Union Activists Plan to Protest Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker\’s Speech

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will be in Connecticut Monday to headline the state Republican party\’s annual Prescott Bush awards dinner and union activists will be on hand to greet him.

\"scott\”With considerable help from super-wealthy right-wingers like the Koch Brothers, Walker in 2011 rammed through legislation the stripped Wisconsin public service workers of their collective bargaining rights, sending his state on a downward spiral,\” states a press release announcing the protest issued by longtime  union activist Larry Dorman.

The protesters plan to meet at the Stamford train station at 5:15, then march over to the Stamford Hilton Hotel, where Walker will speak.

The state GOP was anticipating the protests. \”It\’s not surprising that the public unions and special interests are up in arms — anytime someone attempts to reign in out-of-control government spending, they\’re quick to paint them as the enemy of education and the working class in hopes of concealing their agenda of demanding lavish benefits and automatic 6 percent pay raises every year,\” the Connecticut Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. wrote on the party\’s website.

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14 thoughts on “Union Activists Plan to Protest Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker\’s Speech

  1. Kim

    Larry Dorman, please provide the data to back up your contention that Wisconsin is “on a downward spiral’.

    Do your union acolytes have a clause in their contract that allows them to get paid while at protest meetings? Or do they simply falsify hours and management turns a blind eye?

    1. Sharpshooter

      I guess he meant Wisconsin unions were on a downward spiral since the public unions lost 70% of their membership due to right-to-work legislation.

    2. Gompers

      Have you ever heard of Google? I just checked it and read an article entitled “Wisconsin sees biggest monthly job loss since 2009″ in the Capitol Times of Madison, WI. It says that Wisconsin ranked 11th in job creation the year before Walker became governor and during his tenure plummeted to 44th.

      1. Kim

        Thanks Gompers, but I’m not sure how that relates to ending the unions’ collective bargaining practices in Wisconsin.

        From what I’ve read, The most current ranking for jobs created between Sept 2011 and September 2012 showed Wisconsin at 44th in the nation.

        Walker is claiming a two-year total gain of 62,000 private-sector jobs and a loss of 8,500 public sector jobs. Sounds like a win (albeit rather paltry) but the article says numbers can’t adequately be compared with other states until the numbers come out in June.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          Who wants to bet me that the numbers in the article Gomphers discussed, which are a dramatic shift from the the trend in Wisconsin, are a direct result of the BLS Data Processing Error they announced the day after that story was printed.

          This would be the same BLS Data Entry error that led Liberals on this site to trumpet an erroneous BLS report that stated Connecticut had a higher rate of job growth than Texas. Of course, the trumpets were silent regarding the correction.

          Any takers? How about if I offer 1 Million:1 odds?

      2. Gompers

        It relates in directly answering your question about data on Walker overseeing the greatest job loss disaster in Wisconsin history. I provided the info proving that Dorman was right. It’s OK. I don’t expect a concession to the truth from right wing fanatics.

          1. Kim

            gollum billy still wishing he were me. But by his posts, it’s clear that he never could be. Much too ignorant and childish, and too obsessed with restroom behaviour and sexual activities.

            Maybe if you stop fondling yourself in front of the mirror, billy, while thinking of me, you’d mature a little

  2. Sharpshooter

    With considerable help from super-wealthy right-wingers like the Koch Brothers, Walker in 2011 rammed through legislation the stripped Wisconsin public service workers of their collective bargaining rights.

    It wasn’t the Koch Bros that voted for Walker…it was the elctorate of the state of Wisconsin that was feed up with unions running and ruining the state….hopefully right-to-work will be coming to Connecticut and the sooner the better

  3. johngaltwhereru

    “… the downward spiral…”

    When Walker’s reforms were voted into effect in June of 2011, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate stood at 8.4%.

    In April of 2013, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate stood at 7.1%

    Wisconsin’s GDP has grown as well.

    Perhaps Dorman’s stunning lack of basic math and English skills explains how Obama was re-elected.

  4. Palin Smith

    We will counter protest the Walker protest rally. We got “Win With Walker” yard signs to loan out. And a load of these beauties modeled by General Washington.


    So come out to support the hero Walker and come out to protest the goat John McKinney, the Republican traitor!

  5. The Conn-servative

    So Dorman, the way you talk of super-wealthy right wingers, it almost sounds like none of those exist on the left. The likes of John “please pass the Heinz ketchup” Kerry and George Soros are just wealthy on a good day day,not super wealthy.The same John Kerry who registered his yacht in RI instead of MA to avoid paying higher property taxes.”Come on Lovey,we’re going to tac.”
    Collective bargaining rights are killing many areas of our state and local governments,only putting a greater burden on those in the private sector to have to foot the bill for these Neanderthal plans. The so called rights of government slugs do not supersede my rights to my social security and my retirement benny’s. I shouldn’t be expected to get a part time job just to pay for all of this left wing garbage. This is why people are sick and tired of the fecal matter.And sometime in the future,the same fecal matter is going to hit the oscillating fan.

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