Wesleyan to Host Conference on Gun Violence

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Wesleyan University in Middletown will host a conference on gun-violence prevention at the end of the month.

The Sept. 28 forum will feature keynote remarks from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and  a \”call to action\” by Ron Pinciaro, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, among other speakers.

Also expected to attend are Sen. Richard Blumenthal and U.S. Rep. Jim Himes.

The forum will address the next steps for the gun-control movement as well as providing an overview on the effective use of social media and how activists can impact the 2014 elections.

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29 thoughts on “Wesleyan to Host Conference on Gun Violence

  1. Kim

    I’m sure we can expect balanced discussion with all sides represented. ROFLMFAO.

    At least it’s official now: it’s called the ‘gun control movement’. Reasonable people will call it the ‘freedom destroying movement’ or the ‘anti-constitution crusade’. Let’s tell it like it is

  2. Sharpshooter

    A balanced discusion with Constitutional referrences all day long, I’m sure…who will represent the NRA at this forum…..

    1. Kim

      and who will represent the responsible gun owners of this state and country? Fairness dictates that the conversation be closed to all but those AGAINST gun ownership

  3. Johngaltwhereru

    This will be a very productive meeting.

    The most Liberal people in a very Liberal State are going to sit around in an extremely Liberal University and agree with each others opinions on a topic in which the rest of the Country has made abundantly clear they are in opposition and will block.

    On another note, how pitiful is it that anti-gun media outlets were so excited for another AR-15 shooting, that they went ahead and reported that incorrectly. Never mind that it was a shotgun, the weapon Joe Biden himself told pro-2nd Amendment folks to shoot to scare off intruders. And didn’t our esteemed President specify that he would not take your shotguns away?

    It must be so disappointing to the left that these people were killed with a weapon less offensive than an AR-15.

    1. Mr Bill

      Galt: on another issue. For argument sake, let’s say you are correct that most gun violence is found in black impoverished communities. You have repeated this mantra for a long time. What is your point. Why do you need to constantly point out that this community is the cause. Why don’t you discuss the history, reasons and possible solutions.

      I believe that you never discuss these other issues is because you are essentially a racist. I wasn’t the first to call you out. But because of yor rant on the issue, I must conclude that you are.

      I recall decades ago, I believe a physicist in CA referencing certain genetic traits that he felt showed that African Americans were predisposed to inferior intelligence. But surprise surprise, he wasn’t a geneticist therefore, not qualified to speak on this topic. Indeed, he was a racist since he was predisposed to speak condescendingly.

      I have frequently compared you to him when you rant on about one of your favorite topics. I don’t know how else to describe your motivations.

      Your response is most welcome.

      1. Johngaltwhereru


        My point is that Americans as a whole should not be governed to the lowest common denominator.

        The solution? There are many. Enforce existing laws ferociously in inner cities. Then add a multitude of zip code specific laws and mandatory sentencing requirements. Any zip code where gun violence is 20% higher than the national average should have aggressive stop and frisk laws, then put everyone, including minors, that illegally possesses a gun in jail. Have mandatory lifetime sentences without parole for shooting someone with a gun they illegally possess in these zip codes. The jail time in both accounts should include mandatory unpaid labor, not just 3 hots and a cot.

        Next, immediately legalize drugs, as the dealers resort to shooting each other because the cannot turn to police for theft of their product or to lawyers for unfair business practices by their competitors.

        Next, onto the root problems in black society: the failure of The Great Society programs, astronomical single motherhood rates, atrocious graduation rates and massive unemployment. Blame slavery and Jim Crowe if you wish, I will deal with things that don’t require a time machine to correct.

        To address unemployment, I would afford employers who provide unskilled labor opportunities in any zip code that has unemployment levels above 20% tax exempt status for that particular enterprise. Additionally, provide the employer with a tax credit for providing day care at these enterprises.

        Combine this with revoking the benefits of any able bodied welfare recipient as long as there is an job opening in their zip code.

        Next, tie SNAP, and any other benefits to mandatory high school graduation. Drop-outs should be ineligible for any form of welfare. Exceptions for the mentally retarded should be provided.

        Next, hold the sperm donors and sperm receptacles responsible for their offspring. The inner cities are filthy and need work to be done. Forced labor for the inseminators and the recipients of the sperm, with all money earned going to feeding, clothing and housing the children should be mandatory. If the “adults” need additional income to care for themselves, get a second job. 40 hours per week of labor should be purely for care of the offspring.

        I think these things would work, however I know for a fact that making guns illegal and continueing our current social welfare programs will not do a damn thing to change the current problems.

          1. johngaltwhereru

            Thank you Kim.

            And the cries of racism will surely come, despite making the laws zip code specific and not color specific.

            My use of the terms sperm receptacles and donors will surely be deemed racist. But what can I do? The terms mother and father apply to people who provide, care for and nuture their children. You cannot do this when you have multiple children with multiple partners and neither you nor your co-conceivers contribute a dime to that child’s welfare.

            This problem is not race specific. However it is a much higher percentage of the black community that this problem effects.

            I have always wondered as to what a Liberal would find to be reasonable response to the claim that the plight of African Americans is due to slavery and Jim Crow. OK. Say that is true, and social engineering and the dissentigration of the black family has nothing to do with the disproportionate rates of teen pregnancy, pregnancy out of wedlock, dropping out of high school and murder. What then? There is no way we can undo slavery and Jim Crow. They happened. They are over. Complaining about it now offers no solutions, but an excuse to continue down the same tracks. Reparations have already been tried in the form of SNAP, Section 8 Housing, Affirmative Action, ect. Reparations didn’t work. Time to try something different.

          2. The Conn-servative

            Agree.Excellent posts JG?RU. Your use of the terms sperm donors and receptacles is not racist because those qualifiers span every ethnicity and religion.
            Today’s government dependent occupiers,both the takers and the creators will prevent any one of your ideas from happening. There needs to be responsibility for all of our actions,not just some of them as defined by a ruling party. Having babies incessantly without the means to provide for is just one of the big problems our country is facing.

          3. Mr Bill

            JG: thank you for your address to my questions and observations. You sounded somewhat more reasonable now that you dispensed with your usual sound bites.

            I am too tired to respond now and I am in a place in the days without wifi. Another time.

        1. Connecticut is circling the drain

          Doc, I’m with you on most elements of your program but I’m a having trouble with legalizing drugs like crack, Meth, and heroin. It is obvious the war on drugs isn’t working but our problems don’t go away if there is legal access to hard drugs.

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            CT, there is definitely a down side to legalizing meth, heroin and crack. I would be most concerned with legalizing PCP. Any additional users are a bad thing.

            But I don’t think you could find me a drug addict of any kind that can’t get what they are addicted to in short order.

            It should be taxed heavily enough so that the cost remains the contraband cost. There should be severe penalties, far more harsh than DWI for certain types of drugs. Harsh meaning mandatory jail time on your first offense.

            The upside is that Goverments all over South America, Central America and Mexico will no longer be controlled by drug lords.

            The upside is a massive increase in revenue without raising any additional taxes.

            There is also tremendous savings in not prosecuting a war the Government is badly losing.

            However, above all else, it is not the government’s business what I put in my body.

          2. Mr Bill

            JG: I agree on the herion. Not sure about crack and PCP. Herion yes because people can behave reasonably well on herion. Not on crack or PCP. Pot, of course, legalize it and free anyone in prison convicted of pot charges.

            The herion should be dispensed in clinics under controlled conditions and for the addicted only. Maybe. It is not a question about taxing this drug. Those addicted can afford diddleysquat.

            You sounded reasonably until you started into the liberal crap. It diminishes you argument. Every group that has immigrated here went through the discrimination. understood. But the skin ID reigns supreme as a point of disperportionate discrimination in perpetuity. Frankly, my solution is a racially integrated society in which there is no white no black no born. All mixed. I believe and live the MLK dream.

            But it appears that you are unable to rise ubove the finger-pointing.

            I have purposely refrained from being nasty with name calling in an effort to a tally dialogue.

            For Kim Junk Jerk – now that is another story. Sociopath is what mostly defines this little weasel.

          3. Johngaltwhereru

            What liberal crap threw me off my sounding reasonable?

            How do you propose your all mixed race births plan be implemented?

            While a great number of white men may be willing to participate in the government run insemination of some brown sugar, and all other various possible combinations of couplings, there may be some married religious types opposed to forced adultery.

  4. The Conn-servative

    Isn’t the shotgun, Billy’s weapon of choice? For those new hear,Billy,or at least that’s his more commonly used name,when he’s not running clinical trials for the former Timothy Leary, is against private gun ownership. But hark!! Isn’t that a bit hypocritcal?

    1. Mr Bill

      Conn-serv: as to your remarks, you wish you had the finances to purchase what I sell. And in case you did, you wouldn’t have the cultural understanding to appreciate it anyway.

      Have a sparkling day, Jo Jo.

      1. Kim

        just more wonderful qualities that bill attributes to himself: financial wherewithal and cultural understanding. You get more perfect everyday bozo, er billy, if you don’t say so yourself

  5. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Having Wesleyan host a gun control forum is like having the John Birch society host a forum on race relations.

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