Williams Says Action On Gun Bills May Come Next Week

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\"donSenate President Don Williams told reporters today that it will be next week before the General Assembly takes up a package of gun control bills. Later this week, state police are expected to release new details on the Dec. 14 school attack in Newtown. Williams said he wants to give legislators a chance to digest any new information about the Sandy Hook School investigation:

\”It had been my hope that we would be voting on Wednesday … and while it is my personal belief that we will not see information that will measurably change the tenor of our negotiations or the issues that we\’re focused on, the idea that there might even be a tiny chance that there would be new information that would impact on our policy was enough for folks to say \’look, let\’s wait a couple of days to see the warrants and the releases.\’\”

\”It would be my hope that we could take action some time next week.\”

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11 thoughts on “Williams Says Action On Gun Bills May Come Next Week

  1. We are doomed

    Why worry about a $1B hole in our state budget when there’s an opportunity for ramming through another liberal agenda item?

    More BS from the village idiots in Hartford.

  2. johngaltwhereru

    Did Williams mention the cost Connecticut tax payers will absorb when the State has to unsuccessfully attempt to defend an unconstitutional ban of an extremely common weapon before a Supreme Court that has already decided bans of common firearms are not Constitutional?

    1. wildbill

      Expats should busy themselves with little issues in the village where they now reside and leave alone the the big ones here in the US.

        1. Jeb Potchagalloop

          If what wildbill says is true, then you may be concerned only about their welfare but not comment on the politics of the day. Those are the rules.

          You seem to be a foreigner.

          1. johngaltwhereru

            I have a fantastic sense of humor. Your post just wasn’t funny.

            Maybe I don’t get the joke. Is it that ex-pats aren’t allowed to comment on politics?

      1. We are Doomed

        That’s the party of compassion for you John. Liberals know what’s best for all of us and have all the answers.

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