniforms deal.

    1. Eric

      Why does it matter so much to people… it is a dog… one of many we have used over the last 20 years. Why can’t this university redefine itself. Better yet why can’t Uconn fans ever be happy. We win championships we complain. We turn into a top flight research university and people complain. Gosh it is nice not to be surrounded by you all anymore.

  7. Greg

    I feel it’s a big mistake to be messing with an already classic logo. Just because every sports team out there has a snarling animal in their logo doesn’t mean we have too also! And don’t tell me UConn is “getting with the times”. Making the husky look like a rabid pit bull is not “getting with the times”. You know the new logo is going to be a piece of crap knowing Nike is doing it for free. Nike makes shoes, not logos!

    1. CTMike

      “Making the Husky look like a rabid pit bull”…

      Oh, you’ve seen the new logo? Do tell!

  8. WH Dave

    It’s about time. I have never been able to wear any UConn clothing that features that ridiculously passive-looking Husky Dog.

  9. alex

    ive never been a fan of the husky. way to fruity looking. im all for a change to the logo as long as its nothing too drastic. i want something i can wear with pride.

  10. Alan

    Everyone needs to relax. Universities do this all the time. UConn actually quietly rebranded and slightly changed the logos in 2003 but the changes were minor so nobody even noticed.

    Oregon St is in the middle of rebranding their school right now.

  11. Neletta Cochrane

    I’m a Uconn parent so I’m going to love whichever logo regardless… as long as I get a replacement for my car, I’m good!

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