UPDATE: Lewd WWE Vid Now Gone

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UPDATE: This content is now gone. 

The game gets more tricky. How long before WWE gets this trash taken down?  Sorry,  I can\’t embed this.

It\’s here, though. Screengrab below.




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28 thoughts on “UPDATE: Lewd WWE Vid Now Gone

  1. RegisteredRepublican

    Any “family” that thinks this is an honorable way to contribute to society and make their millions deserves no place in our country’s decision-making and governance, IMO. Disgusting.

  2. Richard

    Categorize this under the “We Democrats find WWE so offensive we have a library of clips we watch daily. Tsk Tsk. Look at this one. It’s a favorite in the office. It’s a woman getting pummeled. Women should not wrestle. Or performs vaudeville. Rewind. Let’s watch it again”

    If Randy Newman is worried his “Dreaming of a White PResident” will be misunderstood by the Right, then its fair to say the archetypes used in WWE vaudeville miss the Left completely.

    Personally I find it more emtertaining than the usual Leftist rant that “Betty and Veronica are sexist tropes needing elimination and purging from every young girls memory. The psychotic damage and internal pressure to become am archetypical Betty destroyed a generation of young women. Look at me. I wasted my graduate education and entire career getting a doctorate to perform self-anaylsis on my Betty dysfunction. Oh. And I hate Stacey Kiebler too. I want bad things for that Betty for stealing George from me.”

  3. Michelle

    Get a grip people! Focus on policies that matter. This is a fictitious show and the whole point is to create conflict which entertains. I guess Rick Green figured out the formula.

  4. disgusted

    This does not fall under her excuse of “entertainment”
    This falls under the category “Money at all costs!”

    Linda you should be ashamed of your business and the exploitation of women!

  5. Josh Anselmo

    This is starting to get ridiculous. All of WWE’s shows are rated TV-PG which is far better than most of today’s primetime network fare. As always, there is so much worse on television for kids to watch.

  6. Maria Lopez

    In my opinion, I think that what WWE is trying to do here is commendable. They are just trying to make all of their content, old and new, appropriate for their entire audience.

    1. bill

      if only newspapers and cable news would do the same. a child can look at daddys newspaper today and read about the killings, shootings, suicide bombings, rapes, drug busts, crooked politicians, war.

  7. Laurie

    how can any woman think this is laudable? This is disgusting, and no CEO of a company that thinks this is “entertainment” should hold any office in this country. Wake up women! What will her policies be if she thinks hitting and stomping on half naked girls is ok???????

    1. bill

      entertainment.dont act surprised. This Wrestling has been on tv for decades. Everyone knows how it is. All of a suddden now that Politics is involved, People are shocked? i dont think so.It is not as bad as it once was. Millions watch it every week. Our Military watches free USO shows overseas, disabled and sick, dying children get regular wishes/ visits from wrestlers that take personal time to travel to see them, what do any of us do? strange how the people who are for Murphy disregard garbage Politics, bad voting, stupid mistakes, and a Politician that has been part of why this State has been in serious decline for a few decades.Maybe some of you like the way its been going. i can not blame any business or residents from moving. I have friends who left state with their familes and have been actually saving and buying,and vacationing while the rest of us have been struggeling with high taxes, bad infrastructure, declining Schools with teacher salaries skyrocketing. a General Fund that has fat fingers in it when its intended for specific purposes.

  8. Kerry

    So it’s not ok this content was shown on TV but it’s ok to repost it to get people to click on your article and view it from there. Is that journalism???

    1. bill

      no exploiting when the women who read from a script, get paid well, and make a living entertaining people regardless of what the prudes think.will you demand that daytime soap operas be taken off the air also? considering its on TV during the daytime when children are awake to watch it? We all know about the sexual situations, violence, screwed up family sexual situations daytime soaps show..that doesnt bother anyone?why not go after the real porno that kids can watch on the internet or magazines in alot of convienience stores? no one here will complain unless a politician is running that owns a store or owned a store previously..get where i am going with this? Why not wipe th ehistory books of all mention of Bill Clinton and monicagate so future children dont get embarressed.

    1. bill

      omg how can you even show that? please ..why dont you just post the gay marriage the wwe did about ten or so years ago? seems no one these days is allowed to show shock over that garbage.give me a break.. people who watch it all know wrestling is fake.people also know politicians will stab you in the back and only come around when its time to pander your vote to get reelected.

  9. Kane

    I find it hard to believe that any informed person would not be aware of the content of WWE programming. I find it even less believable that the people voicing the most outrage were planning to vote for her anyway.

  10. johngaltwhereru

    All of you who are faking outrage at WWE programing before settling down to some Bill Maher or Ed Shultz, would vote for Clinton, Spitzer, Kennedy, Edwards and any other defiler of women, so long as they were still Liberal Democrats.

    You are all hypocrites.

    1. bill

      exactly.. no one here is crying about ed schultz being a wife beater or calling a woman a slut, yet he himself cries about ” Republicans War On Women”..amazing..peoples BIAS shows.

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