What Really Happened With Dave Chappelle

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Here is an excellent, detailed, account by blogger Julia Pistell of what went down at the Meadows when the audience was smashed and Dave Chappelle walked:

There are two narratives flying around about this show: one is that Dave Chappelle had a meltdown and failed; that he didn’t try; that dealing with heckling is what standup is all about; that there were so many good fans there that he should have powered through. The other is that the Hartford audience was drunk and loud and horrible and drove him off. May I be the first one to say that both are absolutely true.



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3 thoughts on “What Really Happened With Dave Chappelle

  1. Greg

    Given all of the issues in the world, country, and state, I’m thankful the Courant decided to dedicate so much time and manpower to reporting the Dave Chappelle story; giving it prime placement on the website for days. Sometimes there isn’t anything more pressing to report than a stand up comedian who threw a hissy fit during a show…especially newsworthy since this particular stand up comedian threw a huge hissy fit and ran off to Africa many years ago…so yes this minor hissy fit is such big news for Hartford and CT as a whole.

    I’m glad the editorial page also dedicated their time away from other insignificant news to opine on Dave Chappelle as well. The Courant and some “blogger” named Juila Pistell clearly have their priorities straight.

  2. Peter

    I agree with Dave’s comments on Hartford. It’s an evil place. One just has to look at what the Courant has for a single day in Hartford. Drive-by shootings in the south end, kidnappings, car jackings, bar shootings and the list goes on. Dave Chappelle could feel the bad vibes of this rotten city, but some are shocked at his words. Hartford will become the new east coast Detroit, where anyone that can will leave and not look back. I’ll bet more performers will do the same as Dave and never return. You’re right on Dave.

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