Unemployment Ticks Up in Big Cities

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New numbers in today from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics show that unemployment increased slightly in all of Connecticut\’s major cities between April and May.

From the report:


According to the BLS, Waterbury is one of 27 metro areas nationwide with an unemployment rate higher than 10 percent. The numbers from May are the newest available; June figures are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

Nationwide, the highest metro unemployment rate was in Yuma, Ariz. at 30.8 percent; the lowest was Bismarck, N.D. at 2.4 percent.

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12 thoughts on “Unemployment Ticks Up in Big Cities

  1. Bill

    Lies, all lies. Under Malloy the state is rebounding from years of Republican spending. These are only people who have no desire to find a job.

  2. Dynks

    Of course unemployment is the worst in our cities. That’s because most of the scumbags who leech off our hard earned tax dollars live in Bridgeport, Hartford etc.

  3. Brian C. Duffy

    195,000 jobs nationally created in June. 1.2 million new jobs this year; biggest start to a year since 2005.
    I blame Obama.

    Let the CABs spin away!

    1. Brian C's Nothing

      Yes, the modest job increases are encouraging.

      That said, the labor participation rate is the lowest in 70 years, the unemployment rate remains north of 7.5%, only 47% of Americans have a full time job, 9 million less are working than 10 years ago and there are nearly 50 million on food stamps.

      Golf clap for Sir HopeNchange. The bar is set so low even he can step over it.

      1. lee

        It is interesting how the media report the Unemployment Rate, but not the Participation Rate. Can you sycophant media.

        1. fred

          Lee, for the period above (April 2013 to May 2013) the participation rate INCREASED in every one of those cities. See the link above. In New Haven, for example, the number of people employed rose from 306,600 to 312,300 an increase of 5,700 jobs in one month. This mitigates some of the effect of the small increase in unemployment rate. Sorry, no media conspiracy here.


          1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

            Can’t you just feel that we’re this close to recovery in Connecticut? Another 3 or 4 major tax increases, 7 or 8 more Jackson labs, or another busway ought to do the trick. More bonding for operations would be awesome also. Who’s with me on this?

          2. The Conn-servative

            CT Circling

            I’m in! We can do it! Our Yankee driven,intestinal fortitude will prevail!
            The recovery is so close it’s within our grasp. I’m thinking some more time added on to the state employees sentence(no early release under this program) of guaranteed no layoffs for 6 years.
            Maybe another 2 or 3 ought to do it. By then we will have recovered and there will be no need to layoff.

          3. fred

            Drain, Conn, all you guys need is some solid Republican anti-abortion candidates in the next election. What could go wrong? Go for it!

          4. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

            Who knew the bad guys were the ones speaking out against the genocide of 55 million babies in the last 40 years? It’s so civilized of us, isn’t it?

          5. The Conn-servative

            Dead Fred,

            I’d rather go thru life being labeled as a pro-lifer than a pro-infanticider that you and your party so proudly represent. Fwiw,don’t try passing it on as “women’s healthcare”.

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