UCONN Husky: Symbolic Of Ugly Culture?

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\"Print\"University of Connecticut student Carolyn Luby has some harsh words for the university\’s recent decision to replace its logo with a more aggressive dog, a move she feels may be symbolic of deeper issues at the school. She asks whether UConn President Susan Herbst is more interested in fostering the school\’s \”bro\” culture among athletes and students, than creating a safe campus environment for women. According to the Daily Campus, Luby says she now feels unsafe on campus.

In a letter posted online, Luby writes Herbst:

Instead of giving these problematic aspects of male athletic peer culture at UConn a second look or a giving the real face of athletics a true makeover, it appears that the focus of your administration is prioritizing the remodeling of the fictional face of the Husky Logo.

\"herbst\"… it would appear that your administration is more interested in fostering consumerism and corporatization than education and community.

… Well President Herbst, the new Husky logo may not be capable of frightening small children, but the face of real life UConn athletics is certainly capable of frightening college women.

… I know what it feels like to have a real life Husky look straight through you and to feel powerless, and to wonder if even the administration cannot “mess with them.”

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9 thoughts on “UCONN Husky: Symbolic Of Ugly Culture?

  1. Richard

    Misandry: the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men.

    Luby is a Women’s Studies Major, a form of modern day Renaissance Fair where young women dress and pose like their 60s icon Valerie Solanas and write their own SCUM Manifesto. If women were to hold a trekkie convention on women then Women Studies students could be rounded up in on the spot and spoon fed their estrogen. There’s no known cure except the marketplace and a fear of poverty.

  2. Common_Tator

    This has become SO DIVISIVE! I really fear the only solution will be to replace the Husky with a dollar sign, since the economic benefits seem to be the first line of defense. It it simple, universal, easily understood and only smacks of prostitution, not rape! Plus, I don’t think any other team has used it yet…
    Didn’t she KNOW she would even get Rush Limbaugh involved? Now this will NEVER go away…

  3. mark

    Do not like the new logo but I despise Lubys ridiculous assertions propogated by social scientific drivel. She goes too far in her assumptions. I guess I didn’t see the study correlating scary looking canines and rape. The old logo carried the same issues. While this logo loks like jonathon was bitten by a vampire I don’t see the connection.

    1. Austin

      Pretty sure that Luby isn’t saying that the logo causes rape. What she is saying is that the school is spending all this time “revamping” its image to reflect a more hostile husky while simultaneously sweeping issues of assault under the rug. The letter called on President Herbst to put some of her energies toward creating a more open and safe environment for all UConn students. And, as a UConn student, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  4. Smith

    Luby’s comments are absurd drivel. I am torn between deciding that the press does the state and the public a disservice by giving this pseudo-academic quack a platform to make her bizarre proclamations or feeling positive that hopefully this woman is unmasked as a fraud.

  5. johngaltwhereru

    This child’s views are a prime example of why the minimum voting age should be 30.

    It is also irresponsible of any organization, including the school newspaper, to publish this letter, as Ms. Luby is clearly mentally scarred by an adverse event in her life and needs extensive mental health care. The letter mentions how this drawing of a dog symbolizes rape. This is not something a mentally stable person would conflate.

    She certainly should not be subjected to the mysandry commonly perpetuated in Women’s Studies classes while her mental health condition remains unresolved. You might as well have an overweight sex addict spend all day and night at an all you can eat buffet in a house of prostitution while being told his feelings are right and normal.

    1. NotCarolynLuby

      Whoa now, don’t lump us all in with her. Voting age of 21 would be fine by me, but 30 seems a little steep. I’m personally glad that this got published in so many places. It’ll give people a reason to laugh. It was too funny to even get mad about.

      Also, I’ve met her before through a mutual friend. She’s a certifiable nut job. This letter is a legitimate reflection of what she is actually like. Total attention seeker.

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        My apologies. I was being overdramatic with the 30 year old voting requirement.

        However, the voting age should be raised to 21. If you are not old enough to drink, you are not old enough to choose the people who run our Country.

        I personally think you should have to be a net tax payer to vote, with an exemption for people who have been net tax payers for at least 10 years at some point in their life. That will never happen, but it should.

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