Unions Back Malloy Veto on Waterbury Hospital Bill

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Labor groups representing hundreds of nurses were quick to praise Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for his veto of a bill that would have made it easier for a Tennessee-based company to potentially acquire Waterbury Hospital.

\"wbhospital\"Malloy, a Democrat, struck down a measure that would have allowed the Waterbury Hospital and the hospital in Bristol to act as medical \”foundations,\” even if they were to become for-profit hospitals. Current law only allows non-profit entities to function as foundations.

Leaders of AFSCME, which represents some 400 nurses at Waterbury Hospital, said Thursday that a takeover of Waterbury Hospital by Vanguard Health Systems would have negatively affected its members.

“We’ve already been on the front lines fighting the ruthless practices and inhumane tactics of the for-profits,” said Barbara Simonetta, President of CT Health Care Associates/AFSCME. “Vanguard has been out for months to kill the nurses’ long-standing pensions, among other outrageous actions, as a precondition for merging with Waterbury Hospital.\”

The medical foundations legislation was grafted onto an existing bill and passed within hours on the final day of legislative session. In his veto message, Malloy said \”further consideration\” is needed to determine whether it is appropriate to change state law specifically for the hospitals in Waterbury and Bristol.

Messages put out to Waterbury lawmakers who backed the hospital measure were not immediately returned.

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5 thoughts on “Unions Back Malloy Veto on Waterbury Hospital Bill

  1. Richard

    Two years ago Malloy snuffed a deal to put hundreds of millions into a consolidation between ST Mary’s and Waterbury Hospital. Hundreds of millions in construction and hob creation killed over Teresa Youngers ignorant abortion demands.

    Make no mistake. Thus is a GOP enclave in Waterbury. Unless they pay the organized crime VIG for the unions Malloy won’t do squat. He’s bought and sold like a a dog. Teresa Youngers dog. And AFSCME’s.

  2. Quinte West

    The actions of the Malloy administration related to the hospitals in Waterbury will result in a reduction in jobs, services and quality of care for the residents of the Brass City.Prior to this fiasco, the Governor and his stooges Younger, Ojakian, Barnes , DeJesus and Occhiogrosso torpedoed the work done by the 2 hospitals in Waterbury to remain non profit, stay under local control, and become financially stronger via a merger. Now, the Malloynium pulls this nonsense–virtually guaranteeing that this deal will fall through. And when it falls through, and it will, it is only a matter of time before this hospital fails.
    You cannot educate this Governor or the people who work for him–they are the only smart ones in the room, the rest of us are idiots. But let me try anyway– Hey Dan–a numbers game—do you think that by giving 400 nurses(who will be unemployed within the next year or so) what they want guarantees you 400 Waterbury votes in the next election or guarantees your opponent thousands? I would tell you the answer, but you’re so smart I’m sure that you already know it….
    Everyone—remember next November….

  3. Jack

    I am a connecticut businessman and I have come to the conclusion that Connecticut is a lost cause. This was a good deal and it was killed for all the wrong reasons . Shame on the Governor for not having the stomach to do the right thing. I am retiring elsewhere and have told all my children not to come back to this state.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      I’m with you Jack. I am rethinking retirement plans also in light of the hard left turn this state has made in recent years. Let the dimwits in Hartford get somebody else to subsidize their liberal utopia.

      Maybe things will change if enough of us vote with our feet but don’t count on it.

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