US AG Eric Holder in CT Tuesday To Unveil Violence Prevention Effort

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will join U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and David Fein, the U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut, to announce what they are calling \”a comprehensive initiative to reduce gun violence\” in the state\’s major cities.

The plan will be unveiled at an 11 a.m. news conference in New Haven.


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7 thoughts on “US AG Eric Holder in CT Tuesday To Unveil Violence Prevention Effort

  1. Kim

    Be afraid people. The Obama administrations’ comprehensive plan is to put this country under the rule of the United Nations. That’s right – you’ll need permissin from places like Saudia Ariba, Cuba, Venezuela, Panama, China and Russia to do virtuallly anything, let alone own a weapon.

    In case it’s still not clear: first they’ll disarm you through the UN, then they’ll increase their power so you’ll be just as powerless as the citizens of the countries I have just mentioned.

    Whether you love or hate Obama, do you really want to hand your future and freedom over to the UN?

    1. Kim

      and when Obama gets to appoint two new Supreme Court justices, this ‘comprehensive’ plan will be that much easier to implement.

  2. Da Troof

    Does this plan include permanent stationing of New Black Panther party thugs at Democrat polling stations in the name of “violence prevention?”

    I hope that more arms for drug lords makes the cut also as that really prevented alot of violence.

    Believe these people at your peril.

  3. Sharpshooter

    Eric Holder to attend and address a gun prevention initiative….he has a contempt of congress charge against him for his failue to provide evidence concerning his participation in fast-and-furious gun running scheme to Mexico….but Malloy wants him to come to Connecticut and talk about violence prevention….absurd….

    1. Kim

      exactly right, sharpshooter. If he really wanted to prevent gun violence he wouldn’t be approving the illegal shipping of guns to cartels and mexican citizens. But the goal was to INCREASE violence in order to push a more agressive anti-gun, anti-second amendment agenda. (See previous comments about UN rule).

      Asking Eric Holder to lead the charge against gun violence is like asking Joan Crawford to watch the kids

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