Uh Oh: Malloy Administration Says Deficit Now At $365 M

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Office Of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes will tell state legislators this afternoon about a ballooning budget deficit of $365 million. This will force immediate cuts in state spending.

This is from today\’s testimony before the Appropriations Committee:


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20 thoughts on “Uh Oh: Malloy Administration Says Deficit Now At $365 M

  1. Jimbo

    What a shocker from the tax and spend experts in Hartford. We all know what’s coming next given that there will be no layoffs of precious state employees.

    BOHICA Connecticut. Liberals are in charge.

  2. Richard

    The fun is just starting. When Washington is forced to make some cutbacks to state funding–any cutbacks at all–CT will be more in the hole.

    The pension fund? Glad you asked. Its returned about 1% for the last 18 months (from July 1 2011 to December 31, 2012).
    Far short of the 13% execpted and budgeted for during that period of time.

    CT is in a race to the bottom of the fiscal heap.

    And ObamaCare? Malloy’s already asked for fiscal relief in the form of a Medicaid waiver

    And the morality of retiring prison guards at age 44 with $60,000 plus pensions? Off the table.

    Good contributors get an easy pass. Anyone thinking that the Donovan campaign was typical of the exortion and blackmail schemes that go on with those union folks and their bought and paid for sponsors is simply blind to the truth: it’s far worse.

    Please tax us for the $100 million iQuilt project! Oh Please! As one cynic in downtown Hartord’s restaurant row said “I’d rather they just give each of the 1,000 or so businesses $100,000 in tax relief than colored sidewalks”.

  3. Fleeing CT

    Let’s provide the state “workers” with some more outrageous benefits e.g. longevity bonuses, generous pensions etc while the rest of us in the private sector grind it out and fork over our blood money to support these leeches!.

  4. ticked

    Guess he shouldn’t have invested in those planes, trains, and automobiles. Too bad the blue collar workers will have to bail him out again.

  5. ccbeachcomber

    Can’t wait for Ouchgroucho’s “it’s all the Republicans’ fault” tirade. Should be a good one.

    1. Kim

      you mean if we cut state services we’ll cut the quality of life of those state workers. The quality of life of the taxpayers will only increase.

      For example, if I take $10 out of my pocket to pay you, you’ll only spend a portion of that $10.00 to buy stuff, thereby stimulating the economy. If you let me KEEP the $10.00 I will probably spend ALL OF IT on stuff that I need (you know, food, clothing, etc). My quality of life would definitely improve.

    2. Kim

      the courant is apparently back to censoring opinions that they don’t like. When my subscription ends so does my financial support of this paper.

      My comments have been repeatedly deleted by Rick Green and others, though I have not broken any of the guidelines.

      for example, I suggested that state worker really meant that cutting state services would ruin the quality of life only for those state workers who are cut. That if I could keep my money instead of paying for state workers, I would undoubtedly spend more of it to stimulate the economy than a state worker would, and would benefit by a higher quality of life as a result of purchasing things like food, clothing, etc instead of state workers pensions, percs, salaries, etc.

      1. Kim

        oops, now my statement is visible. My apologies to Rick Green for the seemingly false accusation. Very odd, indeed, to see it one moment and not the next

  6. pete

    Don’t you live this slime ball. He waits until just past the election to tell the public what I, yes I, told you weeks ago. The tax man is a comin. Another $1 BILLION. DANNNY BOY knew this on election night when he said the democrats (RATS) made the tough decision. Yes real tough to jack up taxes on the middle class and give it to the PIG businessmen.

  7. sue

    I say since DANNY BOY keeps raising OUR taxes to pay for his SOCIALISM there is NO need for charity. Stop contributing to ALL charities until DANNY BOY AND THE ‘RATS ARE GONE

  8. John

    They better not cut off my free stuff or else I’ll actually have to find a job and not leech off whitey.

  9. Judge Judy for Governor

    What a Joke! The Governor and all his right hand people knew exactly what they were faced with when it came to the budget and HERE WE ARE $365 million deficit. This is ignorance! Everyone wants the rich to pay for everything between the federal & state. We will then see the domino effect of them not giving in other areas that we take for granted such as Charitable contributions~ Cancer, Diabetes,Multiple Sclerosis Who do you think gives so generously? Do you think the Rich will get poorer? Do you think the poor will get richer? Absolutely Not. This country was based on opportunity ANYONE could make IT if you worked hard. The governor should start cutting some waste- go line by line. Look at certain individuals taking advantage of their status-take a look at the Central office for all colleges presidents getting overpaid salary & benefits(ridiculous). We need a commonsense and competent approach,that’s what we are missing.

  10. Lee

    The danger to America and Connecticut is not Barack Obama or Malloy, but a citizenry capable of entrusting people like them with that kind of power. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of Malloy and Obama than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such men for their president and governor. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Malloy and Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast Republic can survive them, who are, after all, merely fools.
    It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who them their president and governor.

    1. Kim

      a good first step would be to take education out of the hands of government. At the moment they are nothing more than indoctrination centers composing songs to our fearless leader and teaching children how to march in lockstep with liberal ideals.

      We need everyone to learn our history and get a comprehensive education about why our forefathers did what they did, and what they were fighting to escape/avoid. Without this, we’ll continue to rush headlong into socialism

  11. Kim

    The solution is obvious – we need a massive stimulus. Time to hire thousands of state employees so they can spend money and stimulate the economy.

    We get what we deserve (see: White House)

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