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16 thoughts on “West Hartford\’s Luntz Has Blunt Words For Right Wing Radio

  1. Johngaltwhereru

    So in Luntz’ opinion, talk radio calling out Republicans for behaving like Democrats is the problem.

    Not the fact that when a Republican behaves like a Democrat,
    Republican voters are not motivated to go vote?

    Not the fact that Rubio, or anyone else who tries to give citizenship to illegal aliens is essentially guaranteeing permanent control of Government to Democrats?

    I suppose Frank thinks we should ignore the fact that California was a solid Red State until Reagan passed the last round of amnesty, and it hasn’t gone Red since?

    Maybe he will feel better when millions of illegal aliens in Texas and Arizona can vote, and elections can be called for the Democrat on the Monday before election day.

    1. bill

      ho boy… ho boy… I can’t wait until we elect 2 liberal senators from TEX-ASS.

      Rubio is just doing damage control. he is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn’t. In any event, it will be an older Hillary against Jeb Bush and we ain’t gonna vote for another Bush until at least all of us who suffered under his post are dead.

      Which means that the high court will eventually tilt left. I could only hope that Uncle Clarance develops senility and has to be led screaming off the bench.

      It is truly so refreshing to watch republicans in fight.

      MidasMulligan: Also watch how our 11 million hordes of Mexicans turned American vote fore gun control. After all, look what our gun culture has done to Mexico.

      I think you had better drive up to San Jose and visit one of those whore house and get some relief, LOL.

      1. katz

        right bill, OUR gun culture has ruined Mexico. Not the cartels, not the drugs, not the corrupt government with its boot on the neck of its’ citizens.

        It’s OUR country and gun culture to blame?

        We need more gun manufacturers in CT to pool their funds and fight the governors foolish gun control laws. Join forces with that gift to the second amendment – the NRA – and beat back this new legislation. CT will shine as a beacon of freedom and our wives and children will be able to defend themselves.

        I’m working behind the scenes to undermine the liberals in this state and to bring freedom back to CT. All are welcome to join me

    2. johngaltwhereru

      Another reason why this is B.S.:

      No swing voters, or at least not a significant enough number of swing voters to matter, are listening to “right wing radio”.

      Why would anyone without strong political feelings listen to a highly opinionated and partisan radio show? Wouldn’t people who’s interest in politics starts 2 weeks before election day and ends right after they vote be more likely to be surfing TMZ and listening to music on the radio?

      Luntz is probably a mole.

  2. Richard

    This is no different than the Lamontians in the State of CT. These undisciplined Lefties are squirming in their seats just dying to announce a run by Ned Lamont in the primaries against Dam Malloy the hated neo-con.

    1. bill

      Richard: Oh, my god, no. Not all of them. We kinda like Danel. I think we’ll keep him for awhile.

    1. The Conn-servative

      You and your kind don’t need right wing radio in CT to win. Your voting electorate is nothing but flies on horse poop producing yet another generation of maggots.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          Obama being a really good liar, and a compliant media refusing to acknowledge the lies are why Democrats won the Presidency.

          That, along with 95% of black people voting in a single minded racist block.

          If talk radio had anything to do with Obama’s electoral success, explain how same people were on talk radio in 2000 and 2004, yet there were 2 Bush victories.

          1. Peggy Lipton

            Those po black folk might have also voted for a lily white man if the message was the same. So much for your, shall we say, racist tendencies.

          1. The Conn-servative

            JGWRU, you are correct. In addition, since BO’s 1st term, we have many more illegals and other voting demographics that the left are capitalizing on with more and more social handouts. Just look at the idiot bombers from Beantown and the stories coming out now about them being on welfare assistance. All so they could inflict mass damage to the same people paying for their sustinence! And you have the likes of embiciles like Gov. Duvall Patrick telling the media that flashbomb( the younger murderer – Speedbump is his dead brother) has privacy rights over the media questioning his state benefits. You lefties are a dispicable vile group of people who will STILL actually support this Governor with this kind of comment. Flashbombs actions caused serious,immediate and longterm harm and death and his “rights” do not trump in this case.

          2. Peggy Lipton

            Why Conn-serv, you sound like trailer trash. Is this your problem? You wish you had more like your uptown republicans but being essentially trailer trash, you serve the drinks. I would like to have a mint julep with a dash of something. Go run along and get it.

            A tip if you are quick.

  3. Brian C. Duffy

    Right wing radio — like most niche media — just preaches to the choir. It has a minimal, but significant effect, with mainstream voters, when it makes a splash now and then—“did you hear what Rush Limbaugh said about such and such?”

    What hurts the Republican party more today is the impression that they have absorbed the Wallace Democrats of yesteryear.

    The Reagan Democrats of the 80s have pretty much split today: 60 – 40 Democrat. The northern blue collar – think Ohio – voter doesn’t want to think of himself as a dumb redneck.

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