What Linda McMahon Spent: $83.40 per vote*

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\"\"Adding up Linda McMahon\’s $50 million investment in the 2010 race and the $43 million (and counting) she spent on the 2012 campaign and dividing it by the 1,115,018 votes she received in both races (this number is incomplete; 95 percent of tabulated\’s votes have been tabulated) you get about $83.40 per Republican vote. That could dip to as low as $83 even as more votes come in.

For the still incomplete 2012 race, it comes to about $69.73 per vote, a relative bargain compared to the $100.33 per GOP vote that she spent in 2010 — which Dan Haar reminds me puts Linda McMahon in a class by herself.

*all of the 2012 votes haven\’t been counted.


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3 thoughts on “What Linda McMahon Spent: $83.40 per vote*

  1. James J. Connolly

    The record for personal money spent in an election campaign is still held by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City who spent more than $180 per vote of his own funds in his 2009 re-election campaign. The great differences between Bloomberg and McMahon are (first)even though Bloomberg is an arrogant plutocrat, he is also a committed public servant and (second) unlike the idiot Linda McMahon, Bloomberg won the election.

  2. Terrapin

    Well, everyone in the tristate area must know McMahon’s name by now, and have become familiar with her thin resume, so if she runs again it could only be because of her dedication to her role as a job creator for the TV commercial industry. I’m picturing a poorly ventilated factory somewhere in the third world with children chained to work benches as they churn out a fresh new batch of disingenuous ads each day.

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