Was Murphy Right? Poll Shows Americans Think NRA Endorsement Is A Negative

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Sen. Murphy recently issued a report to convince members of Congress the NRA\’s political strength is overrated, and a poll released Tuesday shows he might be right. Democratic-leaning pollster Public Policy Polling released findings Tuesday showing a plurality of Americans are less likely to vote for a candidate supported by the NRA.

39 percent said they were less likely to vote for an NRA-endorsed candidate, whereas 26 percent said they would be more likely to. 32 percent said it would not make a difference. Democrats pay more attention to who the NRA supports: 43 percent of people who voted for Romney in 2012 said NRA support is not a factor in choosing candidates, whereas only 25 percent of Obama voters felt the same way.

The poll also found 51 percent of Americans support an assault weapons ban and 53 percent support Congress passing stricter gun laws.


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3 thoughts on “Was Murphy Right? Poll Shows Americans Think NRA Endorsement Is A Negative

  1. CTtax13

    Really? Was he right when he said “The real second amendment has always given people of this country through their elected leaders the ability to decide what guns are reserved for the military, what weapons are reserved for the military and what weapons are available to the public,”
    This man needs to read the Bill of Rights and then the rest of the Constitution.
    Our leaders should stop governing by the outcomes of polls and start governing by our founding documents!

  2. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    If anyone want to change the Constitution there are ways. Get 2/3rds of the states to vote for changes and you can change or amend an amendment. Don’t think it will be happening anytime soon.

  3. johngaltwhereru

    I am confident that PPP had no agenda while conducting this poll, so the Democrats should run with it.

    Here is what I suggest: All Democrats nationwide, from mayor of a 10 person town through President should run on repeal and replacement of the 2nd Amendment.

    This will accomplish 2 things. First, if the Democrats win big in the next election, they can score their first successful attack on the Bill of Rights, something the left has been repulsed by for decades.

    Or, if they get stomped, indicating the majority of Americans are opposed to attacks on the Bill of Rights, we can all agree that in non-measurable, non-election based polling, PPP is a heavily slanted, manipulative organization which should never be cited in any media that claims to be fact based.

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