Susan Herbst Sits High On Pay List, UConn Disputes Ranking

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\"susan An annual survey of compensation at public colleges reveals that the University of Connecticut, while not yet in the top tier of public universities, ranks quite well when it comes to paying its president. UConn weighs in at #13 on the list prepared by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

UConn, however, disputes the figure. The university says that the Chronicle ranking includes a $125,000 payment that Herbst will only be eligible for if she stays through the end of her contract in the summer of 2016. Herbst took home $588,000 last year — a nice payday but not the $713,000 in compensation that the Chronicle says she earned.

See the full list of 214 college presidents here.

 1. Graham B. Spanier, Pennsylvania State University at University Park, $2,906,271

2. Jay Gogue, Auburn University in Alabama, $2,542,865

3. E. Gordon Gee, Ohio State University-Main Campus, $1,899,420

4. Alan G. Merten, George Mason University, $1,869,369

5. Jo Ann M. Gora, Ball State University, $984,647

6. Mary Sue Coleman, University of Michigan system, $918,783

7. Charles W. Steger, Virginia Tech, $857,749

8. Mark G. Yudof, University of California system, $847,149

9. J. Bernard Machen, University of Florida, $834,562

10. Francisco G. Cigarroa, University of Texas system, $815,833

11. James Ammons, Florida A&M University,  $781,024

12. Michael K. Young, University of Washington — Seattle campus, 768,500

13. Susan Herbst, University of Connecticut,  $738,000

14. Patrick T. Harker, University of Delaware, $735,681

15.  Teresa A. Sullivan, University of Virginia, $731,537


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8 thoughts on “Susan Herbst Sits High On Pay List, UConn Disputes Ranking

  1. johngaltwhereru

    I see there are several Presidents that make more than Herbst despite their school being ranked below UCONN.

    I find it interesting that the historical success and ranking of the UCONN Men’s Basketball Program was not included as a mitigating factor in most of The Courant’s previous articles and blogs regarding Jim Calhoun’s salary, however, in President Herbst’s case, performance is relevant.

  2. anonymous

    For the colleges that are “worth it”…bully for them. For the colleges that aren’t…”you got took”!

  3. Fatdaddy

    UConn is wasting money.
    MIT? Harvard? Princeton? Yale? Caltech? NYU? Where are they on this list, and why is a basketball school president number thirteen?

    1. johngaltwhereru

      This ranking is for public schools. The schools you listed are private, and likely pay their Presidents enormous sums of money.

  4. Fatdaddy

    Oops! The list is for PUBLIC COLLEGES. My mistake but I maintain that UConn is wasting money. Big time!
    The list proves, once again, that money does not buy quality.

  5. misc

    something needs to be done about tenured faculty raking in $100’s of thousands to teach 4-5 students for 8 months of classes, full benefits, extra pay for every talk, free meals, free travel, reimbursement for mileage to attend meetings. They they assign books written by their friends at other universities, the students spend big money to buy, read one article out of them. Their friends get the royalties. All the while the blue collar workers salaries are cut, they pay higher benefits, their kids don’t get to go to college tuition free, they NEVER get promoted, very low or no merit pay. But the faculty get merit money every year by the tens of thousands because they published the 10th edition of the same book, over and over. Then tuition goes up and forces many kids out of opportunities of higher ed. Faculty also take sabbatical year after year, 6 mos off at a time while still receiving full benefits. Isn’t UConn a STATE school, why are these people untouchable? Why are these people allowed to cancel classes on a whim and still get paid. It is abuse of State funds, kids money, and so many of the faculty get horrible ratings by students, but nothing is ever done–they’re untouchable

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