Winsley to Seek GOP Chairman\’s Post

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Wayne Winsley, the motivational speaker and former radio host who waged an unsuccessful battle to unseat U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro in 2012, announced Wednesday that he is running for chairman of the Connecticut Republican party.


\”I am seeking the chairmanship for one reason and one reason only: to help turn the Republican party into a winning party once again,\’\’ Winsley said in a statement issued late Wednesday.

He will face the party\’s current chairman, Jerry Labriola Jr., in a state central committee vote on June 25 in Bristol.

\”As Republicans, we don\’t need to change who we are, we just need to get better at telling people who we are and take that message to all of Connecticut\’s voters,\’\’ Winsley said in his statement. \”I believe that I am the best person to lead our party in this direction.\”

Winsley said his goals are to \”unite the different points of view within our party, energize our base and grow our party by aggressively marketing the Republican brand in every district and neighborhood\” in Connecticut.


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18 thoughts on “Winsley to Seek GOP Chairman\’s Post

  1. Palin Smith

    After Wayne Winsley delivered his riveting acceptance speech at the 2012 Republican Covention in Hartford, many delegates said that they wished he were running in their congressional districts. Those 1246 delegates and all whom they represented now have the opportunity to make it happen by choosing Wayne Winsley as the new Chairman of the CT Republican Party.

  2. Lisa Napolitano

    That’s fantastic! There may be hope yet. The CT GOP needs a shake up before more members leave. Thank you Mr. Winsley.

  3. Katheryn Brown

    All the best to Mr. Winsley.

    I believe he can make the party much more vibrant and turn the tide of decline into a surge of excitement and participation in our state!

  4. LisaLu

    I had high hopes for Labriola but discovered that he is very poor at public speaking and we need someone who can communicate, I believe that Winsley is our man!

  5. Scintilla

    So the only pre-req for becoming GOP chairman is losing to Rosa DeLauro in spectacular fashion? Interesting. I thought the bar would be higher. With not a single statewide or congressional officeholder you’d think Republicans would want a chairman/woman who has an ability to win a race…any race.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      A corpse could win in any of the CT Congressional districts as long as it had a D next to its name.

      What’s your point? This state is hopelessly liberal and the economic data continues to prove it.

      1. Scintilla

        So for that reason we shouldn’t expect more in a state party chairman than either of these two bring to the table? The state party has two jobs: raise money and assemble an operation that can help win elections. Neither of these two have experience doing either.

      1. Concerned Citizen

        I flatly disagree.

        Pratt and Whitney has long been gone from North Haven and while Ms. DeLauro has a lot of influence on the Agriculture Committee she doesn’t seem to be benefiting her district.

        If Linda had supported either Wayne or Jerry instead of squandering her money on herself we could have had a Republican representative.

        More to the point we need to encourage a good candidate and then do whatever it takes to get that person elected.

  6. Concerned Citizen

    An interesting blog. I never thought about qualifications before.

    If I were selecting a chairman I would want someone who won an election against a strong incumbent and then went on to prove himself in that elected office.

    In the alternative I would want a campaign manager who whose candidate prevailed against a strong incumbent in a major campaign.

  7. Bob Lavelle

    I want to see a few things in the next party chairman. 1). Someone who will represent republican principles well, lives those principles, and can help form and articulate the state platform. 2). Someone not owned by the Hartford party machinery and who can think and act independently. 3). Someone is personable and magnetic and who can wake up the republican base in this state to organize and try harder and be optimistic.

    I see all these qualities in Wayne Winsley. He walks the walk, unlike many who call themselves republicans in this state. And he is not just another party politician. Open your mind and take a look and see what you think

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