Unionists Rally For Malloy

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Construction workers will rally at the state capitol this afternoon in support of Gov. Malloy\’s $44 billion budget proposal. The governor\’s office says his budget \”will create thousands of construction jobs in the state.\”

Tradesmen and construction workers do indeed have something to thank Malloy for: Malloy has already won funding for the massive $300 million Jackson Labs expansion at the University of Connecticut Health Center, the nearly $600 million Busway is well under way. Meanwhile, there are nearly $1 billion in school construction grants are proposed in his current budget.

The \”rally\” is in the Old Appropriations Room at the capitol at 2 p.m.



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10 thoughts on “Unionists Rally For Malloy

  1. Patrick_Henry

    Between Malloy’s spend-thrift ways and prevailing wage laws, is anyone really surprised by this rally and support?

  2. Connecticut is Dying Too

    What a shock- the union drones come out on cue to belly up to the bar. I see Governor Dan is cirling the wagons on his spend and borrow budget behemoth.

  3. alan

    At least they are private sector unions..I have had enough of public sector crybabies. The Conn I grew up with had strong private sector unions

  4. Sharpshooter

    Imagine that….the unions backing big spend programs in education…who’d a thunk it….come on Courant…this is ‘dog bites man’ journalism….you’re better than that…

  5. WildBill

    Patrick, the wage laws are good. I take issue with foolish projects like the Bus Lane to noe where even though it is mostly federal money and was committed before 2008.

  6. justme

    Unions and management/politicians that cave into their unreasonable demands are the problem. Its is simply a travesty of democracy that the unions are so powerful while most people are not unionized and a very glad that they are not.

  7. Mike Robinson

    Jobs! Good-paying construction jobs in the private sector. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Thank you Governor Malloy. Remember, as Linda McMahon said, it’s all about the jobs.

    1. Kim

      Yes, thanks Malloy for tapping my paycheck for yet MORE money for another wasteful project, along with more money to UCONN.

      Linda McMahon wasn’t about creating jobs at increased expense to the taxpayer, Mike, no matter how much you’d like us to think so. She was about creating an environment that would encourage private parties to create businesses and jobs, not cater to special interest groups and public sector employees

      1. Kim

        holding up the posting of comments under the guise of ‘awaiting moderation’ are simply another means of censoring. Not making them available for viewing is virtually the same thing as deleting them

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