WATCH: Gun Manufacturers Run Ads Opposing State Gun Legislation

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Three gun manufacturers are running ads to oppose gun legislation being pursued at the state level. The commercials were produced and paid for by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and argue that if gun proposals before the General Assembly are enacted into law, job losses will result. Employees from Colt\’s Manufacturing Company of West Hartford, O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc. of North Haven and Stag Arms of New Britain are featured in the three ads. The theme of the ads is \”Don\’t Lose Us In The Discussion.\”


O.F. Mossberg & Sons:

Stag Arms:

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12 thoughts on “WATCH: Gun Manufacturers Run Ads Opposing State Gun Legislation

  1. Harold Douglas

    There are more gun manufactures besides these 3 also the vendors who supply all of them…I would imagine this would be a fairly large loss in tax base not accounting for the employees spending habits to local business..Who do you think would have to make up for that loss? Not the non working class…Ding..Ding..Ding We have a winner and what have we won? Higher taxes…Higher mill rates…Higher everything and I don’t think 20 bucks is going to cover it. Make sure you thank your local politician who has your wallet..I mean best interest in mind.

  2. Greg

    It’s ironic that the Colt building off of I-91 is a designated historical site and representative of CT’s manufacturing history, similar to Waterbury being the “brass city” manufacturing brass shell casings for bullets and artillery. A rather large part of this state’s manufacturing base revolves around death somehow, be it fighter jet engines, nuclear submarines, or guns. It’s a bit disingenuous to market ourselves as a high tech, precision manufacturing state on one hand and yet vilify the same manufacturers for their product; be it gun control or anti-war.

    If the second amendment and war both disappeared tomorrow, CT’s manufacturing would all but wither and die. That’s a fascinating dynamic.

  3. Unnecessary Bill O'Rights

    I don’t understand the problem. As Connecticut’s private sector jobs continue to move elsewhere, the State Government will raise taxes to provide more public sector jobs. As the tax base shrinks, base salaries for more government workers will shrink also.
    See? No problem.

    1. The Conn-servative

      The tax base for the state government is not shrinking when thieves like Malloy,Williams,Looney, etc. keep raising the taxes on the base that is still here. Employing such trickery on us as attempting to dissolve the vehicle property tax on us,knowing full well local towns will raise the mill rate is their way of solving fiscal problems.

  4. jamestkirck

    Nearly 2 billion dollars revinue to the state from these companies. If these nonsense laws are passed i hope Colt, Ruger, Stag and all manufactureres move south. Many of us will follow when the tax revenue goes with them.

        1. Mike Robinson

          Sam, any tax loss is not a good thing. But that $81 million is just 0.6% percent of the $13.4 billion total state tax collected in 2011. I thought people might be under the false impression that it was a much larger number that I see posted in many places. That is why I used the word “only.” Every single company and all 5,400 gun-worker taxpayers would have to leave the state to lose the entire $81 million. The $81 million number was supplied by the gun industry (NSSF) and likely to be a maximized estimate.

          Conservatives like to say the sequester is “only” 2.0% and therefore not a problem. So how can 0.6% be a problem?

          1. The Conn-servative

            Regardless of the tax revenue from the firearms companies, both parties have put us in this situation. The Democrats are really the worse of the two evils.

  5. dc

    the way the legislature acts here you’d think they hate businesses and dont want tax revenue, taxes are merely meant to punish.

  6. Harry Hoku

    I hope the money is effective and it slows the pending legislation down. Don’t forget to call your representative every day.

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