WATCH: Newtown Mother Demands Action In Emotional Presidential Address

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A grieving Newtown mother gave President Obama\’s weekly radio address Saturday, making an emotional plea to Congress and the country as the Senate prepares to vote next week on legislation aimed at curbing gun violence.

\”Sometimes I close my eyes and all I can remember is that awful day, waiting at the Sandy Hook Firehouse for the boy that would never come home,\” said Francine Wheeler, who lost her son, Benjamin, 6, in the shooting. \”But other times I feel Ben\’s presence filling me with courage for what I have to do.\”

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60 thoughts on “WATCH: Newtown Mother Demands Action In Emotional Presidential Address

  1. Citizen

    I can see that when something happens that results in possible reinforcement of Obama’s agendas, he has no problem using private citizens in his government circle to give his agenda more credibility and clout. These people are now lobbyists, and as such, should be forced under the laws of the USA to only get the exposure that other lobbyists get. They should not under any circumstances be included in any Presidential address to the nation.

  2. CT Citizen


  3. Jane Bradley

    Thank you to Francine Wheeler for speaking out about the need for reform. We are behind you 100%. What is wrong with the people spewing hate in response to her moving plea for a rational approach? Our hearts are breaking for you and we admire your courage. We are backing the Sandy Hook Promise:

    1. America Is Dying

      You don’t phuck with the United States Constitution, period!
      The real problem, Mental illness is not being addressed!

        1. America Is Dying

          Typical response from a Good Brain Washed American Sheep! Adolph Hitler would have loved you! Seig Heil!

        2. Jeb Potchagalloop

          N Sense: America is Dying can’t seek help. Too far gone. He is the troll under various aliases – the most infamous being Kim (Kimmerian) the Troll who we found enjoys a romp to the men’s room on the New Jersey Turnpike on a Saturday evening where he goes off sniffing drainpipes and reciting the alphabet. Other aliases of his are: Patrick Henry, Liberalism is a Mental disorder and Enough Already. A real troll. A troller’s troll. A retiree’s dream occupation.

      1. MS


        1. Scott

          Here’s the bottom line for you. If you have a problem with the constitution feel free to lead an effort change it.

        2. Rich Grog

          MS – You have been tweeked. That’s enough tweeking. The Constitution is what it is. No tweeking needed.

  4. A great day

    It won’t be long after the registration that we can begin to regulate and tax the ability to own guns to as minimal as possible. If need be to keep kids safe we can begin confiscation. Dick Blumenthal was a Marine and he thinks you don’t need guns so your arguments lose right away. So proud of Chris Murphy who is standing up for kids, and against gun nuts in the NRA who should be classified as terrorists at this point and rounded up. This Newtown mother made me cry today. In the spirit of Connecticut, we are Newtown and a gun free state is our goal. It’s about saving kids.

    1. Joey

      A great day,

      Thanks for confirming what the 2nd amendment advocates have been predicting, Obama’s and Molloy’s confiscation strategy. Well done!

    2. Rich Grog

      Blumenthal disgraced his Marine service by lying about serving in Viet Nam on 8 separate occasions. This has nothing to do with keeping kids safe. Since the law will be obeyed only by the law abiding citizen, are you saying the law abiding are the danger? Remember, criminals don’t give a damn about laws. CT is no longer the Constitution State. It is the Anti-Constitution State. This is NOT about “saving kids.”

  5. We're in trouble now...

    I consider myself a liberal but people like you make me reconsider. I don’t agree with the other side but I’m not gonna spew senseless drivel either…if you’re not helping the cause, keep your mouth shut.

    1. A great day

      It’s time to stand up for these Newtown families. Time to open your mouth and challenge these NRA gun nuts! They are the “fringe of the fringe” as the Governor has said. Send the companies making these evil killing machines packing and take as many tea baggers as they can! FIGHT for a gun free state!

        1. TJ

          It seems to be very clear that some on the right of this issue have no empathy for these families or children murdered. Christianity teaches us to turn the other cheek, and thou shall not kill.

          What would Jesus do?

          1. Scott

            Empathy can only go so far. This has crossed from grieving to pushing a pre-existiong agenda. I personally know one of the mothers of the murdered children. Even she believes these people need to be reined in.

      1. kuma138

        when you figure out a way to make all the criminals and gang bangers turn their guns in then we can have a discussion about my guns.

  6. Glen Allen

    My heart goes out to these parents, the community, and the entire country for the greatest loss of all, the lives of young innocent children. However, those lives were not lost because of guns, those lives were lost at the hands of a terribly sick individual. Our gun laws may need tweaking, but our mental health system, and laws protecting us from the mentally ill are the reason this incident, and thousands of other needless incidents happen each day. We let our government try and blame the gun manufacturers because it is cheaper than owning up to the expensive mental health reform this country needs.

    1. bahmi

      Terribly sick people like Lanza are living in a terribly sick nation. As our political class seeks to bury us, the overt chaos they are proliferating works to distract Americans. We have massive drug problems here, how many of YOU know that CIA and other agencies are responsible for trafficking these drugs into the country? Then, the farce called the War on Drugs takes over, costs us billions, and is just a SHAM meant to distract us. There is no war on drugs, it’s a feel good phony baloney distraction. Drug money fattens bank accounts and provides billions for secretive programs like Iran contra. There is no inspection of drug money by Congress, it goes right to the black ops by back corridors.
      As America lies dying, what are YOU doing to inform yourselves? Or, are you still fat and sassy ’cause you still got the shekels and life is good for you?????

  7. saraj

    For one, I think the name calling you do, because some have grown tired of hearing about Sandy Hook, day in and day out, is quite unfair. What happened was tragic and most of us felt the families pain. However, when we hear that some of the families are upset that the donations are slow in getting to them, makes us a bit upset. No one made people send the gifts, they wanted to help out of kindness. Then we see that Nascar should not be held today in Texas ,or that Glee should apologize for the show they aired and now this headline reads”Newtown Mother Demands<<".They have done everything they could to get the gun laws changed. What is next? We cannot live in fantasy land with rose colored glasses.There will always be murder's, sad but true. Guns did not cause this tragedy, a young man with a mental illness did. I wish these families had fought this hard to change the laws on mental health issues.Taking guns from people,is not going to change anything.There will always be some type of weapon that will take a life.Obama has used these families,much the same way Murphy and Blumenthal are doing now. Asking for donations of 5 dollars,really? Yet he will lie and say "its not what it sounds like".. This from a man who lied about fighting in Nam. Hard to figure out just whose using who….. I think the families should do what they said they wanted back in Dec, be left alone to heal… I haven't seen that as yet.

    1. bahmi

      Hey, lay off Blumenthal. Remember, when he was in-country, he singlehandedly destroyed many North Vietnamese regiments. With his trusty M-16 in one hand and his sharpened Bowie knife in his other hand, one by one he slaughtered the evil residents of North Vietnam and those nasty Viet Cong and returned these countries to……dire communism, nearly total loss of freedoms, and ultimately a nation that would knit our clothing for pennies an hour. Bloomie gets my vote, I’ve always been sentimental to soldiers who fought in tough wars and came back to tell about it. It could not have been easy to leave his life of luxury and become a wartime Rambo. No, whatever Bloomie does is for our freedoms and liberty. We owe a huge debt to Vietnam vets like him because those nasty commies were thinking of invading Milwaukee.

  8. Mitch

    So what about the Newtown families who lost children who happen to not be anti-gun???? How come the politicians are not talking to them? Why does the Courant not interview them? The media handlers and lobbyists that are working with this group of a dozen or so families from Newtown really begs the question, when does it go too far and become exploitation.

    Obama and Co. never spent any time after Va Tech, Fort Hood, Tuscon or Aurora talking about new gun bans. Not a word from them and all was forgotten after a few days. Why????

    But this is the perfect situation to push an agenda and there was no discussion. This has been pushed before the funerals even took place and Obama has been on the campaign trail since then.

    There hasn’t even been a police report yet from Newtown and laws are being pushed through. Mental health is not an issue that is being taken seriously, but why is that not at the top of the list since EVERY one of these mass killings has been committed by a mentally ill person. The media won’t address it, the politicians avoid it….because it is far easier to do gun bans.

    So, who pays the price??? The law-abiding people, that’s who.

    Obama has used these families as props and hasn’t missed a chance to exploit them. He and Murphy and Blumenthal haven’t been seen consoling families from Newtown who lost children, but happen to not be anti gun.

    Seems a bit odd, doesn’t it? No name calling here, but some cold, hard facts that people aren’t addressing.

    The fact that Blumenthal used it as a way to link to a campaign fundraising channel on his web site is sickening. Wouldn’t that be perfect for a Courant editorial to spotlight. I’m not holding my breath, but that is about as low as you can go.

    Wake up people….

    1. Joey


      No disrespect, but you are at the wrong blog complaining about one sided media. As far back as I can remember the Courant has been at the top when it comes to only reporting one side. I stopped home delivery over a decade ago.

      I am ammused, because your short commentary probably contains more facts than anything they have put in print.

  9. Frank

    After reading the listed comments from these hatefilled wack jobs I can see why people want more gun control! Sickening and disgusting.

  10. bahmi

    America is under seige unlike any other time in our history. Sandy Hook stinks like a week old fish, it strikes me that these parents/shills are acting like duped lobbyists for Obama. The second amendment is under attack, in fact, many other amendments that signified freedom for Americans are under attack, too. We are under a planned and devastating attack on our liberties, on our nation’s existence. Until many more Americans realize this and understand what is at stake, we will slowly turn into a 3rd world nation in another decade. Obama is a spectacularly evil individual, America has many people just like him doing their best to destroy us. One by one, our freedoms are assaulted and removed. The 2 party system is a sham. Both parties are bought and paid for, both are active in our destruction. What is galling is that so-called smart people are too lazy to lift a finger to write a letter to a congressperson, to a newspaper, to an Internet blog.
    Anmerica, awake! Sandy Hook is being milked for shock value and ultimately, is a part of our demise planned by a political/elite class hellbent on our destruction. Before it’s too late, inform yourselves of this immense danger. Malloy is part of the Evil Empire, too. He adores Obama, worships Obama, wishes he could go to DC and get a nice fat, influential job in destroying this nation. He wants to do his part in destroying us. As far as gun manufacturers are concerned, he cares zero. Let them go, says Malloy.No, a handful of Jackson Labs jobs over a long period is seen as far more worthy than the gun manufacturing jobs we have now.Malloy and Obama, two wreckers of our society!

  11. sam

    I am really beginning to think that some of our politicians have no shame. These poor people are greiving the loss of their children after this horrendous slaughter and tragedy and are so vunerable they probably dont even see they are being used to further a political agenda. This is really sad.

  12. Jeanne

    *Some* heartless comments from individuals above,who are obviously less than human, only thinking of their rights only and not the rights of ALL of us!!! The right to be able to go out in public and feel safe and not concern myself with some nutjob that is going to blow my body to smithereens, so I don’t have any chance of survival, which happened at Sandy Hook. The second amendment does NOT say we have the right to weapons of mass destruction!!! It says we have the right to bear arms under a “well-regulated” militia.” We are NOT well regulated and need to be! If we don’t do something to regulate, then it will happen again over and over. Probably by one of the heartless, cold individuals that posted above!

    1. Scott

      So Jeanne, how does the legislation that was passed make you safer? What changed that allows you “to go out in public and feel safe and not concern myself with some nutjob that is going to blow my body to smithereens”. Nothing has changed. The metally deranged are still free to walk among us. Nothing in CT’s legislation changes that. You are so focused on a single tree that you can’t see the forest.

      1. Scott

        Just so we are clear I will not allow myself or my family to be victimized. Its a known fact that the police will not be there to help in time. Their job is to catch the perps. Just ask Dr Petit. I would much rather be like the homeowner in “FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Two men who attempted to invade a Fayetteville home early Friday morning died after a gun fight with the homeowner, according to WTVD”. Contrary to the mainstream media the economy is not improving. More people are falling into poverty and becoming desperate. This will only get worse.

    2. Joey

      “The right to be able to go out in public and feel safe” Was that the 28th amendment?

  13. kuma138

    take Dr. Petitte in the Cheshire home invasion. he continues to be anti gun through all of this. but bring him back to that night and put an ar-15 or a glock under his pillow and you know what happens? his wife and daughters are still here, safe and sound. no rape, no murder. only his family, protected from sickos. two dead psychopaths instead of a dead wife and kids. you anti 2nd amendment people need to understand, if 2 or 3 bastards break into your home and you only have a shotgun. they will still have their way with you. the police wont save you and obama cant save you. YOU have to save YOU!!!!

  14. Pamela Robinson

    You are a very ignorant and twisted individual to make such a statement. You probably don’t have any friends or family and you in all likelihood, live alone. This is the only explanation for such a thoughtless statement to make.

  15. DaveJ

    Wow. I oppose the gun law changes yet I defend this woman’s right to her opinion. That right is as strong as the right to bear arms. To call her a Nazi for speaking her mind … that is the OPPOSITE OF PATRIOTISM.

  16. Randy

    These parents have a right to grieve, and even to lash out. They do not have a right to deprive me of my rights and liberty.

    And the politicians exploiting this are just vile and disgusting slime.

  17. Rich Grog

    The Newtown parents are victims of exploitation from the left. Malloy, Murphy, Blumenthal, and Obama are using them like pawns. It is getting sickening listening to them! They need to be left alone to grieve, which is something they haven’t been able to do since the tragedy. They have a right to be heard, but they do not have the right to encourage depriving law abiding citizens of their Constitutional rights! You are too ignorant for not being able to see through the smoke screen for what this really is. A grab for control!

  18. You're the problem.

    You’re “offended” at some perceived slight that has nothing to do with you? Guess what, people like YOU are the reason the Unites States has become the laughingstock of the world… a nation full of lawyers, pussies, and blind sheep.

  19. bahmi

    Francine Wheeler looks like she’s having a great time. Why is this? She should have bags under her eyes 2 inches wide but she looks fresh and radiant. Where is Robbie Parker? Another phoney baloney. On 60 Minutes, these parents looked and talked very strange, very weird, and all they could talk about was a bizarre penchant for gun control.

  20. A great day

    Oh! Must be a NRA gun nut. Reality and reasonable restrictions are coming down on you and too bad. Malloy, Blumenthal and Murphy will stand up to ignorant uneducated bullies like you and keep our schools and kids safe. Get used to it we are going to stop your sick obsession with guns and keep our kids safe!!

  21. America Is Dying

    There will be another mass shooting because of Brain Washed American Sheep like you who think Gun Free Zones and more Gun Control Laws are the answer! You are the one who is Uneducated. Seig Heil!

  22. bahmi

    Yeah, our super great 2 party system is making sure our nation is happy, prosperous, and unemployment is under 1%. Bloomie is your idea of a super politician, isn’t he? You must have been one of the guys who flanked him when he admitted he was a liar when bragging about his Vietnam service. You are a sicko shill, one of the Poorly Informed voters who undoubtedly worships the communist Obama. Pot calling the kettle black and likely very proud of it.

  23. DaveJ

    Not only do you disrespect good gun owners everywhere, you disrespect the dead children of Newtown, and the Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis.

    You, sir, are the Nazi.

  24. raul

    Pretty sick staetment,You fit right in there will be more in spite of all the laws your friends pass

  25. Pamela Robinson

    Rich: The parents in Newtown have grieved. And those who have resolved to fight for gun control continue to grieve. They can do both. They are not being led by anyone. And, although much publicity is being cast their way, this movement is being fought by parents and supported across the country in cities and small towns. What you have witnessed in these past 4 months is the beginning of a titanic demand for gun control and it will not end until we achieve the goals of a safer society. It is too bad that so many posters on these blogs simply don’t get it.

    The little sandbox cowboy and Indian games are over. You may keep your non semi automatic shotgun in your house for protection if you wish. But in the near future, we will no long be doing business as usual in the area of assault weapons. We are not sheep. On the contrary, each of us are leaders in our own way.

    We are the voice of sanity. We are the voice of reason.

    You may keep saying your “Seig Heil” and practice in front of the mirror where you belong.

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