Undocumented Immigrant Drivers License Bill Fails to Pass Committee But Looney Remains Hopeful

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The legislature\’s transportation committee bill deadline has come and gone and a proposal that would permit undocumented immigrants to obtain a state-issued drivers license failed to win approval.

But Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney, a leading advocate of the bill, isn\’t giving up hope. \”It seems to me to make sense,\’\’ the New Haven Democrat said. \”There are a whole host of policy arguments in favor of it.\”

Looney and other supporters say permitting undocumented immigrants to obtain licenses will make the streets safer because more drivers would be trained; they would also be required to carry insurance. As many of as 54,000 undocumented immigrants would qualify if the legislation is approved. Connecticut would be the fourth state to enact such a law, after New Mexico, Washington state and, most recently Illinois.

Looney said he is currently working to find a bill on a related topic that could be amended to include the proposal. \”We\’re looking for a vehicle now,\’\’ he said.

Meanwhile, proponents will hold a rally at the Capitol on April 29 in an effort to galvanize support for the proposal. A public hearing on the bill in New Haven in early March drew more than 2,000 people–including members of the clergy, urban leaders and immigrants. The overwhelming majority of those who attended spoke in favor of the bill.

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20 thoughts on “Undocumented Immigrant Drivers License Bill Fails to Pass Committee But Looney Remains Hopeful

  1. John East Lyme

    So in Looney land it good to punish law abiding gun owners, while rewarding illegal immigrants who break our laws on a daily basis. This is why Connecticut is doomed.

    1. A Great Day

      Ever seen the statue of liberty? Also it is not proper to call them that they are undocumented citizens. They have human rights. You sound like one of the racist East Haven cops the FBI indicted.

      1. Mel

        Statue of liberty? If I recall that was a portal where imigrants came to this country legally and were registered as such. what is it about illegal that you don’t understand? Just another “low information” voter I see?

        1. CT Citizen

          The liberals have turned the statue of liberty into a portal potty for the illegals. As they try to take rights away from LEGAL citizens,they propose to give more rights to ILLEGAL ALIENS. ILLEGAL ALIENS protesting in the U.S.? They should have been rounded up and deported on the spot, but scum like the parasite and dick, blumenthal along with himez,the cockroach alomng with the maypors of the big cities in CT. are hoping to add them to ther voting base. When are the real AMERICAN CITIZENS going to stand up and put and end to this treasonist government? Perhaps we, the LEGAl CITIZENS will need to play COWBOYS AND ILLEGAL ALIENS.

      2. The Conn-servative

        They do have human rights.Back in Mexico,Guatemala,Nicaragua.They are welcome to stay here provided they play by the current rules that are already on the books.They shouldn’t be allowed to cut in front of everyone else.This is nothing but capitalizing on yet another voting demographic to continue swaying the political outcome of this country.Immigration wasn’t meant to be abused. You are the classic demented leftist: You take what is legal,ethical,and moral and make it illegal,unethical,and immoral. Then you take what is currently illegal,immoral,and unethical and make it legal,moral,and ethical.It is time for you to have a checkup from the neckup.

      3. walls

        All my grandparents came through Ellis Island, were duly recorded in the logs, and were seen by a doctor before being permitted to enter the country in 1917.

        The criminal illegal aliens aren’t being recorded and some may carry serious and contagious disease. Plus we have limits by law on how many immigrants we accept per year, by country.

        Now …. see the difference here?

  2. walls

    Looney [New Haven democrat from 'Sanctuary City'] is loony!

    1. On a sidenote, I was mad as hell to see all the 3rd-world, Spanish-speaking, criminal, illegal alien crapholes at the Capital with their signs IN SPANISH! Hello?? We are NOT an official bi-lingual country as is Canada.

    2. Loony Looney says the law is good because the criminal illegal aliens will get car insurance! Really? What makes him think that people who committed a FELONY when illegally entering our country will somehow now obey our laws and buy insurance?

    Liberalism is truly a mental illness. Loony Looney needs help. You NEVER reward felonious behavior ….. unless you are a democrat.

    1. Mr Jones

      Didn’t you get the memo? They’re not illegal aliens, they’re undocumented democrats.

  3. Sharpshooter

    Looney…good name for a legislator who wants illegals to have a drivers license…keep up the good work, Luney…

  4. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

    Just what in the hell is an Undocumented Immigrant again? Is it the parallel universe libtardian politically correct redefinition of the term ILLEGAL ALIEN?

    This is how it starts folks. Liberals try to redefine and reshape the language to advance their agenda. DON’T LET THEM DO IT.

  5. sam

    This is agreat idea. Once these politicians give them “illegals” all licenses the government will have all their addresses they can be rounded up and be deported. This is the same politician who helped take the rights of legal gun owners away by passing this BS gun legislation now he want to give these people who are here “ILLEGALY”, drivers licenses. Technically these people are breaking the law everyday by being here ilegally. It sure is f***ed up how our liberal politicians think.

  6. sam

    @ “A Great Day” I have seen the Statue of Liberty. So didnt my ancesters who came thru Ellis Island “LEGALLY” and became citizens of this country. These “undocumented” people as you call them are not in this country legally and should be deported. Once deported they can apply for entry into our country thru legal channels. This way the government can do back ground checks on them. These people are not only in our country illegally our government knows nothing of their past. Some could be murderers, rapists, drug traffickers, Terrorists etc…
    The only reason they are called undocumented and are being accepted now is because some of our career politicians see them as future votes.

  7. Stephen

    Connecticut drivers would benefit from this law. New Mexico, Washington state and Illinois will have safer roads and fewer uninsured drivers. Sen. Looney is ahead of the curve and there are enough votes to pass this bill. It is also the fiscally responsible thing to do.

    Sadly, there are too many morons who think it is cheaper, and a better idea, to arrest and deport people.

    Now, quick, someone tell me that criminals don’t follow the law.

  8. mark nati

    Lets see if this sounds fair. Your were a 1 year baby when your parents brought to America. Now you are 18 years old and you can not legally get job or even drive a car. How is that fair. What paper work did our forefathers fill out with the Indians they came here. This is not right I want everybody to drive with insurance. Which means you need a license.

    1. walls

      Under your hypothetical situation, you are not a citizen. Employers are not supposed to hire you without checking the SSN database – but they do. Stop mollycoddling the illegal criminal aliens.

      While we’re at it, we need to change the law on anchor babies.

  9. micky

    State Sen. Looney is a leading threat to our state and federal constitutions as well as public safety. There is no far left radical proposal that he doesn’t support. Plus, as for his “policy” argument, he is just flat wrong that giving licenses to those here illegally will increase the number of insured. Many legal citizens with driver’s licenses drive around uninsured or allow their policies to lapse and still drive around illegally, at risk to those they injure. That’s a fact. So all Looney really seeks to do is reward those who break our laws by giving them driver’s licenses, which makes it much easier for them to (illegally) register to vote, and guess what party these illegals vote for? To me, this is a traitorous effort to corrupt our election system. Looney really needs to be defeated in the next election. He has gone too far.

  10. bill langeway

    looney is nuts if he thinks fellons will buy a licence or insurance or register their vehicals.

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