White House Medal Ceremony For Newtown Teachers

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At a special ceremony honoring the six educators who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Obama awarded them the Presidential Citizens Medal Friday morning. The families joined other recipients in an emotional White House presentation of the mdeals.

\”In this country we look out for one another. We\’ve got each other\’s backs,\” the president said as the program began.

When the Newtown teachers \”showed up for work at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14 they expected a day like any other,\’\’ Obama said. \”They had no idea that evil was about to strike.\”

\”They gave their lives to protect the precious children in their care,\’\’ he said. \”They gave all they had.\”

After the ceremony, Obama took a moment took specifically thank the families of the medal winners from Newtown.

\”We are so blessed to be with you. Your courage and love for each other shines through,\’\’ he said.

Family members of Rachel Davino, Dawn Hochsprung, Ann Marie Murphy, Laurie Rousseau, Mary Sherlach and Victoria Soto all accepted the medal from President Obama.


   Above, the family of Anne Marie Murphy receives the medal from Obama

\"sotosVictoria Soto\’s mother and father accept the medal

\"newtownObama hugs Sarah Davino and Mary Davino, family members of Rachel Davino

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13 thoughts on “White House Medal Ceremony For Newtown Teachers

  1. Green3nergy

    Look at Obama, he is so compassionate! What a sweet, caring and loving man! Obama is the best President ever!

    I don’t understand however, why does he take so much time out of his busy schedule to offer condolences to the families of Newton? It’s been made abundantly clear that his drone strikes have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent children across the globe. I guess the live’s of American children are more valuable than little, brown children on the other side of the world. Go America!

    1. Bryan

      My God, can’t you give these poor people one day without turning it into something political? Give it a rest buddy.

      1. Kim

        Are you talking to Obama, Bryan? the guy handing out medals and investing so much time in Sandy Hook (let’s call it ‘political’, shall we)?

        Or are you talking to Green3nergy, the person complaining about how political the president is being with this issue, and how he’s shamelessly using these victims to push his own anti-consitutional agenda?

        Liberals are funny like that: they support condescension, patronizing, and grandstanding by their heroes then condemn those who complain about it and accuse them of precisely what their heroes are doing.

        Just trying to zero in on which position you are taking, is all

  2. starviego

    Sandy Hook was just another CIA-style covert op, designed to pave the way for another gub’mint assault on our civil liberties. Tyranny is coming down fast!

    1. Bryan

      You’ve got a lot of nerve posting that kind of crap here….my guess is you’re nothing more than a paranoid fat guy living in his parents basement because you can’t function in the real world. Come spew your crap in person and see how long you last…you’ll be crying to mommy inside of 30 seconds.

      1. Kim

        About as nervy as your comment to Green3nergy, IMO.

        My, are threatening violence, Bryan? Along with insults? Haven’t you seen and heard enough of that from your political heroes? Or is that the new standard when your agenda is concerned?

  3. Kim

    we look out for each other unless your an ambassador in Bhengazi.

    we have each others’ backs unless you’re a hard-working, taxpaying citizen trying to exercise his rights under the constitution.

    we take care of each other, but only if you want something for nothing from the taxpayers.

    we have each others’ backs unless you’ve worked hard to educate yourself and become successful, at which point you’re demonized and attacked for that success while at the same time being lobbied for larger and larger campaign donations.

    Yep – truth in government. Ain’t it grand?

  4. Mitchell

    The campaigner in chief flipping another switch and looking all compassionate. I feel for these families who lost people, but this president is unreal with how he picks and chooses what he shows care and compassion for, but sadly, how he removes himself from the responsiblity of doing the job he was elected to do. He’s great at campaigning and hosting events at the White House and special, and important occasions like presenting medals to these families, but he’s removed himself from the reality of what is destroying this country and his lack of fiscal understanding is only making it worse. He will of course accept no responsibility and will blame others for it.

  5. Joobie

    Whatever your political affiliation or take on this situation, the bottom line is that the government is honoring HEROES who protected the children entrusted to their care. They sacrificed their lives for the sake of those children. There is no greater sacrifice & those people deserved to be honored. Can’t we all agree on that?

    1. Kim


      There is nothing wrong with honoring ‘heroes’. There is plenty wrong when you do so selectively and when it’s politically driven. And there’s plenty wrong when it’s done ad nauseum and without a fair and balanced reporting of all the facts. Can’t we all agree on that, as well?

      Where are the constant photo-ops for first responders, soldiers, and other everyday heroes? This president is not doing his job, and is diverting everyone’s attention from that fact through his selective support of agenda-driven issues. While he’s fiddling, the country is burning.

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